Groups Restrict Categories


Hello; I have a deeply integrated groups/woocommerce/subscriptions system and am feeling very nervous about upgrading. I’m not clear if the current method of level access will be maintained or all the pages need to be updated? I’m not clear if I should wait until all plugins (including woo) are updated to support the 2.x groups? […]

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Show all pages belonging to certain group

Hi there, I would like to create a page that dynamically shows all pages/posts belonging to a certain group restrictions… Example: A user belongs to the “premium” group and I want to present him/her with a list of pages that he/she has access to. So my logic is “which pages can this user see” rather […]

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Allowing access for posts with multiple categories

Hello, Based on the five examples linked below, this seems to be a somewhat common use case among the community. The links are available for specific reference but the basic example is category restrictions will override group and post restrictions on a post due to the check to hide the post being whether any category […]

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non-logged in users can still view products

Just recently bought the plugin add-on on restrict group categories. I have successfully configured/set-up restriction for two of my loged-in group. The problem is, all my product categories is now NOT visible to non-logged in users. How can I set-up groups for non-logged in users that will allow them to still view my products and […]

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404 but don’t want a redirect

I am relatively new but do have a basic understanding. I have a market place (like etsy) and I have created a group with a monthly subscription. I need the subscription to be public so that someone can pay and join. You get the 404 page is lost message but of course you don’t get […]

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Frontend menus


Hi, I would like to know how does the plugin manage the display of front-end menus. Question 1) Lets say that I have a post A with capability ‘alfred’. Does that mean that it`s menu item will be automatically assigned that capability and become visible only to users with that capability? So all other users […]

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Can’t activate Groups Restrict Categories

Service Unavailable PHP did not respond properly to the request. As a result, Apache considers the PHP-FPM service to be unavailable. I get this when trying to activate the plugin. Let me know if you need the log. Any suggestions? For specific information about the error, see the Apache error log at: /srv/users/SYSUSER/log/APPNAME/APPNAME_apache.error.log The root […]

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PHP error at activation

Hello, posting this again in the correct forum I’m trying to activate the plugin, but I’m getting a 503 error status. The apache error log has thistwo lines [Wed May 18 01:03:58.037529 2016] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 31346:tid 140617883506432] AH01067: Failed to read FastCGI header – referer: /wp-admin/plugins.php?plugin=groups-restrict-categories%2Fgroups-restrict-categories.php [Wed May 18 01:03:58.037708 2016] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 31346:tid 140617883506432] […]

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Restricted Access Category suddenly showing

When we originally set up this plugin last year, I had set up one of our Categories to be restricted to one group. Everything was working fine and that Category was not visible when a regular user browsed the site. Now suddenly, that Category is visible to anyone, rather than just the logged in users. […]

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