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Before you request support: Please read the documentation Search – many questions have already been answered, searching the site can give you immediate results. If you have not found an answer to your question, please post it in the appropriate section. Submitting a topic Be concise and precise: post one topic per single issue or […]

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Anyone can download files???

I was just randomly testing a link and noticed that I could download the file when I wasn’t logged in. I test in 4 browsers and used private mode. This is a huge security flaw as the reason I use this plugin is to prevent unauthorized downloads. i tested this by putting the following URL […]

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Groups paypal – existing license support

Hi – We noticed your announcement: “Groups PayPal – This product has been discontinued. Support is provided to existing license holders but cannot be renewed”. We have built a robust platform based on “Groups PayPal” extension, and we do not want to switch to anything “Woo Commerce” related. Since “Groups PayPal” runs our subscription payments, […]

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Using rest api with groups

Hi Kento Hoping you can help me please. We are looking to add users to groups using the rest API. Is this possible? Users are being imported / created automatically from another system and we wish them to automatically be assigned to a group which is indicated from a field in the other system. My […]

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Group name traslation

I have WPML and I became really happy when I found out that GROUPS was included in the list of plugins compatibility of WPML. But now I am not able to get my group names translated with WPML. Please, how I have to proceed to do it? Thanks in advance

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Groups Deny Rule

Hi there, I hope you can help me here! Here are my groups: Cluster One Hub One Cohort One School One Cohort One User One School Two Cohort One User Two Cohort Two School One Cohort Two User Three School One Cohort Two User Four I have a Hub One Forum that I need to […]

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Hiding public content from logged in Group

So here’s the issue: I would like to have certain products available in a WooCommerce store to consumers/non-logged in/guest users, but when a user logs in while belonging to a B2B group, the public products would become hidden from them. So basically, I would like to hide public content for a specific group. Is this […]

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Downloading a Large File

I have not checked other browsers, but when i download a protected file (, Firefox states that there is unknown time left. It appears that the file size attribute is not provided to the browser, when coming from Groups.

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Id of default group registered

Hey there. After my initial struggles I’m making great progress interfacing with the Groups plugin. Not after asking stupid questions, granted. Now I’m trying to restrict a post to the group Registered. While I infer from that fact that it’s not deletable and has the ID 1 that I could rely on that, may I […]

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Shortcode groups_member

Hi there. It would be great if you included the shortcode below in the next update. The group_member shortcode unfortunately only makes an “or” comparison and returns true if the user is in one of the groups listed. The attached member_in_all_groups shortcode only outputs the content if the user is in all groups in the […]

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Bulk Import or Assign Group Assignments to Posts


I use WPAllImport for a wide range of importing from users to custom post types. (I’m using your Users Import/Export add-on to bulk assign rolls to users) But I cannot find any way to map incoming fields to the groups assignments. When I do an export, I see the field “groups-read” but I cannot map […]

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