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Hey there,

I have two separate websites users will use and am trying to figure out how the affiliate number can pass between the two sites. I have both sites with Affiliate Pros and plan on creating the same affiliate link for both sites. Am curious if there is a way to link between the two sites and retain the affiliate number?

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  1. George August 12, 2016 at 9:17 am #

    Hi Carl,

    These two different installations of Affiliates Pro work independently.
    Even if you pass the affiliate id, the domain will be different since there are two different domains. Because there are two different domains, each domain would store a different cookie in the browser( this is how the affiliate is recognized).
    For example, if your first site’s affiliate link is:
    and your second site’s affiliate link is:
    a visit on the first site will different from a visit on the second site, because the cookies will be different.
    A solution would be to setup your first site’s affiliates and then import these affiliates to your second site. Still though each affiliate would have to promote two different affiliate links.
    Another solution could be, if you use an e-commerce system( like WooCommerce ) that supports coupons, to use the same coupons on both sites. So, again you setup your first site and then import the affiliates to your second site, so each affiliate would promote only their coupons that will be valid on both sites.
    Also, you should have a look at Affiliates MS, setup a network and set a target site running the Affiliates system and WooCommerce.

    Kind regards,

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