Affiliate Link Not Properly Recording Visits/Hits


We recently downloaded and implemented your incredible powerful and amazing Affiliates Enterprise plugin.

We are thrilled with the results so far, what a powerful tool, we could not be happier.

One question of concern that did come up for us when using the link was the following:

We created a new affiliate on the plugin, and then added the affiliate ID code to the end of one of our product pages:

We then placed this link into to make it nice and short and placed it inside of a Facebook post that we boosted and promoted to a targeted community of potential customers. version of the link:

After our promotion of the post with the above link(that was the masked version of the above affiliate link), Facebook reported nearly 800+ clicks on the link.

We logged in to our account and reported basically the same 800+ clicks on the link.

We logged into our Visits/Referalls section of the Affiliates plugin and the plugin reported on receiving 20 visits and 26 hits.

Why the plugin report so few hits and visits comparatively? Is the plugin not recognizing that there is indeed an affiliate code within the link? Is causing the tracking to perhaps not track properly.

The reason we ask is because we did indeed receive 2 referrals on this affiliate ID, so we know it is tracking properly…any insights or advice you can provide us would be immensely helpful!

Thanks again for the amazing plugin and we await your response!

Andrew &

One Response to Affiliate Link Not Properly Recording Visits/Hits

  1. George April 1, 2015 at 10:13 am #

    Hello Andrew,

    Affiliates Plugin does support URL shorteners.
    Have you compared the traffic results with another tracking tool ie Google Analytics? I’m asking that just in case some of these clicks resulted in a 4xx redirect error.

    Kind regards,

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