Selective deactivating

Hey there,

We use the awesome “Plugin Organizer Plugin” to deactivate most of our plugins globally in first step and to activate them selective just on pages, posts and section where they needed. On this way it is possible to use more features than normally, or you can work together with plugins that normally can´t be used together (Please share it everywhere and support it, too. It´s awesome, free and with a very nice support)

No it´s a little bit hard for me to understand where your plugins should be activated to work fine together, cause it´s not clear which of your plugins are tracking hits and which plugins just use this tracking-data to do something else.

These are the areas where we work selective:

1. admin area
2. pages
3. posts
4. portfolio
5. Woo-shop
6. sensei
7. Affiliate Profile

These are the plugins we purchased and downloaded from you. We added behind them the numbers of the sections where we think that they gonna been used, but it would be nice if you can confirm this.

1. Affiliates by Username : 1, 7
2. Affiliates Enterprise : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
3. Affiliates Excluded : 1, 7
4. Affiliates PayPal Payments Standard 1
5. Affiliates Permanent 1
6. Affiliates Product Rates Skeleton 1
7. Affiliates Products 1
8.Affiliates Share 1, 7
9. Affiliates WooCommerce Views 1, 5, 7
10. Affiliates WooCommerce Integration 1, 5, 7

Thank you for your help!

Best regards,

3 Responses to Selective deactivating

  1. Bruno December 4, 2014 at 8:53 am #

    Hey Kento, that helps a lot. Thank You so much!!

    If we give to the affiliates just Banners and links that are redirect to shop, shop products and some advertise pages, do we can add the plugins you marked with * just for those pages?

    Best regards

    • kento December 9, 2014 at 1:48 pm #

      Hi Bruno,

      If it’s only on those pages, in ‘theory’ it should work if you also include 8 for those, I’m saying in ‘theory’ because it also depends on the extent that the limiting mechanism gets involved in.

      I’d give it a try and make sure that everything works correctly with that setup 😉


  2. kento December 4, 2014 at 8:45 am #

    Hi Bruno,

    You can remove plugin #4 if you’re working with WooCommerce and its integration (as #10).

    Based on your list, using the following additional sections:

    * – everywhere
    8 – Checkout

    1. Affiliates by Username : *
    2. Affiliates Enterprise : *
    3. Affiliates Excluded : *
    4. –
    5. Affiliates Permanent : *
    6. Affiliates Product Rates Skeleton : 8
    7. Affiliates Products : 1, 8
    8. Affiliates Share : *
    9. Affiliates WooCommerce Views : 7
    10. Affiliates WooCommerce Integration : 8

    The essential components that need to work everywhere are involved in tracking affiliates. #8 for sharing makes sense to have it everywhere as well, as they should be able to share any page. The plugins involved with granting and calculating the commission should be active on checkout although it can depend on the gateway used so I would recommend to check that thoroughly. The views would only be needed on the affiliate profile page to render the data.

    I hope that helps,


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