Embed Contact Form 7 Fields into Affiliates Pro Notifications and Submission URL

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I have purchased Affiliates Pro and am using the Contact Form 7 Integration. I have two specific questions explained below:


1. Embed Contact Form 7 Fields in Notifications
I understand the following instructions:

“The CF7 integration package contains Affiliates Pro and the integration plugin. The integration plugin allows to notify affiliates when a form has been submitted by a user they have referred. It allows to use field names as tokens which are substituted by what the visitor has provided in the form.”

However, I am not sure how to implement the ‘field names.’ My form is set up as follows in Contact Form 7:
Your Name (required)
[text* your-name]

Your Email (required)
[email* your-email]

[text your-subject]

Your Message
[textarea your-message]
I am interested in receiving more information about this property.

I attempted to copy and past this into the notification section, but the notification email I received just send the text just as above.

Could you please be more specific about how I identify the field name to put into the Notification?


2. Include Submission URL
I also need to include the url from which the form was submitted. In Contact From 7, this is a matter of adding [_url] to the notification email settings. This, however did not work in the Affiliates Notification email, coming through again as [_url] instead of pulling the actual URL.

Is there a way to replace the default [site_url] with the URL at which the form was submitted?

One Response to Embed Contact Form 7 Fields into Affiliates Pro Notifications and Submission URL

  1. antonio May 27, 2014 at 7:47 am #

    1.- please have a look to Affiliates->Contact Form 7 submenu. If you are using [text* your-name], you can use in notification: [your-name].
    2.- You can use ‘affiliates_notifications_tokens’ filter to add your custom tokens. This plugin can help you as reference to create your own.

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