Login, after registration redirects to wp login

Greetings, thanks for helping.
There are a few things I need to address before I can publish and I would like to address 3 of them here to start.
• My affiliate Login/Registration page: https://dev.nanoplanetcbd.com/cbd-affiliate-program/
If I register a Test account here I need to be able to redirect to a custom page explaining the wait for approval. Does this work same as the Login redirect?
• On the same page: https://dev.nanoplanetcbd.com/cbd-affiliate-program/
The Login form looks horrible, can you please help me fix the alignment of the fillable fields… even if we wrap the text or ??? whatever it takes.
• The login form on the same page ONLY redirects to the WP/Woocommerce Login page (maybe due to the required captcha ????) So, now maybe I need to divide the registration and login forms – I know how to do this but thought you should know this is an issue.
• Inside the /affiliate-area/ and throughout the affiliate pages there are several “text links” that blend with the rest of the site and for a novice this makes it difficult to navigate the backend, and subsequently (i’m guessing) frustrates the user and (now assuming) makes that user NOT want to revisit the application…. all bad for me and my site reputation. I looked at the code and it looks like each link is separate from the next making CSS a bit difficult ???? Is there a way to put some button code around these links?

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  1. George September 23, 2022 at 10:17 pm #

    Hi Kenneth,

    Welcome back to our support forum.

    Yes you are correct [affiliates_registration] shortcode supports the redirect and redirect_to options that allow you to set a redirect of your choice. Detailed description of this shortcode can be found in the documentation, but it’s pretty simple to use:

    The login form you are seeing is the default form provided by WordPress for login rendered via wp_login_form() function. However, It’s easy to change the styling if you are familiar with CSS.
    For example, using the following rule:
    .gdlr-core-text-box-item-content label {
    display: block;

    will put the form elements in a vertical column aligned to the left.

    Also, because of the form origin and since the wp_login_form()’s action attribute is your_site/wp-login.php, any failed login attempt will go to the default location. In order to prevent this, you need to utilise the action hook wp_login_failed and create a custom redirect that will keep those failed attempts to the same URL, or some other URL that fits your requirements.

    Regarding your last mention, I’m expecting this to be related to overlapping rules deriving by your active theme and its styling. However, if you can create an affiliate account using my personal address, george at itthinx dot com, I’ll be able to inspect the frontend of Affiliates Area page more closely.

    Kind regards,

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