Widgets Control

Service key not working

I have a valid service key but my websites where it is logged are not updating. I purchased Widgets Control Pro on 11/23/2016 with a license for 25 sites. Now none of my sites will update to the latest version. My account is under my email address info @ lifelightcreative.com. Please advise how to make […]

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Customize->Widgets vs Appearance->Widgets

WordPress has two ways to set up widgets. One is to use Customize on the front end and the other way is in the backend go to Appearance->Widgets. Widgets Control Pro has separate settings in these two places. If I change the settings in one place, the other place does not automatically get updated. This […]

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Widgets Control Pro conflict

Hello, We have several sites with both The Event Calendar Pro and the Widgets Control Pro plugins enabled and in use. Unfortunately when we try to customize a page that has an Event Calendar widget visible we get 2 javascript errors caused by a javascript variable on the page being equal to nothing. the variable […]

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