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Tiers Setup with WooCommerce

Hello, I have a question, I read in the documentation about configuring by tiers, by affiliation in the products and by the menu Commissions with Referral Amount. The problem is that I can not connect one thing to the other. In the menu of commissions says that for advanced commissioning I need to create a […]

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Can Affiliate Enterprise have per product commission structures at different tiers

I need to figure out how to structure the commissions I need for my affiliates. Can you please help me figure out the best way to do this. My primary need is – I need to know that this Affiliate Enterprise plugin that I’ve bought can allow for per product commission structures at different tiers. […]

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Retrieve all affiliates related to an affiliate

Hi guys, We’re having some issues with affiliates_get_user_affiliate. Apparently it only returns the first level of affiliates related to an user, not all affiliates. Apparently it only returns the active Affiliate ID of an user (not the Affiliate IDs from tiers, which is what I understood from the API documentation here : http://api.itthinx.com/affiliates/source-function-affiliates_get_user_affiliate.html#1611-1631) We need […]

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Multi-tiered commission with Affiliate Product (Follow-Up)

Hi guys, This is a follow-up to the following thread : https://www.itthinx.com/topic/multi-tiered-commission-with-affiliate-product/ Is it possible that when tiers are processed through Affiliate Product the option “Level rates are relative” causes some issues? I just tested buying a product with the following affiliate structure… Direct commission : 10% Product commission : 15% Tier 1 commission : […]

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