Tiers Setup with WooCommerce

I have a question, I read in the documentation about configuring by tiers, by affiliation in the products and by the menu Commissions with Referral Amount.
The problem is that I can not connect one thing to the other.

In the menu of commissions says that for advanced commissioning I need to create a method. Okay. But in the Tiers Menu he’s already done advanced commissioning.

I was a bit lost in the documentation.

My Tiers are configured with 3 levels and their due commissioning, however, although the affiliate user counts the reference of the indication to the higher level, the purchase made in woocommerce does not count any commission for the higher level.

I tried other settings following the documentation but I could not understand yet, can you help me please?

Oh, the plugin is excellent, it’s parabens!

Thank you very much

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  1. George March 24, 2017 at 10:36 am #

    Hi Raquel,

    The Affiliates plugin offers several options on what to grant to your affiliate upon a referral recorded. Depending on your plan, you can set different commission option under Affiliates > Settings > Commissions.
    For example:

    Referral Amount commissions where the affiliate will be granted with a flat amount( set under Value field in commissions).
    Referral Rate commissions where the affiliate will be granted a percentage of the net sale amount( set under Value field in commissions).
    Referral Amount Custom Method where the affiliate will be granted with the product rate ( under Value you should choose Affiliates_WC_Method::product_rates). For this option you can set a default rate for all your products under Affiliates > WooCommerce Integration. Besides that rate you can offer a per-product-rate, if you edit the product and under Product Data > Affiliates you set a value in the Referral rate field.

    Regarding tiered referrals.
    Let’s assume that Affiliate A refers Affiliate B and we have set Level 1 commissions. Whenever Affiliate B refers a new sale, Affiliate B will be granted a commission based on the option we chose from the previous list. Affiliate A will get a commission based on the rate for Level 1 multiplied by the net sale amount. Affiliate A’s commission will be a percentage of the net sale amount.

    Hope this brief explanation makes things clear. If though you have further questions please reply on this topic.

    Kind regards,

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