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Thanks again for such a great plugin (+the categories one).

I’m trying to stop the categories being displayed for users that don’t have any posts available to them in that category.
e.g. when outputting a list of categories, we are shown the category name (with number of posts) but this doesn’t take into account the user access. It may say there are 3 posts in that category but the user doesn’t have access to any of them so I’d like to hide the category completely for that user.

Do you know of a function I could add to hide categories if no posts for that user?

Many thanks in advance

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  1. George October 27, 2020 at 5:05 pm #

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the follow-up here, your explanation makes much more sense now.
    I think for your case you should use the methods
    Groups_Restrict_Categories::delete_term_read_groups( $term_id, $group_ids )
    Groups_Restrict_Categories::set_term_read_groups( $term_id, $group_ids )

    You should check the contents of a category and if the current user has no access to any of the posts under the category then set or delete the user’s group(s) for that term. Even though I haven’t tried it myself, it should do the trick for your case.

    Kind regards,

  2. George October 26, 2020 at 4:57 pm #

    Hi Martin,

    Many thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you enjoy the plugin.
    FYI, this would be possible with Groups Restrict Categories once you restrict the category to a specific group. The category group restriction has a similar functionality like the post restriction, if a user doesn’t have access to a category then the category won’t be visible to that user.

    Kind regards,

    • Martin Whittaker October 27, 2020 at 12:25 pm #

      Hi George, thank you very much for replying. Groups Restrict Categories is powerful and is suitable on a different project… but for this one there is a rather specific problem I’m trying to sort
      I’ve tried all sorts of permeations but don’t think it’s possible for what I’m trying to achieve:
      Users are set as different levels: User1 = Level 1, User2 = Level 3 and Level 4 etc…

      Category (CatA) has posts,
      Post1=Level 3
      Post2=Level 4
      Post3=Level 3

      In this scenario, as there are no posts in the category for this user (all posts are for either Level 3 or Level 4 users only) I would like to hide the category (CatA) for User1 until a post is added at Level 1

      I’m wondering if there is a loop I could call that checks for posts and hides the category if user has no (access) to posts in the category.

      Sorry it’s a very specific problem I’m trying to get my head around!


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