WooCommerce Group Coupons

WooCommerce Group Coupons

Exclusive and targeted discounts for your customers? That’s where WooCommerce Group Coupons will help.

This extension for WooCommerce uses Groups and WordPress roles to limit the validity of coupons.

WooCommerce Group Coupons Showing Discount

Use shortcodes to display your coupons.


WooCommerce Group Coupons - Coupon Detail - Groups

Coupon Roles

  • Exclusive discount coupons for group members
  • Exclusive discount coupons for roles
  • Automatic discounts for group members
  • Discount target groups and roles at a glimpse
  • Pretty coupons via shortcodes


See WooCommerce Group Coupons Documentation.


Get the WooCommerce extension on WooThemes.



  • I couldn’t find this on the WooThemes site. Is it no longer available?

  • Lasse

    This is just what I am looking for, especially with the automatic application. What I want to know is does the discount show on the product prices when a member of said group is logged in, or does i only show up in the cart? The former could help drive sales..

  • Lasse

    Cool, but WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons provides another set of features, does it hook into this one so these coupons gets displayed in the product price display?

    If not, how hard would it be to implement the same feature in this plugin?


    • I would probably use the description option on those coupons to display along with the price to have it more customizable. The automated display would also work. Adding that feature to the WooCommerce Group Coupons plugin is another option, although then we would have two places where users of both plugins can enable it. Worth considering at least.

  • Is there a way to assign coupons, so instead of the customer gets a discount, he is donating 10% to a charity organization (dogs wellfare)?
    I have been strugling on this issue for a while now!

  • Frank

    I used the shortcode [group coupons ...] successful with coupons having “product % discount”.
    I can see the code and the text “x% discount on blablabla”.
    Then I changed to “recurring % discount” but no text shows up anymore.
    Can this be fixed or do I understand something wrong?

    • Hi Frank,

      We’ll need to add support to the subscription type coupons for that to work. It’s already been noted and I hope we can have an update for that out soon.

      Thanks for asking, it’s certainly a worthy addition to support these.

    • This has been added to version 1.3.0, you should see the update notified shortly.

  • Frank

    Hi Kento,
    Thanks for reply.
    I’m glad to hear that this is a feature you plan to integrate into next release.
    Actually, this is the last step that I need to lunch my page. So, I’m ‘urgently’ waiting for this release :)
    Any idea when it will be ready? can I test a pre-version?

  • Hi,

    really would like to buy that plugin (already bought WooCommerce Coupons Countdown) but not on woothemes. Please can you make it available at codecanyon, too.


  • Hi antonio,
    I know that’s it’s only available there at the moment and that’s sad for me. Are there any plans to offer it on codecanyon in the future, too? I really would appreciate that so I hope you consider this.

    • Hey there,

      Sorry but no, it’s exclusive on WooThemes and I can only recommend purchasing there, it’s a great marketplace with great people providing products and support.

  • Mark

    Hi there, I’m about to purchase this extension, but have a pre-sale question. When using the plugin, is it possible to create a single-use coupon and send it out to every group member … essentially allowing all members a one-off coupon discount?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Mark

    Hi guys, thanks for your responses – very helpful, and much appreciated :)

  • I just installed the group plug in. I have two types of groups weekly- and by-weekly is there a way to have customers select what group they want to be added to? or do I have to do it manually?

    Do you reomend any of your other plug-ins? Im not charging for the membership but need to set different pricing for each group I’m using the cupon feature on woocommerce and selecting by group but I need new customers to select what memebership (group) they want to be added. Thank you!

  • Isaac Savage

    Does this plugin have the ability to automatically place the user in a group if they use the coupon?

  • it would be nice to be able to limit coupon by group name as well like your other plug-in. ANy chance this will be intergrated in the future?

  • Hi,

    i use groups coupons to give a 20% discount to members of a group on my site. Ive just spotted that multiple orders of a product give an increasingly large discount which rather than being fctored by the number of item ordered is factored by the number ordered squared (so 1 item gives the correct discount, 2 gives the discount 4 times and 4 items ordered gives the discount 16 times)
    everything else seems to work.
    can you help please.

  • Sally

    Does this plugin have the ability to restrict a coupon by country?

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