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Also refer to the Affiliates Plugins Feature Comparison.

  • Videos
  • Screenshots
  • Real-time reporting

    Referrals and affiliate link statistics are recorded and available instantly, as transactions are processed.

  • Integration with virtually any E-Commerce platform

    Integration packs are available for several platforms. More integrations are added constantly on request.

  • Unlimited Affiliates

    Simply have as many affiliates as you can get.

  • Easy affiliate recruitment

    Affiliates can sign up automatically and can also be added manually with or without user accounts.

  • Fixed, percentage or formula based commissions

    Referral amounts can be flat rates, percentage of net sales amounts and based on custom formulas.

    These can be set in general and per affiliate.

  • Flexible affiliate areas

    Create as many pages as you need showing affiliates their stats, banners, links, profile, …

  • PayPal Mass Payments

    Simply pay your affiliates all at once. Pay-outs can be based on accumulated totals.

  • Feedback is welcome

    Do you have feature requests or want to provide feedback? The Affiliates plugins evolve with your needs.

  • Free or contribution based

    The Affiliates plugin is free and Open Source. If you want to use it, simply install it from your WordPress Dashboard or download it from

    Affiliates Pro and Enterprise are contributor releases with additional features. Contributions help to make the plugins even more awesome. Thanks!

  • Custom features

    Customized versions and specific requirements are developed on request.

  • Quick & Easy Installation

    Upload/install and activate the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard.

Boost Sales with Affiliate Marketing for your WordPress site.

The Affiliates Pro plugin is the ideal Affiliate Management System for sellers, shops and developers, who want to increase sales with their own affiliate program immediately.

Important features include fully automated affiliate registration, unlimited affiliate management and the ability to integrate Affiliates Pro with virtually any E-Commerce platform.

Affiliates Pro also provides a solid framework for developers, who wish to build customized solutions based on a sound data model. With unlimited affiliate program management tools available on the back end and a set of shortcodes to provide Affiliates information on their performance on the front end, there is everything you need to start an affiliate program.


Pro & Enterprise

These integrations are included with Affiliates Pro and Affiliates Enterprise:


These integrations are freely available to be used with any of the Affiliates plugins.

Other integrations can be sponsored and developed on request.

Documentation and Support

Please refer to the documentation pages and video tutorials for details.




  • Hi

    I just downloaded the Affiliates Pro for $50 and loaded it to my site… please provide instructions/documentation on how to enable affiliate registration (my widget says the “registration is currently closed”)… Also, where do I find the shortcodes for the affiliate stats and adding marketing resources.

    Thanks Jason

  • Hi Kento,

    Thank you very much for your great creation. Anyway, I just used the Affiliate WP Plugin and it really is helpful.

    Another thing is that, I am confuse in how I can create a page for people to register as my affiliate.

    My other question is that, can we use/put the affiliate’s username in the end of the affiliate’s pretty link? See the example below for Jane Doe as an affiliate.

    Thank you and have a great day.

    – Felix

  • mark


    How about two or three tier affiliates?



  • eV

    Hi there,
    What are the S2member integration features? My site is running WP with S2Member to control membership and protect paid content. I’d now like to offer members the opportunity to help me market/sell my paid content.

    Is this right for me?

    • The s2Member integration will record referrals for affiliates through its payment notification API, whenever payment transactions, including those for recurring payments, take place. So if you are already using s2Member on your site and wish to establish your own affiliate marketing program then this integration should be suitable for you. Anyhow if you’d like to double-check with me on details and your specific requirements I’ll be happy to get in touch and advise.

      • Debo

        Just want to confirm if affiliate pro uses the same user database as s2member? also, if membership can automatically become affiliate during registration.?

        • Affiliates integrates with WordPress’ users. You can assign users to affiliates, although you do not need to do that. To make members become affiliates automatically is possible but this has to be done explicitly (meaning: the Affiliates Pro s2Member Integration does *not* do that).

  • Have you integrated with checkfront yet? It is an online booking engine for the tourist industry and we use their software on 2 of our 3 sites. If you have not yet integrated it I want to officially request it.


    Duane Overturf

    • Thanks for your suggestion Duane, this sounds like a good idea and I’ve just contacted them about it. I think this can be made available shortly, I’ll get in touch with you after reviewing their system’s API.

  • Chris

    First of all, great plugin!

    Is it able to trace not only hits from the affiliate link but record how many and which registered users each link has generated?



    • Thanks Chris, to do that it must be properly integrated with the registration process. One possibility is to use the s2Member integration that will be available shortly.

        • Chris

          Awesome, thanks!

          a couple of other questions:

          1) In the pro version, is there a way for the affiliates to see their results?

          2) Is the “settings” tab (containing the Paypal address and rate options) located in the video, only available on the pro version?

          3) I am running a bidding site to allow people bid on services. How are purchases registered in the plugin? Is there a way to divide up a purchase? i.e. 50% goes to one account, 25 to another, and 25 to an affiliate?

          Sorry for the barrage of questions. I know I’ll need the pro version but just want to make sure it really is what I need.

          Thanks again!


          • 1 – Yes, see e.g. Videos – in the video about the Jigoshop integration there’s an example (affiliate’s view on performance) of how it can look like – that’s independent of the integration pack as you set these sections up using appropriate shortcodes that the Pro plugin provides. Also see this section in the docs: Detailed referral overview.
            2 – Yes
            3 – No, you would need some customization for that. I do offer consulting and development services in these cases.

            Hope this helps and questions like these are always welcome.

  • Hi! I read that other integrations exist and are available on request, but I can’t seem to find where to request. I am hoping I can access the one for eShop. Thank you!

    XOXO, Masuimi

    • Hi Masuimi, that’s the right place to make your request :)
      I am preparing new releases and among them is the Affiliates Pro eShop integration, but I can provide it for you before the official release.

  • I just purchased the pro version. How do I set up links to specific posts? I read in the features that this was available but so far have not been able to figure it out.

    Thanks a bunch.

    • Thanks for asking, actually the current documentation about the shortcode to insert an affiliate URL is incomplete.

      There you can see that this shortcode will render the affiliate’s URL:


      But there’s more to it. To make a specific URL an affiliate link:

      [affiliates_affiliate_url url=""]

      This will result in (affiliate-id is replaced with the affiliate’s real ID when logged in).

      • mat429

        Hi, is there any way of inserting the link text automatically into every product page for logged in affiliates, so that they can share a specific product?

        • Hi there, yes that’s possible, for example you can use the following in the template:

          do_shortcode( '[affiliates_affiliate_link]' );

          Which renders the affiliate link.

          Another option is to use the Affiliates Share plugin which also supports AddThis.

          • mat429

            Hi , thanks for that, but as far as i can see the link that is rendered just takes the customer to the home page of the website. is it possible to generate a link that goes to that specific product.

            • antonio

              maybe this code can help you:
              echo do_shortcode('[affiliates_url]' . get_permalink( ) . '[/affiliates_url]')

  • Purchased Pro version today and I am having problem with profile management shortcode links not working at all.

    [itthinx_login_redirect /]
    [affiliates_affiliate_profile edit_name="true" edit_email="true" /]

    same with statistics shortcodes

    [affiliates_affiliate_stats /]

    However registration and affiliate link creation shortcodes work fine.

    Links to all pages can be seen or found from here……

    Download link was for version Version 1.1.1 – Is there something newer?

    Many thanks for you help!!!!

    • I’ve registered and checked it, the profile shortcode works and stats as well, just keep in mind that these will only display something if the affiliate is logged in.
      The shortcode that does not seem to work is [itthinx_login_redirect/], looks like it isn’t recognized. That’s odd … if you grant me edit access to the page it’s on I could have a quick look.

      • Can’t exactly tell which plugin or what code I’m using that is breaking the login widget. Ended-up hacking together the following code on a special template to accomplish my goals.

  • Thanks for the quick response and your willingness to take a look. You have been granted edit access. Please take a look and let me know of anything further I can do to help, or anything that I will need to change on the server to make this all function correctly.

  • James


    Great work!

    I would like to know when will you launch the:
    Affiliates Pro eShop Integration Pack.

    Thanks & regards

  • James

    Great! Thanks for the support.

    Another question:

    Does any of the versions of “Affiliates” exclude the shipping costs for the affiliate commission?
    If no, would it be possible to implement this?

    Thanks in advance & regards.

    • Sure :) All integrations work that way, shipping cost and taxes are excluded from the total amount. Cheers

      • James

        Hi Kento,

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        I’m using Affiliates eShop Integration Light.

        It is true it doesn’t include taxes but it does include Shipping costs.
        Would you mind double checking?

        As an example:

        Product: 100€
        Tax (20%): 20€
        Shipping: 7.50€

        Total: 127.50

        Commission: 50%

        The referral marked: 53.75€ (which is 50% of 107.50€, product+shipping costs)

        Thanks in advance

        • Thanks James,
          It’s odd that your referral amount is not in accordance with the net sales amount. Take a look at these screenshots:

          The order is for 3 Superwidgets at £30.00, 20% tax that amounts to £6.00 and shipping at £40.00 totaling £70.00. The referral rate is set at 0.2 which, applied to the net sales amount, gives £6.00. So in this case it’s fine. But we could check your setup to see why you get the referral amount you mention. Would you mind posting all your details including the referral rate you have set?

  • Any news on the checkfront integration. We are ready to make the donation when you tell us it is ready for us to use. We need this really badly.



    • It’s still being worked on. Their API now seems to have been updated fully but the notifications that it is supposed to send out are still not working and I’m awaiting a reply on that from their support team. Hopefully this can get sorted out quickly. I’ll update you on this as soon as I get a response. Thanks for waiting.

  • Elle

    Hi, just wondering with the Woo Commerce integration is there a way to enable recurring payments?


    • It really doesn’t depend on the integration, rather than on how recurring payments would be handled. Interesting comments can be found here and here.

      Another thing you might want to consider is the actual motivation for recurring payments. If you are really looking for a way to handle memberships, then s2Member and possibly its integration with Affiliates Pro might be interesting for you.

      • Elle

        It’s a product auto-ship program, would be done most likely through PayPal. Is there a way for Affilites plugin to track the PayPal subscribe sales and continually assign commissions on a recurring basis. I did look at s2member but wasn’t sure if it would be suitable for a physical product type scenario where variable shipping charges are involved?

        We want to use WooC for carting of one time purchase items too. Hence why I asked about using just WooC. Can I use both WooC and s2member at the same time without conflict?

        • Affiliates Pro will be able to handle that (PayPal subscriptions) but this is still pending. If you need to handle recurring orders, then I don’t think that running the site with s2Member and WooCommerce together will give you the results you are looking for (although they shouldn’t conflict).

          • Elle

            PayPal would be the easiest way to manage subscriptions since none of the carting solutions for WP seems to provide all the features I need!

            Do you have an ETA on Paypal subscriptions integration?

  • Any chance in getting an integration with theCartPress ecommerce software?

    • If there is sufficient interest in the integration, it will be scheduled, currently there are other integrations ahead. You can also order an integration if needed urgently, in that case please contact me.

  • Cody Everett

    Can this be integrated with multisite marketpress stores where each store owner can set up their own affiliates?

    • Yes that can be done, although for a multisite deployment of Affiliates Pro you need a different license. Please email me with details about your requirements.

  • Suckerpunch

    I have just purchased the Affiliates Pro plugin for WP e-Commerce. If i select “Referral rate”, Is the percentage amount worked out including the shipping or before shipping? I really need it to work out the percentage before shipping.

    Thank you

    • The referral rate is applied to the net sales amount, i.e. excluding taxes and shipping. Also keep in mind that the rate is to be given as a decimal, for example 0.25 if you want 25% credited to affiliates. Cheers

  • An affiliate has signed up. How does he affiliate get the Affiliate Link that’s created and once the affiliate has the link where does he put it?
    As you can tell from my question, I’m really new to this and not a “techie”. Susan

    • If you have not yet set up an affiliate area, you should do that now. Have a look at the documentation here. As you will see on that page, it’s a good idea to start with generating the default Affiliate Area as explain under Page generation. Then you can customize that area with more detailed options, or add separate pages in the same manner. Make sure to have a look at the videos and documentation, the documentation root is here.

      Your affiliates can use their links in emails, tweets, on their website … also they can use it through a link shortener, etc.

      • itthinxxx

        Hey Kento, is there a way to send the (main) affiliate link with the confirmation message as soon as an affiliate has signed up? The idea is to send the affiliates their link immediately, so they don’t have to go back to the affiliate area to login. Thanks!

  • Hi Kento,
    I created the Affiliate Banner page and made it a child of the Affiliate Area page. However, this allows anyone to see it. How do I have the Affiliate Banner page hidden from other than logged in affiliates? What code do I need and exactly where do I put it?
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Susan, You can basically follow the same pattern that the generated Affiliate Area page applies. The basic scheme consists in enclosing whatever you want to show to affiliates online within [affiliates_is_affiliate] shortcodes, example:

      Content visible to affiliates only here ...

      You can also place the banners inside that. BTW I’ll keep an eye on the site, looks promising ;)

  • bhi37

    Hello from France,

    How can I translate, The Affiliates pro User interface to French. I have generate a PO file from the plugin files and made somme translation. But where do I put the MO file and under what Name?


    • Hi Jean-Charles,
      Please create this directory: wp-content/plugins/affiliates-pro/lib/ext/languages and put the .mo file there, name it e.g. and the plugin will use it.

      • bhi37

        Thanks, its works perfectly for the admin interface but not for the frontend interface. To make it works on the frontend i have to modify constant.pht et change :

        * @var string plugin domain
        define( ‘AFFILIATES_PLUGIN_DOMAIN’, ‘affiliates’ );

        * @var string plugin domain
        define( ‘AFFILIATES_PLUGIN_DOMAIN’, ‘affiliates-pro’ );

        thanks again

        • There’s another way, simply copy the .mo file over to wp-content/plugins/affiliates/lib/core/languages (don’t install the plugin, just create the folders) and you don’t need to hack the constants.php file. Most probably the next update of Affiliates Pro will even relieve you of having to do that.

  • Hi Kento

    Seriously considering buying your plugin, we tried MagicAffiliate, it worked but we ran into problems and their support is not just horrible, its completely non existent.

    I need to know though, does your plugin support a tiered system? And how many levels…

    • Thanks for considering using Affiliates Pro, Nicholas. Actually Pro does not support multi-tier but Affiliates Enterprise does. The main reason why it’s not in Pro is that multi-tier deployments often have particular requirements and usually get some customized work done for them. But as requests for multi-tier support in Pro continue to appear, I’m seriously considering to add generalized multi-tier support to Pro. In Enterprise there is no limit to the number of levels and if it eventually gets into Pro, there won’t be a limit to levels either.

  • Just wanted to confirm before I buy:

    I am using s2member and want to know if the integration include option to automatically make paid members as affiliate or not.

    also, what is payment for the integration allow…i.e. lifetime update?

  • I was wondering how I can manually assign the affiliate ID, I am trying to move from a manual program to this platform, but need to assign an affiliate id instead of the automatic 1,2,3

    • As the IDs are automatically generated, there is no direct way to do that through the UI. You could import entries into the database directly though.

  • hi kento.
    i’ve Just bought your affiliate pro plugin for wordpress, tanks!!

    There is a little problem, I don’t understand how run the referral system. For example: If one of my affiliate put his link on Facebook, a friend click on the link and then he become a new affiliate, what happen?. My first affiliate have a new referral?

    I ask this, because if this is the process my plugin don’t run, but maybe I’ve not understand the difference between affiliate and referral…



    • Hi Robert, there is quite a difference. For example, in the case you mention, if a visitor comes to your site through the affiliate’s link on Facebook and makes a purchase in your store, then the affiliate will be credited with a referral. There won’t be a referral if the visitor signs up as a new affiliate but when the visitor makes a purchase.

      • so, what happen at the first affiliate if the visitor after the purchase became a new affiliate and find new clients? Is like a multilevel?

        • Currently not, it’s being asked quite frequently lately and I’m considering adding basic multi-tier capability.

          • ok, good!

            if I’ve understand: when the affiliate with his link make a sale he have a new referral (the client)


            Sorry but maybe the problem is the different language, I don’t speak english very well.. :P

            • Hi Robert, yes I think you understand now, basically the affiliate gets a commission when a sale is made through his link and that commission is recorded as a referral :)

  • Hi Kento,

    I am leaning heavily on buying the Affiliates Pro plugin for WooCommerce to run on my site, but I’d like to know the redirect method used in the backend?

    Is it 302 redirect, 301 redirect? I couldn’t find that info anywhere and I guess it’s only important if someone knows to ask, but it’s important for SEO purposes.

    I’m hoping that you’ve taken that into consideration.

    Please reply at your earliest convenience, as I am really wanting to make a decision. My only real alternative is iDevAffiliate, but I’d really much prefer a plugin than a separate component like that.


    • Hi Michael,
      There is a 302 being used to eliminate the affiliate id from the URL once recognized, that doesn’t have anything to do with the back end though.
      I hope that helps :)

  • Hi,

    Also, should have asked, is there subaffiliate tracking?

    I use that to identify certain websites where I have my own links that I track through the affiliate program on the platform I’m moving away from.

    Like this:

    Is there a comparable ability in Affiliates Pro?


    • Do you mean track your links you have with other affiliate networks? No that won’t be possible, it could be made to do that but it’s not what the system is intended to do.

  • Hi, I have the free version installed and to test what happens when someone becomes an affiliate, I filled out the form with my own email. When the welcome email arrived with the username/password, it had a link for the new affiliate to click. This link takes them, not the the affiliate area, but to the wp-admin page. Is there a way to change this. I don’t really want the affiliates to go into the WP dashboard, as it will only confuse them. Shouldn’t that email link take them to the affiliate area?

  • Thanks, that was exactly what was needed. Maybe it should be a standard with the package? The average person wanting to be an affiliate would be lost after logging into the WP dashboard when they expected to be seeing an affiliate area. (and maybe there are many like me who didn’t know there was such a plugin that could change the standard WP message.)

    I’m still foggy on how the free Affiliates is going to track the purchases since I can’t test that until someone actually does it :)
    I’m using the ‘Ultra Simple Paypal Shopping Cart’ for purchases.

    • I think it’s good to have the choice, some would want the standard way that WordPress handles, others won’t. Those who don’t eventually find a solution thanks to the plugins that are available.

      About tracking the purchases, that needs to be integrated. It’s not going to work automagically … the Affiliates Pro PayPal integration might work with Ultra Simple but I haven’t tried it myself yet.

    • I’ve tested Affiliates Pro for PayPal with WordPress Ultra Simple Paypal Shopping Cart using:

      and it works fine.

      • Hi, this is wonderful, but do you know if this will work when using the 3-step process in Ultra Simple Paypal Shopping Cart?
        i.e. ‘You must use [validate_wp_shopping_cart] shortcode on another page if you want to use the 3 steps process’.
        This is used when you want the buyer to fill out a form before continuing to the PayPal payment. This is what my site has.

  • Ok, I don’t understand what the free version does then. So, if I buy the Pro with PayPal integration and it doesn’t work with Ultra Simple… then what?

    • Have a look at the Feature Comparison, Affiliates Pro adds some features that the free version does not offer, but both provide what you need to handle an affiliate program. It just needs to be properly integrated with the e-commerce system.

      About it working with Ultra Simple or not, please wait until I get a chance to test it before you purchase the integration.

  • Wayne

    Very interesting looking plugin. I have NOT installed it though, so forgive me if the answer is obvious in the plugin.

    What is the procedure for paying the affiliates? Is this built in (ie: via Paypal), or is this something that is done manually from reports the plugin generates?


    • Thanks for asking Wayne, the free Affiliates plugin is perfect if you are using any of the (also free) integrated e-commerce solutions and the number of referrals is manageable without the bulk-handling features that Affiliates Pro provides. If you have a lot of referrals, then the bulk-handling features available in Affiliates Pro come in handy, as well as its ability to generate a mass payment file which can be used to pay affiliates through PayPal or other processors. Also have a look at the feature comparison and the videos for the integrations that might seem interesting.

  • aggarrohit

    i have purchased affiliate pro software, it is showing visits and hits properly but not counting the referrals, there are many referrals but it is showing 0, how to make is work properly??

    • Hi,
      What e-commerce system are you using please? Affiliates Pro needs to be integrated with it so that the referrals are created.

      • aggarrohit

        i am using wordpress+buddypress, so people are using there referral link and getting referrals, but the system is only showing visits and hit, not showing referrals

  • aggarrohit

    yes my site is
    there i am showing only visits, as the referral are not counting

    • From what I see there, you want to create referrals when people sign up? There is a plugin you can use for that, you can download it from this post Recording sign-up referrals.

      • aggarrohit

        ok i am trying, i will let u know weather it worked or not,

      • aggarrohit

        it is written there i should backup my data before installing that plugin, is there any chance of loosing data or any problem??

        • Well that’s common good practice. That and not testing on production sites. You should set up a test site where you try things before deploying them on your production site. And backing up before you install a plugin is useful in case something happens you can revert to your last working setup.

  • Hi, I have a question regarding this thread. aggarrohit says “it is showing visits and hits properly but not counting the referrals, there are many referrals but it is showing 0″. Am I right in assuming that when you say ‘many referrals’, do you mean purchases resulting when someone uses an affiliate’s link?

    • From what I have seen, he gives credit to affiliates when someone they have referred signs up. It’s not an online purchase as there doesn’t seem to be a paid membership system in place.

      • Hi, I am having a similar problem. I have Affiliates Pro and am using the free version of Woocommerce with WordPress. All of the affiliate visits and hits are being tracked, but none of the referrals are being tracked. I have the default referral rate set to 10%. I have done a couple test orders and those orders don’t even show up under the Referral section in the Affiliates Pro portion. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

        • Hi Sheena,
          If it’s configured correctly and there are no conflicts with your setup, when an order has been placed you should see a referral for it as well. Any details about your setup could be useful, or a look at your admin section …

  • Hi, first, thank you for this plugin. I have purchased the Pro version and the WooCommerce integration. When i was testing the registration i got a link after registering that sends me to WP login page, when i got the email with User and Password i also got a link to wp-login.php. How can i change those links and send registered affiliates to a custom login page. I don’t want them to see any WP pages, especially after they logging and redirected to WP admin.

    Thank you in advance for your answer, Vlad.

  • aggarrohit

    i want to show stats of my affiliates program on my site, mean i want to show stats of all or top 100 affiliates to all of my users, is that possible??

  • VBK

    Can you tell me how to use the pro option on Multisite installation with domain mapped sub-sites?

    Thanks !

  • VBK

    Thanks for your kind response ! Do you remember me, I have asked you about some features for Multisite Installation a few months ago and I think some of them were implemented

    And regarding to this fresh comment… The same – ” how to use the pro option on Multisite installation with domain mapped sub-sites?”

  • Hello,
    I recently emailed you about a few things. You recommended that I use the “generate” button to start an affiliate page. I am trying to get this to work, but am having some problems. Why is nothing output for the following: Performance, Earnings, Commissions pending payment ? No shortcodes are generated to output those.

    I also am having problems getting some short codes to work properly. I’m assuming it’s because I’m using them in custom template pages? In other words, I’m using :

    echo do_shortcode( '[Short Codes Go Here]' );

    Some work, and some do not. It looks to be the ending short codes that aren’t reading:

    echo do_shortcode( '[/End The Short Code]' );

    Can you help me out at all, this isn’t actually a lot harder than I thought to set everything up.

    • Under Earnings pending or paid commissions will be shown when there are but not before. You can also use advanced shortcodes with Affiliates Pro, see shortcodes in the documentation.

      Have a look at the Codex, you’re not using this correctly. Do this:

      // In case there is opening and closing shortcode.
      echo do_shortcode('[iscorrect]'.$text_to_be_wrapped_in_shortcode.'[/iscorrect]');

  • Ugh. It’s stripping out the code that I was trying to post. I will just email you.

    • No, please use pastebin, this might be useful for others as well. (I’ve added the code that was stripped out to your comment)

      • Ok, thank you. I see what I was doing wrong with the short codes. I will go give it a try now. I do hope you can find some time to look at the email I sent. After someone signs up to be an affiliate, they get a “thank you” message. Where can I edit that message at?

  • Here’s just the link to the actual Pastebin page, if anyone wants to see what I’m trying to do.

      • Awesome! Ok that worked! Now, I have another problem, haha. How can I get this block to work?
        I’m throwing all kinds of errors with it. I tried to write it out exactly the way you did the last one.


        • Great. What errors do you get with that block?

          • Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /homepages/…. on line 98

            Which is this line: “Thank you for being a valued affiliate! Below, you’ll find information about your affiliate link and earnings.”

            Dreamweaver is also showing errors on line 99, 102,103, 105,106, and 107.

            • As it says, that’s a syntax error and not related to the plugin. I suggest you ask for help on programming on

          • That block is written exactly like the last block you had me write, this would fall under a problem with the plugin, because I certainly can’t be the only one who will run into this problem, when trying to use the shortcodes on a custom template page. I bought the pro version in hopes that I could get help getting this set up.

            • Anthony your code has a syntax error because it is not written correctly. The plugin does not have anything to do with that. You are using an unescaped single quote within a string encapsulated within single quotes. That’s simply wrong and you need to correct that : check the word you'll.

              Really this is not the place to ask for help on programming in general, if you need help on debugging your code you should ask for help on specialized forums like

  • Amlan

    Hi, I’m using Affiliate Pro. Can you tell me how to use ‘refferral amount method’ option?
    I want to have a system where each affiliates get 25% commission to start with and after they have earned 1k (NOT sale, commission earned 1k), commission rate will be 30%
    after that once they have reached 2.5k as ‘commission’ rate will go to 35%
    So it would be like:
    commission earned $0>$999.99 //25%
    1k to 2499.99//30%
    >$2500 //35%
    Please let me know. Thank you.

  • I plan to use the affiliate system with ecwid/wordpress, how does it track commissions?

    Does it only pay commission for the first referral based on a cookie duration?

    or can it be set to pay commission to an affiliate every time the same person buys something?

    Can you explain how this works?

    • You can set an expiration as a number of days or never let it expire, so you can either limit the commissions that would be earned for subsequent sales or always grant them as long as the referral information is available and valid.

      • Is that an affiliate pro only feature?

        I’m playing around with the free version atm and I only see this:

        “If you enter 0, referrals will only be valid until the visitor closes the browser (session).

        The default value is 1. In this case, if a visitor comes to your site via an affiliate link, a suggested referral will be valid until one day after she or he clicked that affiliate link.”

  • Are you able to add banners for affiliates in the pro version?

  • hz

    Hi, I purchased your Affiliates pro for Pay Pal and I am trying to set it up.
    Now I have a problem. I cannot add a new affiliate somehow. I fill out the form and hit the add button, but nothing happens. Also I tried to became an affiliate at the front-end site, but it didn’t work.
    Could you tell me how can I add a new affiliate?

    • I could register successfully as an affiliate on your site and I can log in as well. Do you have any filters set on the Affiliates > Manage Affiliates page? If you’re not aware of these it might give you the impression that you don’t have any, just click the Clear button and the list will show all affiliates.

      • hz

        Thank you for a quick response!
        I haven’t set any filters on the Manage Affiliates page.
        I tried to hit the clear button, but could not find any affiliate.
        I found you are a user on my site. I’m wondering when you log in my site, you can find a affiliate link, performance, and so on?

  • Drew

    is there a way to use your affiliate system with ecwid/joomla?

  • I’ve purchase and installed this plugin with using contact form 7. First off I’m having issues receiving emails either to the admin or to the submitter (autorespond) Not sure why it’s not sending. Also is there a way to export the data you get from the affiliates to excel?

    • Unless you have the notifications turned off, the notifications will be sent. If you do not receive them check the spam/junk folder as, depending on your email client, they might end up there. To export the data probably the most interesting part is to use the totals section which provides you with a file you can easily open in a spreadsheet.

  • If I purchase the WooCommerce integration, does that have everything in it, or do I al;so have to get the main plugin for it to work?

    Also, I noticed watching the video that the link took the user to the page with all the products, is it possible to send the user to the product page itself?

    • You just need the integration pack, Affiliates Pro is included. Yes you can link to specific pages, including product pages.

      • How? I’ve been tring this for ages now. can’t seem to get it to work. Also i’m using woocommerce integration as well, something seems to be off with cancelled orders could you help me with that?

  • Joe Jenkins

    can i use this on multiple sites?

    • The plugin can be used on a multisite installation and doesn’t require additional licenses as long as it meets the SUSDL. For multiple domains there are discounts available.

      • Joe Jenkins

        ok. I would offer this as an option with my web design, so if I end up more than a single licence, can we discuss discounts?

        also, is it lifetime updates or 12 months?

  • Moonworks

    Do you have a list of example shortcodes that can be used?

    For example, you say that the user’s Paypal email can be created and made editable. How is that done? If I can see some examples in that way, I’ll know what I’m doing.

    Also, do you have a list of the shortcodes in one place where there are all the different sections I can add for the affiliate profile page, how much they#ve earnt, etc?

    • Yes, there are several sections in the documentation that explain the usage of shortcodes in detail.

      • Moonworks

        I can’t see where it says how to add the code to allow the user to change their Paypal email from the front-end.

        I’m trying to get everything done on the front, so users don’t have to go into the admin for anything.


  • Moonworks

    Is it possible to create a form with Gravity Forms which adds the info you request in the registration form?

  • Moonworks

    Just a couple more questions, I think I’m almost there though :)

    If a user signs up as a customer and then wants to sign up as an affiliate and they are logged in, is it possible to take their username/email from what is already there. the same the other way round, though just with the name as it does take the email.

    If something is 0, then is it possible to have this show as 0? For example, referrals paid with in your example is blank, but this would probably confuse a user.

    • That’s how the registration form already works.

      It doesn’t show anything because there is really nothing to show unless some referral data is available. Affiliates is capable of handling multiple currencies, if you have referrals in several currencies, then it would show the results for all of these. Probably the advanced shortcodes would be more useful if you want to show that nothing’s there yet, or to render information conditionally.

  • Ron

    how do I integrate affiliates pro with s2member, I want to have 1 registration page, I don’t want a affiliate to register with s2 then have them register as an affiliate… s2 has a registration page, affiliates pro has registration, need 1 page to register, + how do i keep the page formatted to the rest of the site.AF pro registration page is plain. I want to integrate my header,ETC

    • The affiliate registration form will recognize when a user is a member of the site, it will allow a registered user to join just the affiliate program without having to create a new account.

  • We have a WooCommerece site and are purchasing the WC Subscription extension as we sell annual subscriptions for our service through our website. We would love to use your affiliate Pro plugin, and was wondering if it works with the WC Subscription extension. Basically, if an affiliate refers a customer that buys a subscription, when that subscription auto-renews each year, can your Affiliates Pro Plugin pay a commision on that each time to the referring affiliate? Or will the Affiliates Pro Plugin only recognize the initial year’s purchase?


  • Ron

    OK, no help. so do i use the s2 registration page, or embed affiliates pro registration. i thin what Im Getting, is to use aff pro registration page only and it will recognize both aff pro ans s2.

    • You don’t seem to understand. Joining the affiliate program of a site is not related to any membership levels in s2Member. If a user has joined the site, then that user can choose the sign up with the affiliate program by submitting the registration form which will relate the user account to an affiliate account on the system. There is nothing else to it. You can even use the standard Affiliate Area that the system lets you create and let people join through that page as it embeds the form there already or lets them log in when they already have joined.

  • Ron

    using squeeze page, when client clicks join now, it uses mail chimp to collect info and directs to a thank you page, i want the thank you page to be Affiliate registration, cant get it to work. when click join i get my sign up email, but it directs me to the wp sign in page, the redirect in mail chimp is set up for the registration page..

    • If the redirect doesn’t end up on the registration page then that’s not related to the Affiliates plugin. If you have set the Thank You page correctly in MailChimp, then it should end up there I suppose. Can’t help you with MailChimp though, I’m not using it myself.

  • hello,
    i have affiliate pro, i am having problem with that, when a new user wants to become an affiliate then he has to complete the profile first but when he click on profile link in the “affiliate-area” it shows “page not found”
    Please help ASAP

    • i saw that the clickable “profile” link in affiliate-area for new registrations is having the url “wp-admin/profile.php” which the users cant acccess, so is that the problem?? if yes then how to come over that??

  • if it is possible to bypass this registration process and make all registered users as affiliate and give them referral-link??

  • Hey Kento, just started running Affiliates Pro on my shop, great plugin, really excited about it. I seem to be having multiple registrations per affiliate right coming in tho, same username, email, and there’s 5 or 6 accounts with different IDs per account. Is this a known issue? Thanks

  • Anthony

    Hi Kento, please forgive me if you’ve already answered this, but I was hoping to be able to track incoming traffic with my affiliate’s specific url. I just tried testing it out by signing up to my site with a test affiliate account. I tested the links on another computer, just in case, and it is only recording hits, but not showing that any traffic is coming from a specific affiliate’s url link. How can I make this work?


    • Regarding this “it is only recording hits, but not showing that any traffic is coming from a specific affiliate’s url link”, can you post a screenshot please?

        • I think you mean that there are no referrals recorded. It seems that you have not installed the integration plugin for WP e-Commerce – in the screenshot, the WP e-Commerce menu item in the Affiliates menu is missing. Check the downloaded file again please and the installation instructions, you need to have the Affiliates Pro plugin installed and the integration plugin for WP e-Commerce. That will take care of recording the referrals.

          • Anthony

            Ok, So there is no way to track referrals without a sale being made? In other words, I would like to reward affiliates for sending people to my site to sign up for my newsletter. So if an Affiliate sends a visitor to my site, and that visitor signs up for my newsletter, I would like to be able to track which affiliate sent that visitor my way. I’m hoping this is possible, or no?

            • It depends on the integration(s) used, you can have different referrals recorded based on sales, form submissions etc. Currently there is no generic integration with any newsletter plugin but it can be done as Affiliates Pro provides an API that allows to record referrals.

          • Anthony

            Ok, thank you. Is there info in the documentation on how to use the API? Basically, I would be using Mailchimp, and would just have to somehow track how the person got to my site to signup for the newsletter.

  • Anthony

    Also, does it matter that the affiliate url is the “pretty” url or not? Because when I visit my affiliate page logged in as a test affiliate, it shows my link as being instead of

    • Yes that matters, the pretty ones will only work if your permalink settings are set accordingly. Can you post the link you are using for the testing site?

  • Anthony

    Ok, thank you. well I do have permalinks setup accordingly.

  • Martin

    Hi there, just purchased pro version for woocommerce.

    I think I am being extremely daft but I need to ask.

    I added a new affiliate, but there was no option to give them a password. So how are they meant to login to the affiliate area?

    Im sure i have missed something obvious, but please humour me…

    • Affiliate accounts and user accounts are different. You relate an affiliate account with a user account by indicating the username in the provided field in the affiliate profile. The affiliate can the log in through the user account. You also have the option to let them sign up through the affiliate registration form. Make sure to have a look at the documentation as well.

      • Martin

        Many thanks, sorry I didnt notice the documentation previously, which is amazingly helpful.

        Something that I cant find the answer to it in the Affiliate Area, the link and embed link are not visible, see screen shot here:

        The text seems to be there when i click the space and copy but it cannot be seen. I presume this due to the black background, but how can I fix this?

        Many thanks!

  • Anthony

    I have my permalinks set to: , so the plugin is showing me that my test affiliate url is: , is the permalinks set right for this purpose or no?

    Thanks a ton!

    • I’ve tested the link you sent earlier, – this works, so assuming you have set the ‘Affiliates URL parameter name’ to deals, if you want to attach the affiliate ID to a specific post, you would use it like this:

  • Anthony

    Me again, Kento! I hope I can get everything squared away soon, so I can stop bugging you. Just wondering if anyone else has brought up the issue of not getting the initial sign up email when a new user signs up to be an affiliate? I have been testing it, and what’s weird is that when I use a account, the initial signup email(with the password) does not come through. I checked the spam folder as well. But when I used another email account, at my own domain name, the email did come through. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

    • Have you checked the server logs for any rejects? If the server is blacklisted it won’t be able to deliver the notification to Yahoo, it will get it through to itself though because it’s delivered locally.

  • Hi :)
    I wonder if you could tell me the difference between buying Affiliates Pro, and buying one of the integration packs? For instance, in order to set up my affiliates with automatic paypal payments, would I need to buy both Affiliates Pro, and Affiliates Pro for Paypal?

    • Affiliates Pro by itself will not store any referrals unless an integration is used. That’s what the integration packs are for, they contain Affiliates Pro so you don’t have to buy both the pack and Affiliates Pro.

  • Sjoerd

    Hi, I have the Affiliate Pro plugin with the Jigoshop integration. It calculates the referral commission on the order amout + shipping but without tax. How can I make sure it doesn’t calculatie a commission on the shipping costs?

    I saw some previous comments but there was not a solution in the answers…

  • Sjoerd

    I’m using a fixed amount with taxes included.

    • Please update to the latest version, this is especially important with Jigoshop 1.3.1 which has just been released today, as there are changes in order fields and the integration plugin has been updated to make sure that referral calculations are correct. You can get the latest release in the Downloads section.

  • Hi, I have version 2.0 with Jigoshop addon… How do I upgrade to the latest version?

    • Please download the latest release from the Downloads section. Make sure to update immediately, there are important changes as of Jigoshop 1.3.1 which the current release takes into account.

  • arialburnz

    I’ve just purchased and installed the Affiliates Pro for WP e-Commerce. I’m really excited about using it…but having problems finding out how to customize the referral rate.

    What I would like to do is pay $25 to an affiliate for each referral that spends $75 or more on our site.

    I’m not seeing any buttons or coding in my store products and I know just enough code to make me dangerous. I also haven’t seen any short codes I should be adding to my products. Is the integration just automatic for anything I have in my store?

    Our referral program is going to help a lot of single-parent authors we know who are unemployed and trying to make their bills. I want to make sure we’re giving them an incentive that will help them and keep us from breaking the bank. I have some items in my shop that are less than $25, so I don’t want to pay out referrals that will put me in the hole.

    Thank you so much for any help!
    Arial Burnz

    • Hi Arial,
      You can use %-based commissions and don’t need to code anything ;) You can set the default referral rate in the Affiliates > Settings section. Also make sure to review the Documentation for more detailed instructions. This section explains how to set individual rates.
      Great project by the way, best of luck :)

  • arialburnz

    Thanks so much for your prompt response!!!

    Thank you for the links. I have watched that video and I’ve read a lot of the documentation, but I also thought there was a way of entering a formula for the default referral rates that would apply to any affiliate registered for the program.

    The percentage amount makes the lower-priced items hardly worth referring (a dollar or two here and there) and the larger ticketed items much more money out of my budget. I don’t want to do a flat rate because of the lower-priced items.

    So I’m particularly interested in two solutions if they’re possible:
    –A formula that will allow me to set a threshold of when the flat rate of $25 will be paid per transaction ($75 minimum)
    –OR a way of applying the affiliate rates ONLY to the products that are priced at $75 or greater.

    Are either of these possible?

    Thank you again so much for the speedy response AND such a wonderful product!!

    Arial ;)

    • Hi Arial,
      Yes that can be done, the system uses custom methods that can be provided for example as an additional plugin as shown in this example. Such methods can then be used in general or for particular affiliates. For your case, it would be necessary to code the logic that will check the order amount (or individual product amount) and calculate the commission to be applied based on that. A programmer can do that if you are working with one or you’re also welcome to get in touch to get a quote on the work.
      Cheers :)

  • arialburnz

    Yes, I’d like to know how much it would cost to program what I’m looking for.

  • Colleen Riddle

    I’m looking to to direct my affiliates to a certain page within my site. How would I accomplish this?
    Thank you

  • Hi Kento,
    We are looking into buying the affiliates plugin pro but we have some questions we would like answered before.
    Our site will be a private site. Our affiliates will link to our site. When new users register to our site [using S2 Member] we would like that specific new user to be linked to the affiliate. The users will be able to purchase products using woocommerce from the private area of the site. For every purchase we would need the affiliates to get commission if the user is a referred user.
    So to summarize:
    1) new referred user registers on our site (s2 member plugin) and is permanently linked to an affiliate
    2) any purchases made by that user will generate commission to the affiliate
    Can this be done please?

  • Nabeel


    I purchased Affiliates Pro, but seem to be having a major issue:

    1.) The affiliate area page is no where to be found. After I clicked on create Affiliate area during setup, there was no link available for new or existing affiliates to sign up, only a form which asked for basic user info.

    If anyone has any insight to this on how it can be resolved it will be greatly appreciated. I’m been at it for a while but, and can’t seem to find the solution.

  • Bruno França

    Hello. I got an question.
    How can I add extra fields to affiliate’s profile like phone or address/zip code (WooCommerce)?

    • The affiliate registration form is fixed and you can’t add any fields there unless you derive a customized version. The form is kept simple to make registration as easy as possible. Any additional information can be added to the user profile, see Useful plugins.

  • Bruno França

    Another question…
    How and where can I get the updates? My Download link is expired.
    Thanks again ;)

  • Kento,

    I have Affiliate Pro. I do not find a Banner Management to upload banners to. Are you going to add this. I have many sites and this is a priority in standards I am use to seeing.

    Thanks Sal

  • ChristineL

    Trying to activate the Afflate Pro plugin (Affilate ECWD Interaction seemed to activate fine). Here is the error msg I get…

    Server error
    The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.
    Here are some suggestions:
    Reload this webpage later.
    HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.


  • lancecj

    Hey Kento-

    I just set up the WooCommerce integration with Affiliates Pro. Every time I try to sign up as a new affiliate (to test out your system), I receive error messages like:

    Invalid characters in username… are people not allowed to use capital letters in their usernames?

    Email already registered… but I am just testing the system so I have no affilates on my site, nor do I have any WordPress user accounts with the email address I am testing.

    Please advise, thanks.

    • This sounds very much like another plugin is poking its nose into where it shouldn’t. Of course you can use capital letters in usernames and if the email really isn’t registered that notice shouldn’t be thrown either. Try after disabling all but WooCommerce, Affiliates and integration plugin, if you have any plugin that might interfere in the login or registration process, leave that one off until the last one.

  • Any plans to integrate Affiliates Pro with Events Manager Pro ( Being able to offer affiliates commission for events, plus s2 would be very useful…

  • bizibizi

    Hi, I am using Affiliates Pro plugin for my business directory ( and I am using the theme ( I am looking, if you can guide me, how can I integrate my theme with Affiliates pro plugin.

    My theme have the Coupon Codes option, and same coupon I will create for the affiliates (this way, each affiliate would have their own coupon code). Now, when this coupon code is being used by any customer, admin will manually approve the sale. At this point, If you can guide me, how can I integrate OR do you have any file, that I can leverage.

    Waiting for your quick response.
    Thanks in advance.

  • YG

    I purchased affiliates pro and wp e-commerce integration.
    The code does not function for me as you describe in your documentation.
    The affiliate link does not bring to the right address.

    When placing in the page:

    – [affiliates_affiliate_link url="" content="Ladino

    The link should bring the user to

    but it goes to

    And this is an empty page.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    • On your installation, go to Settings > Permalinks and choose any of the options under Common Settings except Default. Once you have done that, the URLs to your products (and any other post) will use pretty links (instead of the parameterized ones) and the shortcode will work as expected.

    • If you want to keep your permalink settings (not using pretty links), you must add type=”append” like in this example:

      [affiliates_affiliate_link type="append" url="" ]

      In any case, do consider using pretty ones, there are good reasons to do so. See Using Permalinks for more on that.

  • YG

    after adding type=”append”, the buyer arrives to the correct product page but without the “?aff=xxxxxxxxxxxx” at the end of the address.
    The referral is credited correctly though. Is that how it is supposed to work?
    Thank you for your help

  • Mate

    I saw that you are planning to put basic multi-tier options to affiliates pro. When can we expect that?

  • YG

    Hello again. I’m having trouble inserting Hebrew text when rendering as code. It appears as giberish. What should I do? Do you need screenshots?
    This is what I get:
    ×§× ×� ספר×�×� ×�×�× ×�×�×�
    The html rendered code looks fine.

    • Hi, yes a screenshot and code you’re using to render it would be helpful.

      • YG

        OK I emailed them. Thanks.

        • Hi YG, there’s an issue related to the character encoding when render=”code” is used. The fix will be included in the next release, for now you can apply this work-around:

          <a href="[affiliates_affiliate_url type="append" url=""]">(link text goes here)</a>

          Use the above to render the code that they should use, including the Hebrew link text.

  • I’ve installed the free affiliates plugin and created two affiliates. One using a manual entry from the WP Dashboard. The other by registering from the Affiliates Area page.

    When, in the Dashboard, I go to Affiliates –> Manage Affiliates the new entries are listed in the table. But, there are no options to edit any of the affiliates. There are no edit/delete option enabled next to either of the affiliates.

    Have I omitted enabling this feature somewhere?

  • YG

    Please see:
    No Affiliates plugin product page:

    Same with affiliates plugins installed:

    The area of the tabs describing the produc has changed.

    Does the plugin installation do anything outside it’s own folders? What exactly? How can it be controlled?


    • Please add the following line at the end of wp-content/plugins/affiliates-pro/affiliates-pro.php :


      This causes the scripts used by the plugin not to be loaded unless its shortcodes are used on a page. That’s how it should behave by default and this will be fixed with the next release.

      Thanks for mentioning this, I hadn’t noticed that it does that.

  • YG

    I’d like to create a payment method where the affiliate gets paid (a certain % of the amount sold) for every product that is sold from a list of products related (or assigned) to the affiliate.
    The % to pay should be defined for every product.
    Anything I can do with the existing Pro+WPSC plugins?
    Other suggestions?
    Do you need a business case example?
    Thank you.

    • An extension for this is going to be released – it will allow to define product commission rates on any product sale to affiliates.

      • YG

        When do you expect to release it?
        Need to beta test? I might be able to test on my dev server.

        • Thanks, it needs to have components developed for specific e-commerce systems but otherwise is ready. It has to be prepared for release though, in a couple of weeks probably.

  • YG

    Thanks. I’m looking forward to it. Let me know if I can help. Actually, I’d love an early view, to be able to better understand the functionality and see how it fits my needs.

  • I have a couple of questions. I have an affiliate that generates a lot of leads through his contact form on the splash page I set up for him (contact form 7) however only some of the leads get attributed to him. Most of them get categorized under direct referrals. My assumption here, and correct me if I am wrong, is that these are leads that visited the website prior to filling out the contact form on his splash page and that because of the 180 day tracking they are being categorized as direct even though they filled out the form on his splash page. Is this the case?

    Also, what happens when a prospect visits the site a second time through another affiliate link within the 180 days? Is the referral then categorized under the newer affiliate or does the prospect stay under the first affiliates referrals list?



    • Regarding the first question, no that won’t happen – if they visit the site first and then again through the affiliate’s link, the affiliate would get credit.
      The last affiliate is credited, if you visit through affiliate A’s link and then through affiliate B’s link, B will get credit.
      Causes why an affiliate is not credited would include:
      – the affiliate link is not correct (wrong usage)
      – visitor’s browser doesn’t accept cookies
      – visitor cleared cookies after visiting the affiliate’s link
      – expired (e.g. past 180 days after the visit in your case)
      I’d suggest you test the links that the affiliate is using to make sure they work well, the other causes mentioned are pretty much beyond anyone’s control (except the last one which can be set to never expire if so desired). I hope that helps somehow, let me know if you need further help.

  • Hi.

    Basically I have a membership site made with optimizepress and wishlist member.

    I’ve been looking around for a good affiliate plugin for a few days now! This is probably my last hope.
    All I need is an affiliate plugin that will integrate on my site.

    Using this affiliate plugin I want my members to refer other members… and lets say.. they refer 5 members they get my member exclusive product for free. (or they have a choice to buy it for $17)

    None of the plugins I’ve come across seem to have what I need… all of them just focus on sales/commisions and not simple free sign ups… ALL i want is to track referrals. THATS IT.

    ‘Affiliates’ seemed to be my best shot… but it doesn’t integrate properly on my site. Like name fields and sign up does nothing…

    So would this plugin do the job of just helping me track unique referrals… via the wishlist member registration. (does it have a tracking code I can place on the redirect page after registration?)

    Also, a minor thing… does it integrate with autoresponders.


    • There is no integration that you could use OOTB that will work with these plugins and do what you’re looking for. You would need an integration for both and it would have to be a customized to fit your requirements.

  • Transireltd

    Hey there

    I have just purchased this Affiliate Pro but I need the affiliate link to land on a particular page of my site. Is there a way of changing this so that people land on a product page rather than the home page?

  • bridieamelia

    Hi Kento,

    Great plugin, we are very much looking forward to using it along with the Woocommerce integration.

    However – having done a deactivate and test – this plugin is causing a clash with the Add New Post page. When we try to update status by clicking on the EDIT link on top right of Add New Post page, it just jumps the link to the top of the screen. Also, when we click on +Add Category link below that, nothing happens. When this plugin is deactivated, all returns to normal.

    Please help!
    Running WP 3.4.2, Custom Community and Buddypress.

    • Hi, I’ve checked this and can’t reproduce what you’re commenting (WP 3.4.2, BP 1.6.1, Custom Community theme 1.9.1 and Affiliates Pro 2.2.3). You probably have something else interfering with your admin section, Affiliates Pro doesn’t touch these areas anyhow.

      • bridieamelia

        Thanks for having a look Kento – it appears another plugin, Kitchenbug, was part of the problem also but I didn’t discover it until I found something else playing up also after Affiliates was dectivated. I’ve notified the developers of that plugin and they are onto it.

        Once Kitchenbug was removed, I could reactivate Affiliates.

  • vwebworld

    How do I change the content of the email sent to new affiliates – the email they receive confirming their affiliate registration?

      • vwebworld

        Thanks, but that really doesn’t answer my question. The email plug works on the wordpress welcome.

        I need to know about changing the specific email that is sent to new affiliate registrants for the affiliate-pro.

        I want to send information (in the email) about the affiliate program to new registrants when they register, like links to the affiliate resources.

        • bridieamelia

          I imagine you could edit the php, in the lib folder somewhere. Sorry I’m not much more help than that right now – too early!

        • Thanks for your suggestion @brideamelia, there is a more flexible way to achieve this using the affiliates_added_affiliate action hook which receives the new affiliate’s id.


    Installed affiliate pro and setting up some affiliates manually. Is there any way to store affiliate’s snail mail address? Seems like we’re capturing all information needed to conduct transaction, but it would be added convenience to add their physical address and phone number, perhaps some misc. other information and be able to carry this along with their other information just as a convenience.

    THanks Mike

    • vwebworld

      I agree, how can we add snail mail fields for affiliates profile?

    • There are no custom fields on the affiliate entry itself but you could add that information to the user profile that is related to it if you are creating one. Have a look at the Profile Builder plugin mentioned on the Useful Plugins page please, this allows you to customize it.

  • YG

    Hi,I’d like to create a payment method where the affiliate gets paid (a certain % of the amount sold) for every product that is sold from a list of products related (or assigned) to that affiliate.
    The % to pay should be defined for every product/affiliate.
    Anything I can do with the existing Pro+WPSC plugins? I think you mentioned something to be release soon :-)
    Thank you.

  • Hi YG, thanks for asking – yes it’s due for release (overdue ;) ), just need to get done with this week’s updates and releases before that and it should be available next week at the latest. You mentioned before you would like to beta test it, it’s not in beta stage but fully operational and tested but I would appreciate your feedback.

  • YG

    Looking forward to get it. Thanks. YG

  • Tyler Simpson

    Can I have it so all users automatically are affiliates so they don’t need to go through the affiliate signup process?

  • Hi , i have just bought the pro version and been messsing around with it, i cannot see where an affiliate enters their paypal email address, so they can be paid, i would want this to show on registration forms

  • I am using Affiliates Pro with woo commerce. I have a question about how the referral link works (or doesn’t work) with discounts.

    1. I have set up a test affiliate and assigned a coupon to that affiliate.

    2. If I go directly to the store, order a product and enter the coupon, I receive the discount tied to the coupon and the affiliate receives the commission. In my test case, the customer receives 15% discount from the coupon when they enter the coupon code, and the affiliate gets 12% as I set it up. This works EXACTLY as I would expect.

    3. NOW, a second case — same test affiliate as before, however, customer goes to the shop using the affiliate link and orders a product. The affiliate gets credited with the sale (correctly), however there is NO discount automatically assigned to the customer. AND, barring some method for telling the customer what discount coupon code to use, there appears to be no way to set up a way to have a discount automatically assigned to the customer. Am I missing something??? Is there no way to automatically assign the discount coupon for a sale using a link referral? If true, is there some clever way I could implement this (without the obvious of just posting the coupon code on the affiliate’s website?)…

    To summarize, my objective is to have a customer come to my site via an affiliate referral link and when the customer buys a product, I want them to receive the coupon discount assigned to the affiliate AND the affiliate receive the commission.

    Hope I have explained everything clearly, and thanks for any help you can provide.


    • Regarding #3 to have a coupon applied automatically when a client visits the affiliate link, this would be possible if specifically implemented, the way coupons linked to affiliates are supposed to work is as you have outlined in #2 and technically it can be a bit challenging to make things work as you have described. In other words, it can be done but it requires custom work.

  • SEO-Alien

    I installed affiliate pro, it tracks everything but referrals.. am I missing something? I have had two referral sign ups, but they do not register. I am using s2member with paypal. What is the solution to get the referrals to track? Thanks

    • Ok just to make sure, have you installed, activated and checked the settings of the integration plugin? Assuming that yes, make a test visiting an affiliate link and proceed to purchase a membership. You should see the referral credited to the affiliate. Note that tests on a local installation won’t receive the IPN normally.

  • hi
    is not showing anything for affiliate no matter if used default or with attributes (tried several browsers)
    what is the attribute called to show/change website that an affiliate registered with. it is missing on the documentation
    please help please register to replicate the issue if needed

  • SEO-Alien

    All good, thanks.. it was simply an error on my part. Thanks for the prompt reply.

  • I just installed affiliates pro w/ wp-ecommerce, and every time i test it out, it credits all of the sales to DIRECT. Why is this? I don’t want to make this page available to my users unless this plugin actually works. PLEASE HELP !!!

    • You get referrals credited to Direct when the option is enabled in Affiliates > Options and no affiliate is creditable with a referral. To test it, visit an affiliate’s link and proceed to make a purchase using the same browser.

      • I have done that, and all credit still goes to DIRECT. When the affiliate link is used it redirects to the home page of my site. And after proceeding to the store and purchasing… The credit is passed to DIRECT.

        • When you try an affiliate link, it is supposed to end up at the target URL with the parameter stripped off. Testing a few affiliate links to your site’s pages (not only the home page) shows they work fine, you will see the hits in the stats. Would you mind someone to have a look at your setup?

  • hazelong

    Hi I have downloaded the Affiliates by username and activated the plugin.
    However, it is still showing the id instead of the username in the affiliate link. How do I display the affiliate link with the username instead of the id? Is there a short code for doing so?

    I would also like to show the Affiliate’s username or name when its session is active. How do I go about doing so?

    • You can build it using a shortcode from where you would indicate an affiliate link like this: [userinfo field="user_login"]
      The same shortcode can also be used to indicate the username. To display affiliate data you have specific shortcodes, please refer to the documentation of the Affiliates plugins for that.

      • hazelong

        Thanks! it worked wonderfully. I am trying to achieve the following, perhaps you can advice me on how to go about it : Someone visits Mary’s affiliate link and there is a header saying “Mary brought you here”
        How do I go about calling the username in this case?

        • hazelong

          I am also looking to call up a list of all the affiliates, affiliate links linked to their username.

          • For something involving all affiliates, I would recommend to have a look at how the Affiliates admin section is rendered, or even consider giving partial access to that section to those who need to see it (you can adjust permission settings per role under Affiliates > Options for that).

        • Basically you can obtain the referrer and the affiliate info as indicated here.

  • neeraga

    I have purchased your plugin and having problem running it. We want if a user Purchase our product then he will automatically get a affiliate in our system, No need to re-register him for the affiliate.

    User Permission – Administrator, Author, Contribute, Subscriber Will automatically become Affiliate in the system and he will get a link.

    See image:

    I use this option but it did not work.

    Check for more detail in the link given below.


    • The Affiliates Users plugin creates affiliate accounts for new users automatically.
      The screenshot with permissions enabled for all roles is generally a bad idea, unless you want all roles to have access to all affiliate data and options.

  • I’m working on a project I inherited, and may have found a couple bugs in the wp-init.php file of Affiliates Pro. We’re using version 2.0.0.

    It’s possible that the previous webmaster edited the file, but I thought I’d give you a heads up, in case he didn’t. What we were seeing is that links to the following files in our source code had double slashes.


    Here’s an example of one instance where I had to remove a slash in wp-init:
    AFFILIATES_CORE_URL . ‘/css/smoothness/jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.css’

  • thecashbag


    I have just bought the Affiliates s2Member Integration and Affiliates User plugins.

    I am currently setting up my Affiliate Area page but I need some help please.

    When users sign up to my site they are automatically given an affiliate account (using Affiliates User plugin) but the email they use to signup to my website probably won’t be their correct PayPal email.

    So I need a section in my Affiliate Area that lets them add/update their PayPal email address.

    I tried using this shortcode: [affiliates_affiliate_profile edit_paypal_email /]

    But I three fields for first name and last name and email. And I could not edit any of those fields.

    I need it to display just one field, the PayPal email address, and it should be editable.

    How do I do that?

    • Yes that would be almost correct, just that you have to indicate it like this: [affiliates_affiliate_profile show_attributes="paypal_email" edit_attributes="paypal_email" /] – show_attributes will render it and when present in edit_attributes the user can also edit the field. See also Setting up an affiliate profile page in the documentation.

  • thecashbag

    Also how do I stop the Admin emails?

    I am using a SMTP email service and it’s chewing up my email limit.

    I Affiliates s2Member Integration and Affiliates User plugins.

    I have checked under Affiliates > S2Member and also Affiliates > Notifications to make sure “Notify admin” is unchecked. But I am still getting them.

  • jack

    hello! i need some guidance to help decide which plugin will do what i want. i provide web users a free two week trial to my site without needing a credit card. i need an affiliate referral plugin that will track the referrals from my affiliates and have api access to my credit card processor so it gives credit to the affiliate once their referral upgrades. i would like to use a mailchimp form as the primary optin and trigger that gives credit to the affiliate for the optin. on my wish list would be a way to track affiliates who refer other affiliates if possible but not absolutely necessary. which plugin will suit my needs?

    • There is no integration with Mailchimp (at least none that I know of), if you want to have it integrated with their system, you would most likely have to pay for the custom work to get this done.

  • thecashbag

    One more thing.

    I have about 900 members right now, and I want to import them all into Affiliates. How do I go about doing that?

    • If you want them to join, you would normally need to have their consent to joining your affiliate program and acceptance of its terms by each one. As the affiliate registration form lets existing users join as well, you could invite them to join and let them decide whether they want to.

  • thecashbag


    This is in reply to my previous comments about stopping admin emails and also my other comment regarding importing affiliates from my current 900 users.

    It is not a new user registration email. Because the email subject says “New Affiliate Registration” so it is directly related to this plugin.

    So how do I stop those emails?

    With importing my 900 current users over to affiliates. I don’t have any terms for them to accept before they become affiliates. Your Afffiliate Users plugin joins people without accepting terms, and that’s what I want to do for my current users (who signed up to my site before I installed Affiliate Users).

    So is there an import function? Or is there a more technical way I can import my current database of users?

    • Ok I see which ones you mean now, currently there’s no option to turn that off but we could add one with a new release.
      An import function has been added to the Affiliates Users plugin version 1.2.0 – after you install the latest version, you will see a new section Tools > Import Affiliates where you can have the plugin create affiliate accounts for those user accounts that are not related to an affiliate account yet.

  • brian

    hi, i’m a dummy trying to figure this out. i’ve created a test account for an affiliate and logged in but when I log in it thinks of me as a “user” and it brings me to the “my account” page for woo e-ecommerce. I thought this would bring me to the generic affiliate area page. Can you help me here? thanks.

    • You’re probably logging in from the My Account page as well, I would suggest to create a visible link for affiliates that will take them to the affiliate area where they can log in.

  • hi
    affiliate pro with paypal issue
    it is not tracking referals (visits are ok) i tried several paypal button codes as described, still not tracking
    please let me know contact info so i can send my log information

  • I am having trouble finding an example of how to display an affiliate link on any page that includes that page. The closest I have come is the following:

    <a href="?affiliate=[affiliate_id]”>Affiliate Link

    Everything seems to work except [affiliate_id] renders as is rather than grabbing the affiliate id.

    Can you help?

  • AFAY

    Hi there,

    I’m a little confused. I just downloaded and set up Affiliate Pro and i’m trying to find a way to assign a commission per sale for each item referred to by an affiliate. Do i need something else for this? I am using Simple e-commerce plug in and paypal payment system.

    Can you assist?

  • so should i uncheck “Use secure URLs” to make it work?

  • Tyler Simpson

    I bought Affiliates Users for Affiliates Pro assuming it works, installed it, and never tested it. Now that I’m about to deploy the site, I realize this does nothing. Users are still given this:

    If you are not an affiliate, you can join the affiliate program here:
    Please fill in the required information in your profile first.
    First Name
    Last Name

    Please help/

    • This would only appear for users who were already registered before you deployed the Affiliates Users plugin. You can create affiliate accounts for these by going to Tools > Import Affiliates.

  • Hi,
    I installed the affiliates Pro for Jigoshop, it generally works… but don’t recognize referall to any affiliates…
    we tried different simulation, cut and paste of the referral link… but nothing to do. Can you help me?

  • thesewingspace

    Hi kento. I am trying to set up Affiliates pro for ecwid. How do I point the link to specific product in ecwid shop? So far all I can do is to direct to my home page, which is pointless.

    Regards Lena

    • Hi Lena,
      You can link to any page on the site, if you are displaying a specific product on a page you can link there by appending the affiliate parameter and ID. See the Shortcodes section in the documentation (also advanced ones).

  • greensmoothiegirl

    Is there a place where we can see a changelog for the latest version of the plugin?

    • The core Changelog and usually @itthinx with announcements.

      • I agree that a change log should be made available and being told to search your twitter feed is inadequate. The link above to the WP plugin site does not include 2.3 changes. The downloaded files form Jigoshop does not include changes in the read me. Considering Jigoshop’s reputation and my experiences with the plugin developers in general (not you personally), I am very skidish about making upgrades to a live site that I value.

        • Thanks for your thoughts Michael, a more detailed log for the changes exclusive to Pro would be a good idea. But I maintain that the notices on Twitter are valuable as well, probably even more because really interesting changes are sometimes highlighted there. Anyhow, I’ve taken note of this and we’ll probably add a changelog file to it.

          • That would be great Kento. Again, I didn’t mean to indite you by association. Your actually one of the “good guys” when it comes to Jigoshop developers who actually responds to customers and takes us seriously. There is a huge void in this area from others so I hope you are benefiting from it! I know I have looked at all your other plugins to see if I could use any of them just because of this.

          • Hey Kento,

            Are we supposed to download the latest files from Jigoshop or somewherer else? I’ve been waiting a long time for them to update and they do say that v2.3 is the current version of the download, but the files still say the old version and the update prompt is not going away.

            • The version on is kept very well in sync there, updates are available there the same day a new release comes out. I can’t say why you got update notices sticking around but it’s certainly not their fault.

          • FYI – They just updated the files yesterday after prompting them in the forum.


            Even though the label in “My Downloads” still reads 2.2.7, I checked the files and they are indeed 2.3 now as they promised.

            This kind of stuff goes on with every Jigoshop plugin so I don’t buy their explanation and I don’t blame you.


  • jbrookechao

    I have installed and configured Affiliates Pro with PayPal on a WP Site:

    When I created a test Affiliate, it created two of the same Affiliate. I tried a second test, and sure enough, it created two of that Affiliate as well. Do you have any idea why this would be occurring?

  • Question my client us to use idev affiliates that had the option of tracking a sale with a hidden pixel image the loads after a sale is completed. Can we do something like this to track sales?

    We are also going to be setting up a store using wordpress e-commerce plugin which I see you supports.

    Thank you for your time,

    • Would it (pixel) be needed? If you’re going to use the integration with WP e-Commerce and the affiliate program is running on the same site, then you don’t need to use a tracking pixel. Do you have a test site or can you give details on how it’s going to be set up?

      • Kento,

        I understand that I can use both your affiliates software and wp e-commerce. My client is selling magazine subscriptions with a third party printing company that send out their subscriptions.

        We need a way to track when a affiliated referral goes and through and purchases a subscription. idev affiliate had a pixel system that we put on the receipt portion of the page after the purchased.

        Thank you for your time,

        • Hi Tony,
          If I understand correctly, this is a similar case to this one? A different site where affiliates link to but with the affiliate program running on the ‘main’ site with WP e-Commerce?

          • Well let just take wp e-Commerce out of the picture.

            We are trying to use the third party subscription company with your affiliate program. The user will purchase a subscription through the third party. We want the referring site to get credit for the users subscription.

            You’ve used idevaffilates in the pass with a pixel tracker that loaded after they purchased the subscription.

            Thank you for your time, is this possible?


            • Thanks for explaining that Tony. With this

              We are trying to use the third party subscription company with your affiliate program. The user will purchase a subscription through the third party. We want the referring site to get credit for the users subscription.

              … it seems it would either require the program running on their site or an appropriate integration through APIs on both sites. There are plans to support referral recording requests (going much beyond a tracking pixel) but that needs to be developed yet.

  • moresales

    I’ve installed the Affiliates Pro with the Woocommerce add-on, however, after a referral visits an affiliate’s link, for example, here:

    the plugin redirects the referral to:

    Is there any way to redirect the user to a page of my choosing? Such as:

  • Hi Kento,

    I’m currently setting up an EDD-based eStore and had a question about Affiliates Pro, with regards to how it works in multisite.

    Basically, I’m converting my current single-site install to multisite, and setting up EDD as a subblog. What I’m wondering is, can affiliate clicks be tracked across multiple sites in the network?

    Reason: I’ve already got a lot of documentation on the main site regarding my plugin(s) – posts, pages, etc – and I’d prefer to keep it there; the subblog will be used exclusively as the eStore. Thus, it makes sense for affiliates to direct visitors to these articles on the main site, from which they are more likely to click through to the store and purchase than if they were just sent straight to the store itself (which lacks the in-depth documentation).

    I saw some comments above that Affiliates Pro does support multisite, but I wasn’t able to find specifics on how this might function. Would I be able to do what I’m hoping?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Justin,
      The way it works in a multisite setup is that you’re running separate affiliate programs on each blog/site. But if you just want to link to the site that runs EDD and Affiliates Pro, of course you can place those links on any of the sites just as you can place them externally. In that case you wouldn’t need to do a network installation of Affiliates Pro, you would just install it on the site that should run the affiliate program.

      • Hi Kento,

        That’s not quite what I meant. Consider this situation:

        An affiliate publishes a link to my plugin documentation, which is on my main site. A potential customer clicks the affiliate link to my main site, reads the documentation, flips around a bit, and then continues on to the eStore (subblog) to make a purchase. Can this purchase be credited to the affiliate?

        It sounds like the answer is “no;” *if* that assumption is correct, is there no way at all to implement “network-wide” affiliates, or something similar, so that the above would work? Basically, I need the affiliate links to lead to pages on the main site – but then the purchase will ultimately be handled by the estore (which lives in the subblog).

        Thanks again

        • Hi Justin,
          There is a simple solution that can be implemented quite easily for this, it consists in embedding an iframe as described in this comment, the src would have to point to the sub site where the store is running and you would have to embed the iframe on the main site (probably placing the code in a widget in the footer would be a good idea so you don’t have to modify the theme and that would allow you to place it on the main blog only).

          • Gotcha; of course, I was more hoping for something that utilizes Multisite’s faculties directly, rather than simply loading two entire sites on the client side :P Needless to say this would considerably increase the weight of the site, with corresponding pagespeed penalties and any search engine penalties that come along with it. As WP does provide backend ways to access most aspects of other blogs on the network (i.e. get_blog_option()), it seems like this sort of cross-site tracking *could* be handled with far less impact to the client and site loadtime – granted I haven’t actually dug into your code, as I’m still just evaluating options for a new store I’m setting up :)

            So anyway, I’m assuming by the iFrame suggestion that the answer is “no, it isn’t yet possible.” So then I’d again rephrase my question to, “is this something you’d ever considered, and might it possibly be added somewhere in the near future?”

            Basically, my layout is as described: store and main site on the same network, and affiliate traffic is likely to navigate back and forth. I’d like to be able to track this, but without having to load both entire websites whenever the main site loads ;)

            • I understand what you mean, it’s not a light-weight solution. As an alternative, it is possible to centralize the system on the main blog, I’ve done that in projects but with rather specific requirements as well. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind providing a plugin, but it doesn’t exist as something you could readily install yet without me having to prepare it. I might be able to provide at least some code fragments you could use, would that be interesting?

          • Sure – as long as it doesn’t take *too* much work on my part to get it going, either would be fine (i.e. code fragments I could stick into my own addon plugin, or your own network-wide addon plugin to be activated network-wide in addition to Affiliates Pro).

            Just in terms of general convenience to your users, I’d personally think it’d be best for *you*, if you’ve already got some code like this, to add it as an option to the core plugin – i.e. if Affiliates Pro is detected to be activated network-wide, have a checkbox to enable tracking across blogs. Of course I recognize that it may not be as simple as this, but it’s just a thought. Either approach would be fine by me, as long as navigating back and forth between the blogs wouldn’t cause those referrals to be lost :)

            • Recently a very similar solution to what you propose was developed for a particular project, it consisted of centralizing hit recording on the main blog (with the option of recording them on the individual blogs as well). That way, when you have a store sitting on the main blog, you would automatically get referrals for sales there from incoming affiliate links to any of the blogs. I would prefer to add the option to the plugins in general instead of providing an add-on. Let me check this in more detail to see if this can be provided with a new release which is pending.

          • Yep, that would be great – thanks :)

            One thing I would mention, however: my store is not in the main blog, it’s in a subblog. So incoming clicks to the main blog which ultimately land on the *subblog* would need to work – or more generally, navigating back and forth between the main and subblog should not lose track of the referral, if or until a purchase is made (in the subblog store).

            Thanks for having a look – I’ll hang tight with my fingers crossed :)

          • …Is there a way to only receive notifications to *our* discussion, rather than whenever anyone else asks another question or posts about something unrelated to our thread? Like…a threaded support forum or something? :P

        • Hey Kento,

          Just wanted to ping you once more about this; I finished getting my new store all setup & finalized, and I’m more or less ready to grab Affiliates Pro, but of course I wanted to see if there’s been any progress towards making this MS-compatible (i.e. so affiliates can be tracked across the network, rather than just on the store’s subblog itself :))

          Thanks again!

    • Alright, thanks. Any idea on approx. when I might check back? No rush, but I prefer not to remain subscribed to this thread, as it causes me to get tons of notifications for replies to everyone else’s issues as well as my own ;)

      • antonio

        if you want unsubscribe to this thread, you have a link in notifications to manage your subscription.


    • Yep, I know – did before – but then since I need to manually check here if you’ve replied, I was just curious on a general timeframe. (Of course notifications *would* be better, it’s just that 90% of the emails I was getting were for unrelated conversations in other peoples’ threads :P)

  • holimed

    Hi, I just purchased the Affiliate Pro with Woocommerce and am wondering about a specific function I require..

    Is it possible to assign a customer to an affiliate permanently so that the affiliate gets a % of all purchases of that customer?

    Appreciate any pointers, even work-arounds as this is a must-function for me (taking over an existing shop with 80 active affiliates that operate based on such an agreement).

    thanks and regards,

    • Hi Nikki,
      One option you have which would work directly is to set the timeout parameter in the Affiliates > Options section to a high number. In that case, an affiliate link that has been visited would not expire unless the customers clears cookies or uses another browser. It’s not exactly what you are asking for but close. A fixed assignment would really require a customization.

      • holimed

        Hi Kento,
        many thanks for your quick response! The solution you propose is sufficient for now as our affiliates anyway believe our current solution is dependent on active cookies (it´s not).. I can imagine requiring customization down the road though, could I then approach ya´ll directly with such a requirement?

        Thanks and regards,

      • holimed

        Hi Kento,

        for clarification please, under Affiliates > Options it says:
        If you enter 0, referrals will only be valid until the visitor closes the browser (session).

        so I had set this to 99999 as I understood this really to be the validity in days..

        which is the correct way please?

        thanks and regards,

        • Whoops, I must have had my mind on something else. A high number would be appropriate, 0 is certainly as described on that screen (until the visitor closes the browser). I’ll edit my previous answer to avoid confusion.

  • Working on getting this integrated and it is a great plugin! My only issue is that when affiliates register, it creates them twice in the “Manage affiliates” are with two separate affiliate IDs. When they login, it only shows the first affiliate ID and they are only created as a WordPress user 1 time. For example, I tested the registration page with my alternate email address and only received one email with username and password and things work great on that side. On the admin side, it created one wordpress user and two affiliate users with IDs. The plugins I currently have are: Affilaite Pro, Akismet, Easy Digital Downloads, Easy Digital Downloads Affiliate Pro Integration, Easy Digital Downloads Aweber, Jetpack, Manual Control for Jetpack, and WP-Optimize. Any ideas as to why it is creating doubles?

    • Hi Katie,
      That might be a conflict with a plugin or the theme. Please try to disable all plugins except the essentials: Affiliates Pro, EDD and the EDD integration and test with these only. Then enable other plugins individually and test again to see if the duplicates are created. When it happens, please let me know with which plugin so we can identify what’s causing the issue and solve it.

  • holimed

    and one more :)

    I saw in another thread that you recommended linking coupons with affiliates, which we also practice and I was happy to read that you Affiliates Pro already has this feature.. ist there a way to limiting the coupon to one use per email?

    there is woocommerce plugin that supports this feature for coupons, but then i´m not sure anymore if the affiliates linking will work..

    the plugins I found for this feature:

    • The usage limit would require such a setting in WooCommerce but AFAIK there is no standard setting that could be used to limit the usage per customer. There is a setting that limits the total number of uses but that’s different. Have you checked the extensions on WooThemes to see if there is one for that?

  • Rory

    Hey Kento, is there a way to setup a referral amount by product, instead of just a static or by affiliate?

    e.g. I’ve got a product that sells for $400 and $2000. I want to give commissions of $50 and $200 respectively. Is there a way to do that?

    Also, can I tie an affiliate to a Direct order after the fact? Say an affiliate accidentally sends the basic link and not their own?


    – Rory

    • The WooCommerce integration will have that shortly. You can attribute referrals manually now if needed, but in general, if they’re not using the right link it will be a bit hard for them to get their commissions on sales ;)

    • The latest version of the integration plugin for WooCommerce is now available with the Affiliates Pro for WooCommerce pack (also the Enterprise pack) and allows to set commission rates on products.

      • Rory

        Great, thank, Kento!

        Is this update available for download already or is it automatic? I don’t see version information anywhere in our plugin, and the download link from our original purchase is now expired.

        How do I get the latest version?

  • Hi,

    I just bought Affiliates Pro for integration with S2Member pack. What kind of code do I need to add to S2Member’s API/Tracking or API/Notifications. I am really confused as to what steps I need to take to integrate the two. Where can I find a guide for setting this up?

    Thanks, Femke

    • Hi,
      The default settings actually provide that for you. Once you have installed the s2Member integration plugin, have a look at Affiliates > s2Member which provides the needed documentation along with the settings.

      • Thanks, Kento!

        Am I correct in copy pasting the default URL into the API Payment Notification of S2Member, and that’s it? Or do I need to do anything else?


        • Hi Femke,
          If you have the options Auto-adjust payment notification URLs. and Auto-adjust refund/payment reversal notification URLs. enabled (they are by default), then you don’t need to copy-paste anything, as the integration plugin already takes care of making the necessary adjustments. You would only do it manually if you need to do some specific adjustments but that’s not normally the case.

  • Hi kento,

    Nice plugin, but i have few question about how to improve user experience:

    1. Considering i must create each coupon manually, i would like to show the copupon code for each user in Affiliate Area. We plan to create a coupon for each registered affiliate like “username”. My plan was use a shortcode to do it. But i think im missing something, i tried something like “Your coupom: [referrer_user display="user_nicename"]” but is not working. Any idea what im doing wrong?

    2. It would be nice if people could enter paypal email when registering, but they cant. I just saw the video about Affiliate Profile, but again i miss something and i cant show or allow people to edit this attribute. How would be the complete shortcode for this?

    Thats all, again, congrats for the excelent work on this plugin.

  • I’ve installed everything accordingly. I’ve added some banners to the Affiliate page. My question is how to make the banners direct to a specific page rather than just my main URL? I want it to direct to my shop page. Thanks.

  • filljoyner

    Hi Kento,
    I purchased the Affiliates Pro plugin and am having a bit of trouble. I checked the documentation and searched the site but didn’t see my issue so hope I’m posting this in the right place.

    I’ve installed and configured it to work with WooCommerce and created an affiliate for testing. After reaching the homepage or a product page using the affiliate link (ex: ?affiliates=2) and checking out, the site records the hit and visit but does not credit the purchase to the affiliate.

    I tried in both PayPal and PayPal sandbox, and tried an alternate browser where I wasn’t log into the site admin. Each test resulted in a successful purchase but the affilate not being credited.

    What should I do next to work through the issue?

    Thanks so much for a great plugin!

  • Hi Kanto,

    Is it possible to auto generate Affiliate Copupins? We have like 100 new registrations every day, that takes few hour every day to crate all coupons and link them with each user. Would you think its possible to make this custom code for us? How much it would cost?

    Other cool feature would be an integration with MailChimp, once the user is registered as an Affiliate, he/she would be included in our mailing list at MailChimp. That would be awesome as well? Cpuls you make it work?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Can this plugin be used on more than one site or do I have to purchase it for each site I own?

    • antonio

      I paste some of the license:

      – You have been granted this license explicitly by the copyright holder.

      – You are granted one single use of the SOFTWARE on one single domain.

      – You may use the SOFTWARE for your own purposes or for a client, anyhow,
      use of the SOFTWARE is limited to one domain only.

      – Use on multiple domains, including subdomains, requires you to obtain one
      SUSDL for each domain or subdomain you wish to use the SOFTWARE on.

      More info:


  • vlad

    hello there :
    I’d like to know if affiliates pro plugin integration for woocommerce is multilingual ready ? (mainly for my affiliates who don’t speak english) .. thanks

  • Hi Kento,

    Ive tested on the light version, and i wish to get pro version or even better, but i need to ensure 2 things,

    Can i set different commission for different affiliate?
    Can i give commission for 2 tier? for example, single sale total payout are 20%, 10% to affiliate, 10% to another affiliate?


    • antonio


      You can set different commission with Affiliates Pro

      But if you need tiered system, you need acquire Affiliates Enterprise, because Pro version don’t support it.


      • one last question…
        can i choose which product to give commission? lets say i have 2 products, one is payable, one are not.

        or set different commission on different products. thanks

        • antonio

          The latest version of the integration plugin for WooCommerce is now available with the Affiliates Pro for WooCommerce pack (also the Enterprise pack) and allows to set commission rates on products.


          • ive set the product affiliate rate and also the affiliate setup to product_rate. but the payment in woocommerce cant get through. if i change to the normal referal rate it can get through. what can i do for that? urgent please!

            • Please update to the latest version if you get errors on checkout.

              In case you already have the latest version, make sure that your settings are correct, please check under:
              Affiliates > Settings
              – Default referral calculation : Referral Amount Method
              – Default referral calculation value : Affiliates_WC_Method::product_rates
              Affiliates > WooCommerce Integration
              – [x] Enable product referral rates
              – Default rate : (rate must be set here or on individual products)
              Products > edit a product > Product Data > Affiliates :
              – Referral rate : (rate must be set here or in general with the Default rate)

  • filljoyner

    Excellent custom support. Thanks kento for working quickly to resolve my issue!


  • On my client’s site, we are using Affiliates Pro for WooCommerce and we accept PayPal. To do this, we use the WC PayPal Express plugin, which uses PayPal Payments Standard.

    Do we also need the Affiliates Pro PayPal Integration? Or is that handled by the Affiliates Pro for WooCommerce?

    • antonio

      Hi Jason,
      you ONLY need Affiliates Pro for Woocommerce Integration.
      No Paypal integration needed.


  • We hide WP Admin bar from subscribers, so I’d like to allow affiliates to edit their password right from the Affiliate Profile Page. Is there a way to do this?

    • antonio

      Affiliate accounts and user accounts are different. You can’t change password using affiliates shortcodes, but you can use [affiliates_is_affiliate] shortcode, to show information only for affiliates, by example:

      This is visible to affiliates who are logged in only.

      If you use by example Profile Builder, you can change password for affiliates:



      • rachidtobi

        Smart shortcodes!
        unfortunately [wppb-edit-profile] doesn’t work for my wootheme or wordpress website?
        Any suggestion?


        • antonio

          this shortcode is used for Profile Builder plugin (you need have installed it).
          If you don’t use it, the users always can edit password in wordpress user profile page.

          • rachidtobi

            Yes I know, but do you also know the wp shortcode, or do I need to let them login (again) in the backend?


            • antonio

              yes, if you want that users edit their password, they must do it in their profile page or maybe throw other plugin (for example Woocommerce has [woocommerce_change_password] shortcode for this purpose).

  • I love this plugin & the possibilities, especially the ability for a coupon to be assigned to an affiliate so that they can reward their users as well! Amazing. Really interested in buying, but have a couple questions first:

    Our affiliates love our product as well (prepared food) so I would like to pay them with credit to our store. Is there a way to do that? I love the idea of the PayPal Mass Pay but I’d rather give store credit than actual cash. If we have to do it manually, that’s fine. Just want to see if it’s possible.

    Also, do you anticipate any problems with WordPress Multisite? Currently we’re running just one site, but intend to expand to multiple in the next months.


    • antonio

      by example you can pay by coupons. When you want pay to affiliate, then create a coupon, and close his referrals.

      Affiliates Pro works fine for multisite, keep in mind that they are independent affiliate programs.


  • for some reason it seems that my system is not tracking referrals – it is tracking the hits and visitors but we did run a test with two test sign ups and the system did not catch them and is not showing them.
    any suggestions?

  • Do the Affiliate Pro have site replication so each rep could have their own affiliate website?

  • hinschberger

    I have to say you guys are fair and very good to work with – my refund came just 10min after my email – no hassel no stupid arguments nothing – I will definitely use more of your products – Thank you

  • We have many users who aren’t affiliates (store customers). Is there a shortcode, similar to [affiliates_is_not_affiliate], that would apply to someone logged in, but not an affiliate?

    This would make our Affiliate Area Log In/Sign Up page much more user friendly. Currently, it’s a bit confusing.

    1. It would be helpful to have a “You’re halfway there! Please sign up below.” message when someone logs into the Affiliate Area with a User/Non-Affiliate account.

    2. I put a “Lost Password” link on this page, but it only applies to a user who’s not logged in. If they are logged in as a User/Non-Affiliate, they still see the link.

    • Yes Jason, exactly that shortcode exists [affiliates_is_not_affiliate], see the Shortcodes section in the documentation.

      • Thanks for the quick response. What I meant was, I’d like to differentiate between 3 different classes of users:
        -Not logged in
        -Logged in, not an Affiliate
        -Logged in, Affiliate

        • antonio

          Hi Jason,

          you can use affiliate + groups, by example:

          [groups_non_member group="Registered"]
          Only visitors can see this.

          [groups_member group="Registered"]
          Only registered and not affiliate users can see this

          Only registered and affiliate users can see this


  • Grace

    Hi there,
    Currently using Affil Pro with a jigoshop site.. and looking into also buying it for a woocommerce site i am developing.

    Is it at all possible to pay out the earned referral income via store credit?? (ie automate making the referral income a coupon or something along those lines)

    Hoping this can be automated so staff isn’t manually creating gift certificates or coupons for our affiliates.

  • Jen

    Hey Kento

    I just purchased your Affiliates Pro for Woocommerce plugin and I love it. I’m just having some trouble getting edit_attributes=”paypal_email” to show on the profile page I set up. If I set it as show_attributes=”paypal_email” it works fine and displays, but it doesn’t display when I use the edit function. Please help. :)

    My pages aren’t live yet, so I will need to send you login details in order for you to see. If you can provide your email, I can send that over.

    Thanks vm!

    • Hi Jen, many thanks, great to hear you like it :)

      You need to specify both attributes in this case, i.e. you would use show_attributes="paypal_email" *and* edit_attributes="paypal_email" – the first one is used to display and the second one enabled editing.

  • swappsee

    Awesome, thanks! Worked perfectly.

  • I have the affiliate enterprise solution installed and use it on wordpress together with s2members.
    I want all my affiliates to be paid $5 for any subscriber they bring. There are 3 levels of subscriptions
    monthly, quarterly and yearly. I want the affiliate to receive his $5 every month for as long as the subscriber maintains his membership. How and where do I set this up?

  • how can I set my system to a monthly payout of $5 to my affiliates for every member they bring to my website – the payout must be re-accuring every month as long as that member stays a member

  • Moonworks

    I’m probably missing something, which teaches me to not work past midnight these days, but is it possible to set it up so that those who have signed up will automatically become an affiliate?


  • msaizan

    Re affilates by username:

    How do you get the link to render like this

    instead of

    I am wanting the cleaner link – no question mark in the link.

    • antonio

      you can use:

      [affiliates_by_username][affiliates_affiliate_link type="pretty"][/affiliates_by_username]


      • msaizan

        beautiful! thank you!

        • msaizan

          hmmm, doesn’t work – renders the pretty link on the front side but when you click it sends me to a 404 page. Any ideas why? Thanks!

          • antonio

            Are pretty links activated? Go to Settings > Permalinks and choose any of the options under Common Settings except Default.
            Please, show us the link to help you better.


          • msaizan

            Hi Antonio. Pretty links are activated – Permalink structure is custom…postname. Site isn’t up and running, so I am the only affiliate at this point – username “admin”. This is what’s showing for my links in “Manage Affiliates” Dashboard

            Link: URL Parameter: ?invite=2

            The standard link w ? redirects to the front page of the site – so all is well there. the pretty link in any iteration doesn’t work – either as the pretty link with the affiliate id or as the pretty link with the username. I do have the username plugin activated as well.

            This is what the pretty link looks like using the username instead of affiliate id:


            Thanks for the support.

            • antonio

              do you have a page at …/invite? It might be a problem if there is a page sitting at the same URL (/invite-friends).
              You can solve it changing Affiliate URL parameter name.


        • msaizan

          Antonio, deleted the page invite-friends and emptied the trash. Also checked slugs in every page – there is no slug that has the word “invite” in it. Yet, the pretty links still redirect to a 404 page. Any other ideas? Thanks!

          • msaizan

            It’s fixed! I deactivated the main plugin (Affiliates Pro) with the “delete all data upon deactivation” option enabled. Re-entered invite as the new parameter – and it redirects properly now. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

  • Rory

    Kento, we’d like to be able to give a referral bonus to an affiliate for signing-up another affiliate to the program.

    So Affiliate1 invites Affiliate2 to the program.
    Affiliate2 makes a sale and gets $50 commission.
    Affiliate1 automatically gets a $25 commission for that sale.

    It wouldn’t need to go deeper than 2 levels, but is this something we can configure the system to do? Or can we request this functionality?

    – Rory

  • greensmoothiegirl

    Can you define “Duplicate Referrals”? I couldn’t find any information in the documentation referring to this setting.

    From Affiliates –> Settings:

    Allow duplicate referrals
    Allow to record duplicate referrals for the same affiliate (based on amount, currency, internal type and reference).

    • antonio

      this option is to prevent duplicate referrals if duplicate requests are generated.
      Some e-commerce platforms generate duplicate requests occasionally, this option prevents duplicate referrals.
      The most common is to have it checked.


      • Hi Antonio,

        We are seeing multiple referrals for orders where the customer tried their credit card multiple times before it finally going through. So for example if a customer tried their card 15 times and then it goes though, it is crediting the affiliate with 15 commissions.


        1. If we un-check this box, should it fix this issue?
        2. Will it retroactively fix the previous extra commissions? If not, is there an easy way to correct them via search, script or MySQL query or would need to do it manually?

        Thanks so much for your help.

        Our System – Woocommerce with and PayPal payments with Affiliate Pro and Affiliate Woocommerce plugin.

  • jbvandyke

    I bought the affiliates pro but have found the ‘create affiliate page’ to be very basic and poorly formatted. Is anyone willing to share the html for their own affiliate page?

    It would be nice to have an html of a page that uses the advanced features for affiliates (graphs, etc.).

  • Ok, sure this has been asked before, however … I don’t have the time or inclination to read through all the different optional extras you can buy with Pro. I am happy to buy Pro, just need to know what to purchase. The site will allow affiliates to register, they provide leads to us and get paid if we convert the lead. No cart integrations, just need to track leads passed to us by affiliate and show results to them. Suggestions?

  • ja1nsa

    Yes, I read and looks like that is what I need. Do I need the Affiliates Pro also or will just the integration plugin work?

    Does this work with QuForm? or must it be contact form 7?

    I added a new affiliate using the generated standard page, but no password field? now when I try and login it requires one and no email sent (setting done)?? In fact when I goto manage affiliates and edit the entry, there is no password shown? All anyone to register is ticked, notifications is set?

    • antonio

      you need Affiliates Pro and Contact Form 7 Integration.

      WordPress send you a password when you register, You can use “Lost Password” link to recover it (…/my-account/lost-password/).

  • instantbam

    hi there i had purchased your Affiliate Pro and i also just purchased Restrict Content Pro from It says that it will work with affiliate pro. However, i had tested it out many time but there isn’t any referral show up.

  • miha

    I wonder if it’s possible when new affiliate registers on the website to be automatically subscribed to our Mailchimp list?


  • I had a question about a feature that might be of use to others as well. I’m running your plugin with woocommerce and subscriptions and I know there’s the functionality to turn on recurring commissions for all affiliates as a subscription is renewed. What I’m wondering is if this can be added as a per affiliate option. For instance you can override the amount an affiliate is paid by adding the affiliate attribute. Would it be possible to have it so the default is that we don’t pay affiliates on renewals but we can change individual affiliates so that they are paid that way. Not sure if anyone else has a use for this.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Will, right now there is no option to have it applied to individual affiliates only. If the general option is enabled, it would apply to any affiliate. You would need some customization so that you can enable this for specific affiliates only.

  • Kilbaine

    Hi, great plugin! I have a question, I’m using this sign in code [affiliates_login_redirect redirect_url=""] but it won’t redirect to that page and just goes to the wordpress dashboard instead.

    And can you give a code example on how to use this?
    redirect : Whether to redirect after registration. default: false


    • antonio

      your shortcode is correct, this must works.
      Beware attribute’s domain must be the same.

  • 007oo7

    Hey Kento.

    I am having issues with these shortcodes [referrer_user display="display_name"]

    It is working as intended, however, they drop out the next day or so. What should I be doing.

    For example, when I tested an affiliate signup it showed the sponsors name, user and email one minute, then today it is empty spaces.

    Would love you help with this as I am getting closer to launching the site and am eager to run with it :)

    Also, still trying to find a solution to displaying custom fields. Have you had any breakthroughs or requests and solutions for this yet? just wondering as I have not been on your pages for over a month or so now.

    Cheers buddy, looking forward to any help.

    Have a great day!

    James :)

    • antonio

      Have you cleared the cookies? try access to website using an affiliate’s link, then this shortcode should work.

      • 007oo7

        This short code does work to start with. Using an affiliate link to create an account will display these details for a while and then they appear blank.

        Thank you Antonia, but that does not fix it buddy, appreciate your help though.

        Any other suggestions, anybody else had this? Kento?

        James :)

        • antonio

          this shortcode works just as well: “display these details for a while and then they appear blank”.
          Until cookie with affiliate’s id exists, this shortcode shows affiliate’s data. When cookie is deleted, then this shortcode display blank.
          This is because referrals and affiliates have a “permanent relationship”, but user and affiliates not.

          • 007oo7

            Sorry Antonio, Im a little confused with your solution. Could you explain it again please, much appreciated :)

            • Have you checked the Referral timeout setting under Affiliates > Options? It sounds to me as if it’s set to 1 – in that case, visiting the affiliate link will be valid for one day only.

  • Hi there, i’ve checked your documentation but can’t find any info on hits, visitors and referrals. It might be a daft question but whats the difference between hits and visitors?

    • Hi Andrew, a hit is when someone clicks an affiliate link, if you click it 5 times, it will record 5 hits, but it will only count as 1 visit.

  • Anton


    I get an error 500 Code when I try to save the options.
    I can change the settings and everything else but not the options..
    500 error after clicking “save”.

    What could be the reason?

    I wrote an email to support@… but got no answer..


  • Steve

    Hi, I have a couple of presale questions…

    Using this with EDD:

    1. You mention affiliates can be added without needing to be registered as users in WordPress. How are sales tracked in this case?

    2. For buyers who check out as guest, is the sale still tracked to the affiliate?

    3. Someone above mentioned Mailchimp integration. Is that possible/included?


    • antonio

      Hi Steve,
      1.- The affiliate registration form will recognize when a user is a member of the site, it will allow a registered user to join just the affiliate program without having to create a new account. But affiliate needs exist.
      2.- Yes, the sale is tracked.
      3.- We are working in an integration that will be available in a few days.


  • 3mpstudio

    Can the affiliates see their referrals name & order #? Is there a shortcode to show this to the affiliates?

  • Jan


    I would like to ask. Is there a possiblity to put a referal link to each email if I use mailchimp or any other software or service to send out emails?

    Thank you, Jan

  • Jan


    how can I edit the link in front of question mark?


    I would like to change it to

    I would like run affiliate program on different ecommerce websites.

    Thank you, jan

    • antonio

      if you use [affiliates_url] shortcode, this generates the appropriate link on each domain.

  • miktho


    where ca i change the Registration-Notification?

    Best regards

  • wmacmill

    I had a questions about the [affiliates_affiliate_profile /] shortcode. In the documentation it says the show_attributes accepts a comma separated list of ids being paypal_email, referral_amount, referral.rate, coupons. I can’t seem to get this to work though. Here’s the short code I’m using:
    [affiliates_affiliate_profile edit_email="true" show_attributes="coupons,referral_amount,referral.rate"/]
    Any thoughts on why this wouldn’t work?

    • wmacmill

      Hmmm… not sure what I changed but it works now. Nevermind!

    • antonio

      I have tried your code, and it works fine. You should use referral.amount instead of referral_amount, there is an error in documentation.
      If you see this fields empty, is because you need add this attributes to affiliate, editing it.

  • Jan

    Hi, I am trying to find English language files in Affillies program and *.po file that I could translate the plugin into Czech. However, I cannot find them. Where are they located? Thanx, Jan

    • antonio

      language files are in: wp-content/plugins/affiliates-pro/lib/core/languages

      • Jan

        Thank. I have found the files. I have created two new files and *-cs_CZ.po files. In the WP-config.php I have set Czech Language. Unfortunately the affiliate plugin is not translated into Czech. Do I have to set something else?

        • antonio

          sorry, you have another language file in: affiliates-pro/lib/ext/languages/…
          I would appreciate if you can send us the translation to support at itthinx dot com.

      • Jan

        I have two more questions. What is the differents between “hits” and “visit”.

        My sedont question is about conversion.

        I want to run affil program in two statges.

        1st state – people will register their email email address into the program. Do I have to put some come on the thank you page, that affilates will know they people have registers.

        2nd stage – will buy the produst via Jigoshop – it this case it is easy to see conversion.

        Do I have to create two affiliate program for these two stateges?

        • antonio

          2nd stage is normal behavior. For 1st stage, you can create a shortcode in thank you page, use Affiliates API – Referrals and create referrals indicating that it is the first stage in the referral’s desciption.

          • Jan

            Hey Antonio,

            thank you.

            I am looking at refereal. Could you help me with the short code.

            I need record on thank you page, how many people have entered their email address. the Value of referal is zero. I just need to count how number of entered email addresses.

            When I look at the API referal I am really confused.

          • Jan


            this is not the code. I have unfortunatelly used the word shortcode.

            I guess it should be a code from API – some kind of Java Scrip, some stuff from API – Referrals.

            Than I will a code that will count the value that is in the Java Script.

            • antonio

              if you need count referrals, you can use:

              $num_referrals = affiliates_get_affiliate_referrals( $affiliate_id);


  • Kal

    how do i change or deactivate direct affiliate URL? Who’s to say i don’t have one smart affiliate using that URL so whenever i get a sale he gets credited? I think this may be the situation here as I am getting sales and when i track where that vistor came from there is no record coming from affiliate links. I need a way to do this without resetting all my affiliate URL’s

    • You’re missing the intent of the Direct account. Also the assumption that a smart affiliate might misuse this is unfounded, if an affiliate wore to use Direct‘s link (or any other affiliate’s link), the affiliate would effectively skip on her own commissions …

      Anyhow, just deactivate the option if you’re not going to use it. See What if no affiliate is creditable? in the Setup section of the documentation.

  • Kal


    Thanks for the quick response. I just added the direct affiliate link to the robots file to not record these sales. This should work right? I can see now my one active affiliate is not getting credited for my sales. I will keep a close eye on transactions to make sure he is still getting credited from sales coming from his site

    • antonio

      Hi Kal,
      if you don’t want register Direct referrals, you can disable this in Affiliates->Option->Direct referrals.

  • Jan

    Hello I have question about conversions.

    I want to run affil program in two statges.

    1st state – people will register their email email address into the program. After entering their email they will be forwarded to thank you page. And I need to measure how many people have entered their email address. Do you have a code, that I put into the thank you page?

  • cisco


    Great plugin. A few questions:
    1. How do we change the standard user / pass / WP dashboard email when an affiliate signs up?
    2. How do we add a paypal address for each user and capture it for signup?
    3. How do we make it mandatory to add a website when signing up?
    4. What is the page we edit to modify the affiliate page (after they’ve logged in) so we can give them banners to choose from etc.

    Thank you!

    • antonio

      Hi, thanks:
      1.- You can use [affiliates_affiliate_profile]
      2.- By default user’s email is used for paypal, but affiliates can change it using [affiliates_affiliate_profile].
      3.- Directly you can not do it, the registration form is kept as simple as possible, to facilitate registration affiliates.
      4.- Default page created is “affiliates-area” page.


  • Sean

    Hi, my first question is, does your team support any other payment providers, specifically Payoneer for example. If not, do you think your plugin will offer support for more providers in the future or is there another way to get Payoneer setup? If you only plan on sticking with PayPal and let’s say I manually pay the affiliates, is there a way to reduce the balance owed to the affiliates in the back end so that I can keep track of the payouts?

    My second question is with respect to Wishlists. I currently cannot locate a good wish list plugin for Woocommerce, so I was wondering if your plugin offers any such feature. So for example if Person A has a wish list and Person B buys off that list, I want to reward Person A. I realize that if Person A just gave a link to a specific product or store and had Person B buy the item, that A would get the commission but I was trying to avoid having Person A go into that much detail. Since Person A might already be comfortable with the concept of wish lists, I wanted to know if I could reward person A simply for sharing their lists with others and having them buy off that list. The ability to have multiple wish lists would be a necessity also since Person A might want to keep some items private but allow sharing of others.

    • Sean

      Went ahead and bought the product, was able to answer some of my questions. I see that I can set a referral as “Closed” which would then show the amount as Paid to the affiliate. This would take care of manually paying affiliates if I had to.

      Still curious to know though if you would ever contemplate providing other payment providers other than PayPal.

      The wishlist option might not be possible since the plugin that tracks the wishlist would be completely separate from your affiliate plugin but I would still like to know if instead of the default link that the “Affiliate Area” creates for a user, could the user give someone their Wishlist link and somehow embed the affiliate code too? So that when the user shares the wishlist, they can decide if they wanted to make money off those referrals or simply share a link without making the referral.

      For example if the referral link is “″ and the wishlist was “’list” could Tony provide a referral link such as “’list?aff=12345678″


      • Thanks for following up on that, yes the “closed” status marks referrals so they aren’t taken into account when requesting totals for “accepted” referrals.

        Regarding other payment providers, there are interesting options that I’m considering to add for payment directly through the UI – certainly PayPal Pro and Stripe, others depend on how big the interest in general for them would be. Another option is a customized solution, the cost involved to provide that is rather huge compared to an OOTB solution, but in many cases we’ve helped clients to save based on this system compared to other solutions that are on the market.

        Regarding the wishlist page, yes that’s exactly what you could do. It can be done by providing a link to their wishlist page with the affiliate id appended using the shrotcodes, or by using the Affiliates Share plugin which allows them to share the link where the affiliate id is appended right on the page they share.

    • Hi Sean,

      Thanks for posting this here, regarding the first question: you can actually use the mass payments file that is generated to just get the totals and then do your affiliate payments through any service preferred. The referrals that have been paid can then be marked as such (referrals closed) in bulk, corresponding to the totals. This will effectively reduce the balance owed for each affiliate involved. The system also allows you to do that for a specific time period, using minimum accumulated amounts.

      Regarding wishlists for WooCommerce, there is an extension WooCommerce Wishlists and this could work with Affiliates Share, the closest OOTB solution to what you are seeking would probably be to use the shortcode from WooCommerce Wishlists, that displays the lists on a page, and let affiliates share the page through the facilities provided by Affiliates Share. I think that would be a solution to “reward person A simply for sharing their lists with others and having them buy off that list”.


      • Sean B

        Hi, I would like to follow up on this if you have time since I am still a little lost as to how to implement.

        When the user creates a wishlist it shows up as ”

        So I’m still not following how I would append their affiliate ID to the end of this by using short codes or some other automated method?

        I see the WooCommerce Wishlist short codes here also but none give the ability to list the created wishlists individually.

        My thinking was to use the “[wc_wishlists_my_archive /]” Archive short code and then perhaps use the Affiliate Share features instead of the built in sharing buttons but I’m at a lost as to how I would add those.

        • Hi Sean,

          In the example URL, the affiliate ID would be appended as an additional parameter. With Affiliates Share, the links are produced automatically based on the page where the sharing buttons appear.

          Regarding the wishlist shortcodes, I would suggest this to the developer of the extension. If it’s something of general interest, then I’m sure they will welcome the suggestion. Otherwise you might also be able to find a developer who can implement it for you, see for example


  • Sean

    Hi, in the WordPress back end, inside one of my log files, the following comes up for your plugin:

    REQUEST_URI: /wp-content/plugins/affiliates-pro//js/datepickers.js?ver=2.2.0

    I was wondering if you could remove the “double slash” after the pro. I assume some where in your code is causing the issue.


  • Regarding Affiliates Pro:
    Question 1: Is the following process feasible?
    1. Customers from different affiliates go to Alan’
    2. Customers from Afilliate 1 place orders using a code specific to Affiliate 1
    3. Customers from Afilliate 2 place orders using a code specific to Affiliate 2
    4. Customers from Afilliate 3 place orders using a code specific to Affiliate 3
    5. Affiliate 1 can track all orders placed by customers for Affiliate 1, but not orders placed by customers to other affiliates
    6. Affiliate 2 can track all orders placed by customers for Affiliate 2, but not orders placed by customers to other affiliates
    7. Affiliate 3 can track all orders placed by customers for Affiliate 3, but not orders placed by customers to other affiliates
    8. Alan’ pays affiliates electronically

    I understand that Affiliates Pro allows placement of a link at an Affiliates website that will link to Affiliate-specific ordering, order tracking and payment to my site (for the sake of this question, let’s call it Alan’ I want to know if Affiliate-specific customers can go to Alan’ WITHOUT A LINK and instead use an affiliate-specific code one they are at Alan’ to place an affiliate-specific order.

    Question 2: if the process described in Question 1 isn’t feasible, what is the process for adding an Affiliate-specific link to an Affiliate’s website? Some of my affiliates will lack programming expertise.

    Thanks for your help.

    • antonio

      Affiliates has “Direct” affiliate, to which is assigned the commissions when the customer does not use an affiliate link. You can enable this in Affiliates->Options->Store direct referrals
      Affiliates creates a page with affiliates info, where the affiliates can see the links (“affiliates-page”), but you can use [affiliates_url] shortcode. More info about shortcodes in documentation page.

  • physicalmind


    I just installed the pro version and have a few affiliates set up. I tested their affiliates link by visiting our site with their link and purchasing our program (we use 1shoppingcart, which also allows for paypal). I see affiliates is recording the visits and hits but not the referral once a purchase goes through – which is what we want to pay out to our affiliates (how many visitors from their sites complete a purchase of our program). Not sure what I’m doing wrong, if you could please help! -Alex

  • Hi,

    I just wanna ask if the $59 for Affiliates Pro for Woocommerce is one time payment and no renewal fee? Also, what are the available payouts aside from paypal? Please reply asap.



    • antonio

      is one time payment and no renewal fee. You can pay with Paypal account or credit card if you don’t have paypal account.

    • Just to make it clear, the purchase includes one year of support and updates, see – after that you will need to purchase an extension if required. That makes it a renewal fee in a sense.

      @antonio Saying ‘no renewal fee’ isn’t quite correct in this case.

      • leokoo

        Hi Kento,

        How do we purchase an extension? Mine just expired last month. Btw, found these some php errors when I enabled wp_debug as on

        • Hi,

          You can purchase it from the shop directly, we still have it on discount for existing customers you need to extend it. If you log in with your user account, you will have the discount applied automatically.

          Regarding any PHP notices, please use pastebin and post a link along with the version number of the plugins involved and WordPress.

          • leokoo

            Hey Kento,

            I didn’t realise ours expired less than a month ago. Any ideas? Please help :)

            • Sure, simply add this to the cart and log in with your user account from the previous purchase at checkout. You will have the renewal discount applied automatically.

  • Kereell

    Hello Kento! Thanks for your great plugin!

    I’m wondering does the plugin supports automatic assign to a special role after registration? I create a new role “affiliate” and now looking for better way to automatic assign those who registered from affiliate-area page (only from this page) to a role “affiliate”. And I need to do this without changing the default role(for a new users). So how I can do it better?

    Actually if plugin does not support such feature I could create it but in this case let me know where you think the most convenient place for that (in the plugin code) – maybe in the short codes class. I just don’t want to break anything.

    P.S: Sorry if I’m asking the thing that was asked before – it just takes a lot of time to read 599 comments)

    • antonio

      you can use “affiliates_added_affiliate” hook for this purpose, for example:

      add_action('affiliates_added_affiliate', 'myRoleFunction' );

      function myRoleFunction ( $affiliate_id ) {
      $user_id = affiliates_get_affiliate_user($affiliate_id);
      if ($user_id != null) {
      // do something


      • Kereell

        Thanks for the hook!
        One more thing – right after affiliate registration it gives a link for the first login (to activate user) “” or in email – the link “” . As I understood this links must be used to “activate” user and only after it is possible to use login form at the affiliate page.
        But the problem is that after using this confirmation links there is no redirection – after successful login (through one off this links) it takes you nowhere.. In my case to “ – page that doesn’t exists..
        When I’m trying to add GET variable redirect_to (“ it doesn’t login.. How I can make redirect to the affiliate-area page right after first time login?

  • I can’t seem to add an affiliate manually through the backend of WordPress. Every time I create a new affiliate, I can give it a Name and Email just fine, but for some reason the Username won’t get saved. Any ideas why this would be happening?

    • antonio

      username field is used when the user already exists.
      if you want create an affiliate associated with an existing user, you only need the username field.

  • Kathrin

    I am setting up my site and trying to get it looking right I accidentally permanently deleted a bit of code needed for affiliate reporting.
    Can someone give me the code that is under these two headings:
    Greatly appreciate it.

  • Noahj

    Hello, I have a question. I looked over the features but didn’t find what I’m looking for.

    Do you have anything that supports auto payments for affiliate earnings? Not mass payout files, but auto payments rendered when an affiliate refers a paying person. I looked online and found WP InstantPay which looks wonderful but is totally outdated. If you need a better description fo what I am asking you can see the WP InstantPay @

    It basically checks the referral amount before payment is made and splits the payment correctly between the seller and referral.

    I also have no clue as to how “PayPal Mass Payments” works. Would you clue me in? Is it something that I would upload to paypal and it would generate the payments to each referral?

    I’m lookin for anything you have that will simply my client having to generate a payout report then manually pay every affiliate they have.


    • Hi there,

      Regarding mass payments with PayPal, you simply generate the file with the option provided (assuming appropriate filter settings, i.e. for the right period and referral status selected is ‘Accepted’), then upload it on your PayPal account through the mass payments option.

      As to automated payments, work is being done on that but I can’t give an ETA yet. Note that the plugin you mention is a separate solution which is not related to the plugins here and they won’t work together.


  • hitpro

    Ok, solved!

  • Sean B

    Hello, in the Affiliates/Notifications area, I realize that for notifications to Administrator has “Notifications will be sent to the email address specified in Settings > General.”

    Do you think you could add an option to allow the plugin owner to provide their own email address, instead of using the default WordPress address?

    My second question, with respect to “Notifications will be sent to affiliates when credited with a referral.” I assume (since I have not tested it) that affiliates will get an email from whatever email is in the General / Settings of WordPress.

    Similar issue here, could you provide an option to allow the plugin owner to set the specific address?

    The reason I bring it up is that for my WordPress General/Settings, I send all the new user info and various alerts to one address but for my WooCommerce store, I use a different email address to contact customers and affiliates.

    So I was looking for some more control over the email options.


    • Hi Sean,

      Thanks for the suggestions, I think these would be good additions. The notifications section is being improved to allow for more flexible notifications, adding the options you mention can go along with that as well. I’ve taken note of them and I think these can be made available with the next release (can’t promise an ETA on that yet though).


  • I am considering the purchase of Affiliate Pro. I have one pre-purchase question. Is there a way to manually assign an existing order to an affiliate?

    An example of the need would be if it was used as an offline commission tracker. For instance, an order for a custom logo design comes in. I then assign the project to a designer. I would like to then go into the order and assign it to the independent designer/affiliate. Then the system would be used like normal…payouts, notifications, affiliate log in, etc.

    If it’s not capable, can you contact me privately and let me know what it would cost to have it customized for this?

    • Hi Kristian,

      It allows you to add referrals manually, in fact you don’t need the Pro version for that because the normal version also allows you to do that. To add one manually, go to Affiliates > Referrals and click the Add button on top of the page. This will bring you to a form where you can input details about the referral. There is a reference field which you can use to record the related order’s number.

      If you need any customization beyond that, let me know. But I think that you basically have what you need in there already ;)

  • Hi,

    I can’t read all of the comments to find answers to my inquiry. I just wanna know what are the payout options available in Affiliates pro? For ex. When I add two (2) affiliates partner, how can I pay them? Is it available on affiliates pro to pay via bankwire & check? also, was the system is capable is setting different schedules for payout?

    Sorry if my questions are redundant. Comment threads are too long and can’t spent time to read them all.

    My client’s need this plugin to start his affiliates program.

    I’m looking forward on your reply.



    • Hi Ismael,

      In Pro you can generate a mass payment file which allows you to have the accumulated totals by affiliate. You can use that for example with PayPal or to simply have a list of payments which need to be processed. Note that it does not do payments to affiliates automatically.

      By the way, there’s no need to read all the comments, Google’s search works wonders ;) and we have the Documentation. In any case, questions are welcome :) Feel free to ask if you need any additional info.


  • Kereell

    Hello, just noticed weird thing – after user registration there are two same affiliates appears (instead of one).. screenshot –

    Please help me – what it can be?

    • antonio

      What version you have installed?
      Just happened to you once or with all registered affiliates?
      Please, give us the website to take a look.

      • Kereell

        Here affiliate plugins and their versions –
        It happens every new affiliate registration through the form at the site here –

        • Hi, I’ve created a test account, the form submission looks ok. Did this create two entries as well? The username is test. Also is there any plugin you have activated that might be interfering with user accounts?

          • Kereell

            unfortunately yes –
            activated plugins list:
            – Akismet
            – CDN Linker
            – Cron GUI
            – Custom Post Templates
            – DB Cache Reloaded Fix
            – Embed Chessboard
            – Hana Code Insert
            – Hyper Cache
            – IgniteWoo Updater
            – Imposter
            – Role Scoper
            – SEO Smart Links
            – Simple Facebook Connect
            – TablePress
            – TimThumb Vulnerability Scanner
            – Video Thumbnails
            – WooCommerce
            – WooCommerce Advanced Notifications
            – WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage
            – WooCommerce DPM Gateway
            – WooCommerce Chained Products
            – WooCommerce Currency Converter
            – WooCommerce Follow-Up Emails
            – WooCommerce KISS Metrics
            – WooCommerce MercadoPago Gateway
            – WooCommerce Multilingual
            – WooCommerce Smart Coupons
            – WooCommerce USPS
            – WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing
            – WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Plus
            – WooThemes Updater
            – WordPress Hashcash
            – WordPress SEO
            – WP-DBManager
            – WP-PageNavi
            – WPML Multilingual CMS
            – WPML String Translation
            – WPML Translation Management
            – WP Widget Cache
            – XCloner
            – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

            • Thanks, ok that must be a conflict then. The ideal way to identify the conflict is to use a test site which is based on a copy of your current site, disable all plugins on the test site except the essential ones (WooCommerce, Affiliates Pro and integration). If that doesn’t create duplicate entries, start enabling plugins individually and test again. If it even happens with the essential ones activated, the conflict is most likely with the theme. As you have quite a few plugins, I would recommend to start with the more ‘unusual’ ones.

          • Kereell

            surprisingly, the conflicting plugin is “Simple Facebook Connect”.

  • thegon

    Hi, if I purchase the pro version does it cost 59 dollars and that includes the full integration with woocommerce?

    Also, I noticed someone selling the pro version for 10 dollars. is this legit?

    • Hi there, Affiliates Pro is included with the WooCommerce integration pack, the right product would be Affiliates Pro for WooCommerce.

      I am aware of the site you refer to. They are not authorized to distribute our products, but infringing intellectual property and copyrights in several ways. Nor do they have the expertise to provide any decent support on any of the products. And to be honest, who would trust the code coming from a site like that? Pretty pitiful actually :)

  • Jayson


    Is it allowed to customize the form registration for us to add some fields like Cebuana, LBC, Bank Transfers, etc. These are payment options. This question comes from our ecommerce client.



  • Thanks for signing up!
    Please check your email for the confirmation link.
    Log in here. <—- LINK TO wp-login.php

    Currently the above text is what’s seen after a user fills out the registration form. I would like to remove the login link and possibly change the text ‘Please check your email for the confirmation link.’ to ‘Please check your email for the confirmation link and password.’.

    They shouldn't have to hit wp-login.php since they can login straight from the affiliate signup page. They don't need to see the wordpress dashboard area, so if they login using wp-login.php it is confusing.

    Secondly, the logout link, can I append a redirect to that, so that after they logout, they are sent back to the affiliate area rather than a blank logout page?

  • Thanks Antonio. I wasn’t asking to edit the email though, I was asking to edit the text on the page. Once they register, and fill out the fields to be an affiliate, the registration form dissapears and the message:

    Thanks for signing up!
    Please check your email for the confirmation link.
    Log in here. <—- LINK TO wp-login.php

    Shows up. I want to edit the on screen message to remove the login link and add a few words to the text. Is there a hook in your wordpress version of the plugin to modify the text that's output on the page after a user registers?

  • Thanks again for the response Antonio. That’s not what I’m asking though. I don’t want to redirect them anyhwere. All I want to do is edit the output text once they register. They should still stay on the same page, I just want to:
    1. edit the text that’s displayed.
    2. Remove the “Log in here” link that is displayed.

    • antonio

      if you want do it manually, you can edit affiliates-pro/lib/core/class-affiliates-registration.php on the lines 242-245
      But I recommend using the redirection. We’ll consider include a filter there, thanks for the suggestion.

      • Thanks Antonio. I’ll have to do it manually for now. The reason for the edits are two: One is to let them know that their password is in the email (The current message doesn’t say this). Second, I don’t want them to click the log in link, and leave the page. The current page has a log in box, and their email has the password, so leaving the page makes no sense. They should just check their email and come back to the current page and login. That way the login page doesn’t redirect them to the dashboard by default.

        • antonio

          ok. Beware with updates, they overwrite your changes in the code.
          I think is better use, for example:
          – In your affiliate-area page, use: [affiliates_registration redirect="true" redirect_to=""]
          – Create an “affiliate-login” page, for example:

          An email with the password has been sended.

          both would be good solutions, regards

  • I’ve purchased the affiliates pro plugin and it was working okay, but has recently caused my /wp-admin/ to have the white screen of death on login. I’ve isolated this problem to the Affiliates Pro plugin, so was hoping you could debug it for me.

    I run WordPress v 3.4.2
    Woocommerce v1.6.5.2
    Affiliates WooCommerce Integration v1.3.3
    Affiliates Pro v1.3.3

    this is pretty urgent as I have live affiliates running on my site. I”m happy to provide /wp-admin/ access if required.

    • antonio

      Hi, please make a backup of the website (files and database), and send us access to support at itthinx dot com, and we’ll have a look.

  • Scott Flynn

    I want to buy Affiliate pro integrated with Paypal and i am using Figero wordpress theme now. Will Affiliate pro work properly on this theme?

    Do i need to buy any more plugin or extension with Affiliate pro or it is a complete affiliate program system?


    • antonio

      does not have to be problems with the theme.
      What e-commerce are you going to use, or directly paypal?

      • kparmarjeet

        I am using directly paypal and already bought payal integrated affiliate pro. I am confused in one thing. Where to update my paypal email address? under paypal link i can’t see any column to update.


        • antonio

          Hi, you can setup email and other options in Affiliates->Paypal. cheers

          • kparmarjeet

            Hi, in Affiliates > Paypal, i can’t see any box where i can fill my email address. Is it like my wordpress email address is by default selected as paypal email address.

            Is there any video where paypal settings is explained?


          • kparmarjeet

            Hey, i have seen screen print of paypal page on your website where you can see a box for ‘payment recipient email address’. This box is missing in my plugin. If you want i can send you the screen print. Please suggest since i understood almost everything but just waiting to update my paypal email address.

          • kparmarjeet

            I can’t see the box which you have shown in the screen print pointing arrow on it. I believe there is some issue in my paypal plugin.

          • kparmarjeet

            This is my paypal plugins screen print –

            • antonio

              Hi, can you tell me which Affiliates Paypal version you have installed , and the web browser you are using, please?

          • kparmarjeet

            I am using Evaluation version of paypal affiliate pro and web browser is Chrome.

            • antonio

              Please try it in another browser.
              Evaluation version? Can you tell me exactly what version of the plugin is? (1.2.1 or other)

          • kparmarjeet

            I tried using Firefox but the problems stands. I am using 1.2.1 version of plugin.

          • kparmarjeet

            I have sent you my admin access details on support at itthinx dot com. Please have a look.

      • kparmarjeet

        Thats fantastic. I am very happy with your support.

  • socrdave

    Hello… I have the Pro version and was wondering how to get the affiliate link to have the affiliate ID instead of the number or MD5 encoded solution. So if I had a site with the affiliate ID of fpros, the url parameter would show up as “?partner=fpros” instead of “?partner=2″ ….

    Everything else looks great. Thanks!

  • Hello there,

    I have read through all the information that has been provided and I am very impressed with your Affiliate Pro. The only thing that I have a problem with is that PayPal Multiple processing is the only option for paying Affiliates.

    We are going to be using Payza for the Membership and Monthly Rebilling and it would make better business sense to use Payza for the Affiliate payments each month too.

    Please could you advise whether your team could include Payza as a second option for your clients?

    I look forward to an early reply from you and thank you in advance for your time.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Peter,

      You can use Payza’s Mass Pay instead of PayPal using the file that is generated under Affiliates > Totals > Generate PayPal Mass Payment File – the first three columns are the same as those used with Payza.

      Thanks for asking, Payza seems like a great alternative!


  • Hello there)
    I just created Affiliate Area with and created a test account. In it I see Your affiliate URL: and it leads me to my blog page (as you can see) instead of Home page. In the admin page i can’t see any link to fix it, just this Your affiliate URL:
    How can I add my home page link there?
    Thanks in advance

  • James Galloway

    Hi kento,

    we want to create a weekly leaderboard situation for affiliates which restarts every sunday. we simply want affiliates names pulled into a table for ALL to see with the amount of sales they have that week. Not based on affiliates they pull in, just the products they sell.

    How easy is this or do you already have this feature.

    simple leaderbaord to pay bonuses.

    Many thanks, James :)

  • Bas Kasteel

    I would like to manually edit some orders and allocate them to an affiliate because some orders were lost when i changed the Affiliate URL parameter name. Can you tell me how this can be done please.

  • I created a coupon code for a new affiliate, but I forgot to add the coupon code attribute to the affiliate. I then received an order and the customer used the affiliate code. The customer got the discount correctly, but of course the affiliate did not get a commission registered for the sale. Is there a way I can create a commission for an affiliate after the order has been placed?

  • Antonio, I am not seeing how to do this at affiliates -> referrals. The orders were placed with the coupon code, but the affiliate did not have a connection to that coupon code at the time the order was placed. So when going to the link you suggested, those two orders do not appear. I am using Affiliates Pro v 2.2.1 and woo commerce if that matters.

    It appears to me there is no way to give an affiliate a commission for a order once the order is entered? What am I missing.

    Thanks, MIke

    • Hi Mike, what he suggests is to add the referrals manually – if you go to that section, you will see the Add button which then leads to a form where you can input details about the referrals you want to grant the affiliate. In this case, as you had not assigned the coupons to the affiliate, you would add the corresponding referral manually using that facility. New orders, assuming that the coupon is now linked to the affiliate, will produce that automatically.

  • Further to this subject. In re-reading the documentation and considering your earlier advice, I think we have a mis-understanding. Since the coupon was claimed on the sale, but the coupon was not tied to the affiliate, there is no connection of the sale to the affiliate. And the link affiliate -> referrals does not present and orders that were not created with the appropriate connection to the affiliate.

    It appears to me that if an order was created with the proper connection, then affiliate -> referrals would allow me to change the state of the order/referral fee. This is exactly the opposite of the situation I am trying to correct. I need to create the proper connection so the order is in fact assigned to the affiliate, which it does not now.

    Hope I haven’t confused the issue further, but I think we’re at a dead end on this solution. The tool does not appear to support what needs to be done. Perhaps the only solution is to manually create another order to mirror the older one, thus creating an order with the proper connections for the affiliate.

  • Jenna

    I am not sure whats wrong, but my referral link is sending to a 404 page instead of the homepage. Am I doing something wrong?

    Here is my affiliate links:
    Link: URL Parameter: ?affiliates=2

    Here is my banner code:

    Just not sure what is going wrong. The site is and i’m using WooCommerce Newest update as of today

    • Jenna

      I would also like to note everything is updated: theme, WooCommerce, WooFramework, Plugin and wordpress.

      Also, as suggested above in the comments, I checked the permalinks and pretty links and everything is set as suggested and still no luck.

      • antonio

        please have a look to this conversation.
        If it doesn’t work try selecting Affiliates->Options->Redirect.

        • Jenna

          That was the post I referred to as mentioned everything is set as mentioned and still no luck.

          Under Affiliates -> options there is no area for re-direct?

          Also, this was working before, and nothing changed during that time so i’m not sure the issue? The only thing I did change was the price of a product however that should have affected anything.

          Permalinks are set to = Post name
          Product permalink set to = costom (/shop) however it won’t change to another option when I try, not sure if that means anything.

          • antonio

            you can send us dashboard admin access to support at itthinx dot com, and we’ll take a look.

          • Jenna

            I have found a work around. It appears the pretty link returns the 404 error, while the regular link does not. I have now switched to the regular link and it is working fine, however I still wonder what the issue is with the pretty link?

  • There is no “ADD” button anywhere on the page Affiliates -> Referrals page as described in earlier posts. Nor do I see similar functionality on any other applicable pages to do what you suggest. I’d be happy to send you a screen shot of the page in question if you require.

    Are we talking about the same thing? Am I somehow running an earlier version even though WP does not notify me of an upgrade? Is there some configuration option that I need to enable? Or is there a bug in this code somewhere and the “ADD” button is not showing up in my environment?

    This is getting a bit frustrating, as it should be a simple chore to do what I need.

    Thanks, Mike

    • You should certainly keep the version updated. You have the latest one in the downloads section.


        What is the latest version #. If my version is down-rev why doesn’t your plugin register update with my WP Dashboard?

        I will download and re-install and see if this helps.


    I went to your download section and updated version. It appears the new version now has the “ADD” button. Still a mystery why my WP dashboard doesn’t notify me of updates automatically.

    Here’s a suggestion for improving the “ADD” referral feature: Allow the user to tie the referral to a specific Order (one that has already been created) just as if it was a referral from the start. That way, certain affiliates might be “rewarded” a referral fee at their proper rate, to a specific (existing order) manually and all the related information would populate the referral.


    I’ll expand my thought from the above comment. The process of adding a referral manually is missing an important bit of information – the linkage to the underlying order. Currently, if you add a referral to an affiliate and you display the information at affiliates ->>>Referrals these manually-entered referrals do not have any linkage to the order, the display under the column heading “Post” is nil. This makes for very clumsy handling of the referrals a month or two later when nobody can remember what order this manual referral is connected to. Surely there must be some way to add that bit of information and the link-back to the order, just like the other referrals than come in through the automatic work flow.

    Thanks for reading my rant. It’s just that a little bit of missing information can cause a lot of work later – which is what I was trying to avoid by using your cool plugin in the first place.


    • antonio

      “Add a referral manually” doesn’t add reference to the order, because it is not designed for that.
      You can use the API to create your own “Add manually extended”.


    Antonio, I understand that the plugin design doesn’t currently do this. I would suggest however that it should. I am not a developer. Creating an “Add manually extended” through the API is not something I would be able to do. Perhaps this is a suggestion as an “added feature” for your next release of the plugin.

    Thanks, Mike

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the suggestion, the main reason why this isn’t linked in there is because the semantics of the field that links to the order is ‘origin of the referral’ within an automated context. So basically that’s why I didn’t provide it as an editable field when adding or editing a referral. On the other hand, I can understand that for those orders that have had their referrals added manually, it would be convenient to be able to add the reference. I would suggest to note the order number in the Description field for that. Although you wouldn’t see the link, you would be able to locate the referral by order number using the filters.


  • Amanda


    I’m very interested to purchase Affiliates Pro for EDD. A couple of questions if I may:

    1. Do I have to purchase Affiliates Pro+Affiliates Pro for EDD integration or Affiliates Pro for EDD integration has already Affiliates Pro built into it?
    2. I notice that Affiliates Pro for EDD integration is also available at EDD website. So, where should I buy the plugin from? What’s the difference (if there’s any).
    3. I believe Affiliates Enterprise is a bundle package (all integrations are included). Is my understanding correct?
    4. Is there some sort of affiliate fraud prevention mechanism built into Affiliates Pro? Such as this:
    5. What is the license for Affiliates Pro for EDD and Affiliates Enterprise? On how many domains I can install the plugin.

    Thanks in advance. Apology for asking many questions.

    • antonio

      1.- Affiliates Pro for EDD integration already contains Affiliates Pro. You only need purchase the integration.
      2.- Both are the same, but I recommend buying it directly in itthinx.
      3.- Affiliates Enterprise provides all features integrated in Affiliates Pro and advanced features including support for unlimited multi-tier marketing programs.
      4.- Relating to sales the system does not allow duplicate orders. But not controlled if the orders come from the same IP, because behind an ip can be a business center or different users. With referrals status you could control the acceptance of commissions.
      5.- Affiliates and integrations have SUSDL license.

      kind regards

  • Bill Hood

    I need some clarity. After I installed the plugin, under Affiliates/Settings it reads:

    If you have not been granted a license DO NOT USE this plugin until you have BEEN GRANTED A LICENSE.

    * Use of this plugin without a granted license constitutes an act of COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT and LICENSE VIOLATION and may result in legal action taken against the offending party.

    Being granted a license is GOOD because you will get support and contribute to the development of useful free and premium themes and plugins that you will be able to enjoy.

    Thank you! Visit for more information.

    1. How do I know if I have been granted a license through my purchase?

    2. Is the license an actual license number that I must purchase separately and install into my Affiliates Pro or Affiliates EDD somewhere?

    3. Or, is the license based only on my installation and recorded by itthinx automatically?

    Thanks for the clarification.

  • Bill Hood