Groups Restrict Categories

Groups Restrict Categories features access restrictions for categories, tags and other WordPress taxonomies, including support for custom post types and taxonomies.

This extension based on Groups is useful if you want to restrict access to whole categories and their related posts. Beyond categories, it also allows to control access to other taxonomies like tags or those that are provided by third-party extensions in the form of custom post types and taxonomies. Menu

If you are using the popular WooCommerce, you can use this extension to restrict access to products by Product Categories or Product Tags. This can be useful if you have certain products which only specific customer groups should be able to purchase, like exclusive products and packages for wholesale and distributors.


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New access restriction options

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  • Bradley

    Hi, I posted a comment previously. Not quite sure why or how it was deleted, please can you assist on this.

    We just bought the Groups Restrict Categories extension. Is there a way to restrict the visibility of the categories in the menu based on the user group?

    For instance if I have 3 categories (General, Premium, Platinum) and 3 groups associated to those categories (also, general, premium, platinum) restricting post content, is it possible to only show the category for the logged in user in the menu, based on his group?

    As in only show Premium in the menu if a user from the group premium is logged in.

    Currently all 3 categories show up in my menu, but only content from premium is displayed.

    I watched the video on this page, and from the video it seemed possible to do this, that’s why we went with this plugin.

    • Hi, it was pending moderation. I’ve just posted a reply suggesting the use of a filter – although it should happen automatically, if your theme doesn’t go through the normal process the filter that I’ve mentioned might help. Which theme are you using please?

      • Michael

        Hi Kento, I have the same issue, and bought the Restrict Categories plugin for the same reason. I have menu items that are categories — the parent menu item points to a group-restricted page, and is correctly hidden. The child menu items are group-restricted categories (pointing to category pages) and are displaying outside of the parent since the parent is hidden.

        I don’t see your reply that you mentioned above — could you share this with me also? Thanks in advance!

        • Hi Michael,

          Could you please explain what you mean by “… are displaying outside of the parent since the parent is hidden”? Also what type of links are you using in the menus for these and are they all restricted to groups?

          • Michael

            Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
            So the menu consists of category links (each one takes you to a category page), and all of the categories are restricted to one group, “providers”.
            The parent menu item links to the “providers” page, which is also restricted to the “providers” group. When I log in as a user who isn’t part of the providers group, I don’t see that parent menu item, but I do see all the category links. So instead of

            Providers (page)
            -category A
            -category B
            -category C

            all being hidden, I see

            category A category B category C…

            • Ok thanks I see what you mean now. Yes, the category menu items will show up, although the items in the categories remain hidden unless the user has access. It might be a good addition to be able to also have the category menu items hidden when the user does not have access. I’ll review this and will issue an update if that is feasible.

  • Rainer


    i also would like to know, if it is possible to show logged in users different menus, depending on their group. How can i do that?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Rainer,

      Currently you can’t show different menus unless you build something that would compose the menu items depending on who views the site. Up to a certain extent, you can have menu items show up or not based on their access restrictions though.

      But the idea sounds useful, I’ll add this to the suggested features so we have a further look at it and maybe implement it.


  • Jonathan

    Does this work with Custom Post Types?

  • Victoria

    Hello! Is Groups 404 Redirect supposed to work with the Restricted Categories add-on? I just purchased the add-on expecting the 404 Redirect to work like it does for specific posts and pages, however the redirect is not happening… Thank you!

    • Hi Victoria, yes they work together, but you must enable this under Settings > Groups 404 > “Redirect restricted categories, tags and taxonomy terms …” Cheers!

      • Victoria

        Kento, easy enough! Thank you! I do have another question – I have a post in 2 categorie: Launch, and Meditations. Meditations is protected, and Launch is unprotected.

        Goal: If someone accesses the category/launch page, they will see the posts with both categories, however if they try to access the category/meditations page, they will get redirected to my chosen page. If someone accesses the post in question directly, they will not be redirected (I do not have the post itself protected, just one of the 2 categories it is marked).

        Is this possible? It was possible using another Membership plugin I had in place before switching to Groups, so my fingers are crossed!


        • If your post is protected by category, then you can’t access the post directly. The very intent of protecting a post is that you can’t access it unless you possess appropriate privileges. So for example, if you have two categories, Public and Premium where only privileged users can access content assigned to the Premium category, if you assign a post to both categories it will only be visible to members of the groups that can access the Premium category. If you want to have a post visible to anyone, simply don’t assign it to a protected category. What you can do is create a version of the protected post that is accessible to public visitors.

  • It appears that the RSS feed urls (all variations) for the categories I have restricted are being protected. Is this intentional? I am a logged in user with the correct permissions, and the feed URL is being blocked/redirecting. It does not happen for un-protected/un-restricted categories’ feed urls.

    Help! I need to set up an RSS Email Newsletter for premium members to deliver their content daily, and this is making it impossible!


    • Hi Torre, the feeds should be protected but visible to users with the right credentials. To be able to access a feed, the viewer must be logged in, which can be a problem if the feed reader does not allow you to get across the login.

  • Sean

    Just wanted to do a quick check: because of support of custom post-types and taxonomies, this plugin would allow me to restrict access to Topics in Groups Forums, right?

  • Amedeo

    i update to wp 4.0 and the protect pages hangs, there is problems with this update?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Mo

    I’m not sure if this is the right extension or I should use other Group one instead.

    There will be some new products showing on my homepage, with image and product title. These new product image are show to all client level, however, login is need to access the product detail page/catalog. In that way, I don’t want the products to be hidden, but restrict the access to product detail and add to cart to login user only.

    Please advise.

    • Hi, Groups itself would be sufficient. If you restrict products, then these restrictions also apply to the shop page for example. You would have to modify filters based on what is displayed or what might be easier is to use an alternative to that, for example posts that outline basics of the product and link to the actual product page.

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