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Affiliates is setting the wrong cookie

When setting up and testing new affiliates, sometimes a hit is credited to a different affiliate and a cookie with the wrong ID is set on the browser… This happens if use the URL link parameter directly, e.g. mydomain.com/?partners=b6d767d2f8ed5d21a44b0e5886680cb9 Or if I use a redirect on top e.g. mydomain.com/SABATA redirects to mydomain.com/?partners=32bb90e8976aab5298d5da10fe66f21d If I disable […]

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Still working with Apples Intelligent Tracking Prevention

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Got a lot of content about the new cookie-blockings of Apple in Safari. And more browers will follow. How is itthinx is reacting to get the affiliates pro still working? Are there any updates or is the problem still solved? Found this: https://support.qualityunit.com/969743-Apples-Intelligent-Tracking-Prevention-20-and-Post-Affiliate-Pro

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Use coupons to track affiliate sales

I have a client that wants to be able to assign each affiliate a unique number that they can then give to others to enter into a Gravity Form. Once the Gravity Form is submitted we would want the affiliate assigned to that unique number to get their commission. Is this something we can do […]

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Affiliates Not Tracking Mobile Clicks

Hey guys, I posted previously a topic called “Affiliate Link Not Properly Recording Visits/Hits” and asked why there was such a difference in total visits/hits reporting compared to our link shortening reports and facebook click reports. ie) we promoted a post with a shortened link with our affiliate code in the url and facebook reported […]

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Used to track affiliate sales

I installed the coupon code, and what we were looking for was just a simple way to create a coupon code to track back to a affiliate. For example if ABC company wanted a coupon titled “ABC” to be used as a coupon to track to them rather than to give a discount. How does […]

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