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Define user email for new imported users

Hello, I just bought Import/Export extension, so I am new to Import/Export Groups. I need help in creating the mail which is sent to new imported users. I found the API with the filters ‘groups_import_export_new_user_registration_subject’ and ‘groups_import_export_new_user_registration_message’ Is there an example to find, how to add the filters to my functions.php in my child theme? […]

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Bulk Import or Assign Group Assignments to Posts

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I use WPAllImport for a wide range of importing from users to custom post types. (I’m using your Users Import/Export add-on to bulk assign rolls to users) But I cannot find any way to map incoming fields to the groups assignments. When I do an export, I see the field “groups-read” but I cannot map […]

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Pre-sale question

Hi, This plug-in seems the solution to our problem. We have a question about importing to multiple groups. I can see you can import from a CSV with a group already assigned. Can you also assign them to multiple groups? a couple of users will have only 2 groups, some others will have up to […]

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Affiliates Users addon question

Hi There, This question is about “Affiliates Users”. I couldn’t see a separate forum for it so posting it here. Feel free to move this topic around. Now, we purchased this addon to convert current and future users to affiliate users. We have 12000+ registered users. (of course, not all are active). But when we […]

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