Caching & CDN

I am hosting at AWS on an Elastic BeanStalk and need to start configuring caching and a CDN. My launch date is July 31st and almost done with my PenTest, so am pushing it a bit close. I wanted to just see if you can help ensure I’m not going to loose any affiliate cookies/data configuring these.

I’ll likely use CloudFlare’s Pro or Business Plan. Otherwise I’ll use Amazon CloudFront.
Is there anything I need to configure so it doesn’t loose any affiliate cookies?

Server Caching –
I wanted to use Varnish but may not be able to due to the timeline until launch with scripts I need to write to work properly with the Elastic BeanStalk, so might be using Amazon ElastiCache.
If I use ElastiCache, should I just reuse the same principals as in your Varnish work around? or do you have any suggestions?

Varnish Cache

Website Caching –
I am using WordPress – so intending to use W3 Total Cache. I saw that I just need to disable “Cache URIs with query string variables”.

I would just configure these myself and test, but as mentioned, on a tight timeline so trying to do my due diligence to ensure it will go over smoothly. Greatly appreciate your help and advice!

One Response to Caching & CDN

  1. kento July 27, 2015 at 8:56 am #

    Hi Bo,

    CDN : Not if it doesn’t affect the incoming links and is just used to provide access to resources. Otherwise you would have to verify your setup and make the necessary changes if any.

    Caching : Anything that can get in the way between the request on an affiliate link and the affiliate system itself recognizing that request will need to be handled and excluded properly, otherwise the affiliate links won’t be recognized and the affiliates won’t get credit for their commission. So systems you plan to use similar to Varnish and W3TC will need to be set up similarly.


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