Can I Integrate S2Member Pro version with Marketpress shopping cart?

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I’m accepting paymants thru MarketPress shopping cart not, S2Member. Can I integrate MarketPress with Affiliates Pro in a way that will pay record sales and pay commissions on any funds that come thru MarketPress? It is compatible with WooCommerce if that is another option for me.

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  1. kento February 1, 2014 at 10:35 am #

    Hi Stewart,

    MarketPress seems to provide an action mp_order_paid that could be used to store referrals using the Affiliates API.

    There are also some topics like Custom Integration with MarketPress and Extending MarketPress using Action Hooks that you can refer to.

    I’m not sure where the developer documentation for their plugin is located at, but the root for documentation seems to be here.

    If you’d rather want to use the WooCommerce integration, then it’s a more straight-forward solution as that integration is already very advanced. Note that MarketPress and WooCommerce are two different e-commerce systems and you can’t assume that the integration for WooCommerce will be working for MarketPress (it won’t). You would have to switch over to WooCommerce.

    I’ll leave this topic open for questions related to the indicated solution – to build an integration specific for MarketPress, using their action hook and the Affiliates API.

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