Restricting a page to non-members (visitors who aren’t logged in) only

Hello there- We have several pages related to registration, activation, etc. that we would like to make inaccessible to group members who are already logged in (i.e. They should be redirected to our “Restricted Access” or “Client Portal” pages). At present, we can restrict these pages by Group (works great, BTW!), but can’t seem to […]

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Groups Newsletter, Story-View ends in 404

Hi there I habe a problem with the stories view in the groups newsletter extension. My Story is published and ready for delivery. Preview in the Newsletter is good, but the site-view wont work. every times I triy to access I get a 404 See example below: This is a published and valid story, but […]

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Group on front end

I was browsing the forum and saw a post from 2017 that was kind of related: has there been any examples or references for groups on a front end form? I’m currently using PODs to make custom post types and am using it’s form shortcode, but can do something custom if necessary, where I’m trying […]

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Hi, I’m developing a new theme for my site using the divibuilder and your group features, I have a number of your paid for plug-in now. Is there a way for me to have another url to use as my sandbox? I can’t dev on local host for a variety of reasons. Is this possible, […]

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Group Designation showing up three times in New Posts

Hi, I setup a categorical read group. modules Used were: groups restrict categories widget Control Pro Now, in the post category, it is showing the name of the group three times, see screen shot – specifically table heading “Groups:” I realize only one of those shows active, and so far, I haven’t noticed a […]

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Query groups by incomplete name

We have 160 groups and 3800 users. The Email Users plugin is trying to load all groups and users on page load. We are trying to integrate select2.js so create a searchable select field using ajax as demoed here Further instructions here My question is how would we format the query? Here is […]

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Apologies, but I’m having problems with using Groups Newsletter. I’ve checked that cron is running (seems to be) – do you have any further common problems to run through please? Is a GoDaddy CPanel, WordPress install. I’m all up to date and have stripped other plugins to avoid any clash. Documentation on faqs was a […]

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Add Group WC Completed Customer to functions.php?

Hello! I am using your awesome Group WC Completed Customer plugin ( I’m trying to reduce the number of plugins I use on my site (I have 44 – eesh!) Is it possible to add the code for this plugin to my functions.php file? I tried to add this code, but it caused a 500 […]

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