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Using 2 plugins

Hi, somehow I can’t reply to the other thread, but did this ever work with the person using Affiliates User and Affiliates Permanent? https://www.itthinx.com/topic/can-attach-buyer-and-affiliate-for-lifetime/ It seems like the devs suggested it would work. But my affiliates are not being assigned or getting credit for any referrals. Like today, my report says 1 Visitor, 1 Hit, […]

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integration issues

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My programmer is installing Affiliates Pro in a multi-vendor marketplace setup. Not WordPress MU, normal WP install. The intention is to have a 10% site-wide commission to the site owner on every transaction, plus in addition, bring in affiliates who will sell the products and receive varying commission levels based on what the product seller […]

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levels and commissions

Hi. Thanks for a such great plugin! I see it’s potential, i see it can do a lot – but i just can’t figure out how to do what i need. I have: Affiliate Enterprise Affiliate Permanent Woocommerce Integration Schema is: CustA –has_invited–> Cust B –has_invited–> Cust C What i need is: a) Manually bind […]

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s2Member integration and affiliate shortcode problems

* Updated on 12/29/14 with additional questions/information at the bottom of this post. A response ASAP would be greatly appreciated. Hello, I am having a very difficult time configuring Affiliates Enterprise to work with s2Member paid registrations on a client’s website. Here is what I’m trying to accomplish: Users can register for one of six […]

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