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Is there a way to specify the link to which the banner points? By default, it just points to the home page, but i want to specify the product URL

I am adding the banner shortcode on the product page itself (under a tab – affiliates ).

I am able to add the normal product link as follows:
[affiliates_affiliate_link url="" /] this then will auto add the affiliate id.

But the above is just the raw product link; how can I make the banner point to the product link? Can I add something to the banner shortcode so it will point to the product link?


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  1. Michael February 18, 2024 at 1:05 pm #

    I casically want to merge these 2 short codes

    [affiliates_banner id="134964"] & [affiliates_affiliate_link url=""]

    I tried :
    [affiliates_banner id="134964" affiliates_affiliate_link url=""]

    But this scrambles up all the other banners on the page .

    Any suggestions = PLEASE

  2. Michael February 18, 2024 at 12:29 pm #

    I want to display banners on my specific product pages , where affilites can just copy the code with their affiliate link, but when i use just use normal afiliate banner like this: [affiliates_banner id="134990"] it only show the home page link with affiliate ID, which is useless because the person who then click the banner, will not land on the product page , but instead land on the home page. I want the banner code to show the exact product url. I tried using this , as shown in the manual [affiliates_banner id="142" url=""] but this messed up the entire page where the banners was displayed on .

    can you just suggest a shortcode to display the banner so it show the current page not home page, even if i have to manualy add the current page.


    • Kento February 19, 2024 at 8:42 am #

      Hi Michael,

      Regarding your question, you should indeed use the url shortcode parameter as shown in the example on the [affiliates_banner] documentation page.

      When you have obtained a garbled page, that might have been caused by an incorrect use of the shortcode, for example, if you had used inappropriate quotes. Make sure that you use straight quotes ' or " when you pass the desired URL to the parameter.

      An alternative to this shortcode is the [affiliates_dashboard_banners] shortcode or the entire dashboard included in a single [affiliates_dashboard] shortcode.

      Please note that your license has expired on January 1st this year. To receive continued support for the system, please make sure to renew your license via the Affiliates Enterprise product page in our shop.


  3. George February 14, 2024 at 12:07 pm #

    Hi Michael,

    Yes you can specify the link for a banner using:

    Also you have the option to generate such links on-the-fly via the Affiliates Dashboard Banners section.

    Beyond this support request, as it seems your license for Affiliates Enterprise has expired since Jan 1, 2024. You may proceed and buy the plugin again, in order to keep receiving plugin updates and have access to the support forum.

    Kind regards,

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