3 mlm plan with affiliate enterprise + with groups


I want a simple, unilevel, “natur” MLM but I want the commissions to be different for the 3 main groups what I created with your free groups plugin: Basic, Advanced, Professional with gradually more commissions.
So I want a FREE plan = Basic = “Registered” group, and 2 paid plans what can be bought with woocommerce subscriptions.
I just recently bought Affiliate Enterprise and 2 other plugins also from you and started to test things out.
Your plugins seemed good to a point that I replaced my other older MLM plugins for your MLM plugins because your support seemed much better! 😉

Now I encountered my first major problem:
I have set many rates under rates (around 3×10 level for the 3 groups), and if all people are in only one group it seems to work fine regardless wich group is one in!
But if somebody is in 2 groups simultaneously there comes the issue, because it seems that your algorithm at rates what is checking the group has no “AND not in these groups” option 🙁
So I want ALL registered people to be in the automatically maintained “registered” group, but if some is there the rates always applies as defined for the “registered” group in the affiliate rates even if somebody is also in the other goup with higher commissions. If I remove somebody from the “registered” group and he is in other group then he gets the higher commission, so your system seems to work fine except that it cannot handle commissions well if somebody is in 2 groups simultaneously.
But I need to be people to be able to be in 2 groups simultaneously because the registered group is automatically maintained and it is free but I need paid subscriptions also and I need to restrict content also for free registered members also. And if I remove someone from “registered” group when he buys a paid subscription than there is no option for adding back automatically after the subscription ends or cancelled or deleted!
I searched your forums for “MLM” and others and did not find any issue related to this, but I wonder why because it seems a pretty basic functionality to me, because please understand that I need to have people in 2 or more groups simultaneously! And I am not that good programmer in php and wordpress yet to figure out a solution so could you please help how to solve this?

So the problem is when someone is in 2 groups simultaneously your “rates algorithm” only calculates with 1 group and it seems to stop after 1 group even if someone is in more group. If it would goes on that would end in a “duplicated / double added commission” error, but in another MLM plugin this could be solved with a single checkbox to “apply the lowest OR the highest” commission. Could you please implement something like that (what could be easier I think) or a more detailed condition clarifying section under rates where I can now select only 1 group, there I could select more groups and a “and NOT in these groups” section would be awesome where I also could select more groups and these 2 would be connected with AND parameter. So I see these 2 solutions now, maybe the “apply the lowest OR the highest” checkbox would be easier or do you know any other solution for this?
Maybe I just don’t know other solution 🙁

But think about it: it should be really working with 2 or more groups / person out of the box or not? Because registered group is already an auto-maintained group and not just registered is needed! Maybe every other people did NOT created rate conditions with groups yet or how is that it seems that I am the first one who came across this problem :((

SuperThanks by the way! :))
And sorry for my english! 🙂

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  1. George September 2, 2020 at 6:30 pm #

    Hi Adrian,

    Sorry for the delay but this has been a pretty busy period for the team.

    The first approach you describe here is more possible by using a formula rate because the second one requires modifications to take place both in Affiliates and Groups plugin which also are above and beyond the plugins’ current design. Since your use case can be covered by a custom formula then this is the option you should examine further. If you’re familiar with PHP you should have a look at the affiliates_formula_computer_variables filter hook to calculate the proper rate for each affiliate and also Groups API and Groups Examples on how to check on which group does the referring affiliate belong to.

    I’m very happy to hear that there is ongoing work regarding affiliate marketing on WP and definitely writing tutorials about it would be beneficiary for all the community.

    Kind regards,

  2. George August 18, 2020 at 2:01 pm #

    Hey Adrian,

    Thanks for the list provided here. What about in case where the affiliate belongs to two different groups, which one should apply in this case?

    Kind regards,

    • Adrián Fok August 18, 2020 at 3:16 pm #

      For me it would be the “Most commissions” the good option to apply at every case where there are 2 or more groups for someone.
      I think for others too it would be better (because others also may want to use the automatically maintained registered group) who want to sell only infoproducts like me, but for physical products maybe a boolean option switch button would be the best in the settings maybe (for “highest or lowest” commissions) if others may need it (but I don’t, I only need “the most commissions” for all cases (if there are 2 different commission rate for the same [because of 2 or more groups]), because I’m only selling my infoproducts 🙂

      Or another solution could be if the affiliates -> rates section would have a more detailed option for defining group relations, like where I could enter not just 1 but more groups with “OR” parameter and what could be connected with an “AND” parameter to an “AND NOT in these groups” section where also more groups could be added with “OR” parameter.
      It could also solve these kinds of problems for others too! 🙂
      Maybe with this solution more customers would be happy too ;))

      If you could help with this I will gladly promote your plugins too in my MLM if things will work because I plan an infoproduct about “How to create a similar own MLM like mine with wordpress” also! 😉
      Because not even in english there is a good tutorial for this, because of these kinds of issues within other affiliate plugins also 🙁 I have tried more before.
      But partnerprograms are already evolved into 2 tier systems so the future of wordpress affiliate programs are also the MLM, so it could be a new future trend of more customers for you also if you could help a bit in these kinds of things, because other MLM plugin supports don’t answer at all, or outdated, or can’t fix things like these, or costs at least 1000$ and not really open source wordpress plugins, or simply not as advanced as yours, or if as advanced then the support can’t forward things to the programmers, decision makers, or the programmers just not that enthusiastic about being a good MLM plugin also, or IF they are than it can not work together well with other plugins, etc. 😀
      So this is why I was very happy because you not only have an “MLM plugin” but also a membership plugin so please please please I would be really happy if they could work together like a charm :))

      Adrian 🙂

    • Adrián Fok August 28, 2020 at 4:15 pm #


      Can you see my last message what it writes here that it is still waiting for moderation?
      (The one with the line: “For me it would be the “Most commissions” the good option to apply at every case”)
      Could you find a solution for this issue?


  3. George August 17, 2020 at 8:53 pm #

    Hey Adrian,

    The groups plugin supports users to be members of multiple groups simultaneously but here we are talking about the rate that will be applied and the affiliate rate if you noticed supports only one group to be set in its parameters, because this is a special case of groups integrating with Affiliates plugin.
    Let me check the possibilities for your case and in the meantime please also indicate a brief list with the rates that you use for original referrers and for each of the tier commission levels.


    • Adrián Fok August 18, 2020 at 12:41 am #


      Ok, thanks much!!

      If you mean my list of rates then it looks like:
      kezdő = basic
      haladó = advanced
      profi = professional
      in my hungarian language 🙂
      If you are courious then to be specific: I want to make an MLM with a commission structure like I have stated in the 3 columned table here where my new MLM will be:
      Here if you scroll down a bit you see the table with the 3 levels of commissions I want to make.
      I think with your rates I have already configured this right (on the rate prinstscreens too) 🙂
      This will be my MLM heaven (i hope so) ;D

  4. Adrián Fok August 15, 2020 at 9:52 am #

    Thanks for fast reply!
    Yes, the issue occurs only when somebody is in 2 or more groups simultaneously (within your groups plugin)!
    If everybody is only in 1 group then it works fine.
    What other more detail do you need exactly?

    Please understand that I am not that good programmer, so I want the simplest solution what I can automate, so please understand that no matter if I use the registered group or not, it doesn’t matter if I use the registered group or another group instead of it, it does not matter because I still need to be able to handle people with more groups!
    For example if someone buys the 2. business plan (advanced) for 6 months but after 1 month he buys the 3. business plan (professional) for only one month, than also this is the case, that I have to be able to automate more groups for 1 person. Because if I remove the person from the 2. advanced group if he buys a 3. pro business plan than he would loose the 4 plus months what he has bought for the 2. plan! Woocommerce subscription can handle multiple subscriptions at the same time, and I thought that your groups plugin also could handle multiple groups / person at the same time (combining with affiliate enterprise) because they are all from the same company. 🙁
    Or isn’t it a basic feature of groups? To be able to be in more groups at the same time?
    + Beside the example above there can be many other cases when we need somebody to be in more groups at the same time! Maybe the subscription is only on hold, paused, etc, or in the future I may need “bonus” groups or other time limited seasonal auction groups, or extra VIP group etc..
    So even if I could manage to use another group instead of registered than I hope you can see that people still need to be able in more groups at the same time (so it does not matter that it is the registered group or another similar)!

    So I have 3 groups now with your groups plugin for the 3 MLM plans:
    For this affiliate enterprise example I simplify commissions and the levels also to only 1 level (but it is the same for any MLM level):

    1. Registered group = FREE Basic MLM business plan group with 10% commissions
    2. Advanced group with 20% commissions
    3. Professional group with 30% commissions

    So if someone is only in 1 group than affiliate enterprise works well with groups plugin. But if for example somebody is in the 1. and 3. group also then he gets only 10% instead of 30%! 🙁

    My older MLM+membership plugin(s) had one simple switch button for this problem:
    – Apply the lowest commissions or
    – Apply the highest commissions
    and that solved the problem there (but was other major issues what support also could not solved there, so I had to switch 🙁 ) so I really hope you can solve or help to solve this issue here!! 🙁

    thanks much,

  5. George August 14, 2020 at 2:42 pm #

    Hi Adrian,

    Welcome to our support forum and many thanks for using our plugin as your affiliate marketing tool.
    May you please provide some more details on your setup? When does this case occur where a user will be a member of two different groups simultaneously? If the user should be a member of ie both Advanced and Professional groups, then why not create another group for this higher level, assuming that you’re using the groups to rank users in different levels.

    Regarding Registered group, I would suggest you to avoid using it and create another group for the Basic-free users. This group is automatically created but each new user registering on your site becomes a member, so in order to distinguish registered users from subscribers IMO it should be better to create a dedicated group for that purpose.
    Looking forward to receiving your reply on this.

    Kind regards,

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