The ultimate Responsive Embedded & Fullscreen jQuery Slider

Also visit the WunderSlider Demo and the WunderSlider WordPress Demo.


Purchase to download WunderSlider and obtain a license for commercial purposes.

Download WunderSlider for free personal use.

  • Responsive & Flexible Layout

    Adaptive display modes support responsive designs without the need for media queries.

    WunderSlider’s flexible sizing system offers transition effects in all modes:

    • Fullscreen mode – occupies the entire viewport while staying in the background so that content can be displayed on top.
    • Proportional mode – adapts proportionally to the screen size.
    • Fixed mode – displays at a set fixed size.
  • WordPress plugins included

    WunderSlider comes with its own WordPress plugin that allows to embed it on WordPress sites through its own shortcodes.

    Visit the WunderSlider WordPress demo site for examples based on standard WordPress galleries and NextGen Gallery.

    The WunderSlider Gallery plugin provides an automated way to convert any standard WordPress gallery that is embedded on a page using the [gallery] shortcode into a WunderSlider.

    WunderSlider Gallery also supports NextGEN Gallery to embed any gallery as a WunderSlider using the [wunderslider_nggallery] shortcode or by enabling it as the default renderer for the [nggallery] shortcode.

  • Automatic Image Adjustment

    Images are adjusted to the slider size and display mode, maintaining the original image’s aspect ratio.

  • Effects

    41 transition effects that can be applied randomly or specified per slide.

  • Themes

    8 skins (themes) that support both embedded and fullscreen modes.

    Easily themeable.

  • Overlays

    12 overlay meshes in black or white with adjustable opacity for smoother image appearance on all display sizes.

  • Flexible Captions

    Individual image captions with titles, HTML descriptions and links.

    Caption position and size can be set independently for each image.

  • Links

    Link images and captions optionally: Allows to link image captions only or also the image.

  • Controls

    Show or hide UI controls independently: Next & previous navigation, image selectors, image captions.

  • Flick it!

    Flicking / swiping on all devices.

  • Touch Enabled

    All controls, including flicking / swiping, are supported in all display modes also on touch-enabled devices.

  • Viewing Comfort

    The slideshow can be paused optionally when the cursor is placed over an image.

  • Random Order

    Randomize image order: the order of the images displayed can be fixed or randomized.

  • Configurable Effects & Transitions

    Configurable number of effect blocks with auto-adjust feature to maintain a square block geometry if desired.

    A random number of blocks can be used as well.

    Configurable transition and effect times.

  • Lazy Loading

    Helps to save bandwidth by lazy loading images.

  • Valid Code

    • Valid HTML5
    • Valid CSS3
  • Cross-browser Compatible

    WunderSlider works with: FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera and other browsers on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and many other devices running Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

    Tested on:

    • FireFox (FF)
    • Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 (IE7, IE8, IE9)
    • Safari on Mac OS and iOS (Mac, iPad)
    • Chrome
    • Opera
    • Android

What version – Free for Personal Use or purchase a Commercial License?

The free version for personal use provides the same features as the commercial version. Its use is limited by the Free Personal Use Single Domain License (FPUSDL). This version adds a small logo to the bottom of pages where it is used and sends usage data (on 10% of page loads indicating the URL of the site it is used on). This is to spread word about the WunderSlider and make its use more wide-spread. It also helps to improve it – the more it is used, the more effort is put into its further development.

The commercial version is available for purchase under the Single Use Single Domain License (SUSDL) for commercial purposes. This version does not include the little icon and it does not send any usage data.


WunderSlider includes extensive documentation in PDF form. For additional information please refer to the WunderSlider Documentation.

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