General Questions

Groups Restrict Categories Update Discount

Hello, Last time we updated the Groups Restrict Categories plugin, we received a discount code. The license expired last Nov, but we didn’t receive an expiration notice, nor a discount coupon. We’d like to update it now that there’s a new version available and would like to apply an update discount. Is there one available? […]

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Updates plugin and service code needed for second site

Hello, we already have your ecosystem setup on I just purchased the groups import/export and file access plugin a moment ago for How do I get the updates plugin set up so the new site gets updates? I can’t find a place to download your updater. Please advise. Purchase code: [removed] Order [removed]

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Affiliates see order totals

Hi, I am having affiliates do home parties and place orders through an affiliate link. My current plugin does not have all the functionality that I need. I am looking at purchasing affiliates enterprise. Would they be able to see order totals (without tax and shipping) on their dashboard? Also, could they see campaign totals […]

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Fatal Error Enterprise

Hi, I’ve read the other post on this fatal error. The solution is to buy an update. If I understood correctly there should be an couponcode for me to get 50% off? If so, please send me the code. Best regards, Jachin

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New Release Not Showing in Downloads

Hello – My service key is installed on my website but automatic updates are not working. Additionally in my downloads section, Affiliates Pro 4.0 and Affiliates Woocommerce Integration 3.0 are not showing up as available for download. How can I get the latest files. Thank you.

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I have to set up a multi levels affiliates program for one product ( with woocommerce) First level : Between 1 to 5 customers that sign up and buy the product, the affiliate receives €10 per customer. Between 6 to 10, the affiliate receives €12 per customer Between 11 to 15 : €15 From 16 […]

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Email not sent after signing up


After users signed up to be a brand ambassador, they supposed to received an email containing their username and password. The problem is they don’t but email log say they successfully did. Can you please help us to this issue? thank you.

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Getting warning instead of form

When I insert the shortcode I am receiving this warning: Warning: Missing argument 2 for unloadOverwriteTitle() in /home3/ironman/public_html/ on line 174

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HTML under banners too long

Hi The html under the banners are too long the code looks like this: Shown here How can I use the size that I uploaded to the Media Library thanks Mitch

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Affiliates Pro and edd

I have Affiliates Pro for EDD I have Switched to Woocommerce. Is there a way I can use Affiliates Pro with wooCommerece with just the plugin or do I need to buy the Woocommerce add on?

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Need to re-activate some licenses

We had a project that we used a number of affiliate plugins for. That project got sidelined for a while, but need to be re-activated. We had the following plugins: Affiliates Enterprise Affiliates Export Affiliates Products Affiliates Excluded Affiliates Jigoshop Integration (no longer needed as we will be using WooCommerce now) What do I need […]

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Woocommerce Ref-Commission “baseable” on amount instead of price?

Hi guys, I got the affiliate enterprise package and everything works perfectly. The only thing is, that I need to base the affiliate woocommerce commission-rates on the amount of items the referral bought, not on the price-sum of the sale. I tried to use a custom referral amount method but the parameters, which I can […]

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