WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons

WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons

Volume Discount Coupons Pretty

WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons is an extension for WooCommerce, providing automatic discounts and coupons based on the quantities of products in the cart.

Volume discounts are normally of little use unless customers are made aware of them. This extension provides an excellent solution to this need, allowing to display discounts directly on products when they apply.


  • Automatically apply discounts based on minimum and/or maximum quantity criteria defined in coupons
  • Let customers apply volume discount coupons
  • Volume discounts can be defined for specific products and product categories
  • Directly show discounts when they apply to products
  • New shortcode that renders pretty coupons in various colors.


This extension allows to apply discounts to products in a customer’s cart based on the quantities that are purchased. The discounts can be shown directly on the products when they apply, a free-form description can be used for that purpose as well as an automated note.

The discount information can be rendered automatically for applicable products in the shop, in product category displays, product sets based on tags, product archives and individual product pages. Options allow to choose where the information should be rendered automatically.

Here is an example showing different products in the shop, displaying the free-form description or the automatic discount note:

Volume Discount Coupons Description and Info Examples

This example shows information being displayed automatically on a product page:

Volume Discount Coupon Info Example

This extension adds a new Volume Discount section to coupons.

Volume Discount Coupon Restriction Settings

Display options are provided that allow to show discount information where it is most needed, right where the products are.

Volume Discount Coupon Display Settings

Inline styles allow quick customization for the theme.

Volume Discount Coupons - Inline Styles Settings

Coupons and discount information can also be rendered using a shortcode that provides built-in attractive styles out of the box.


See the documentation pages.


Download the extension

Get the extension here.


You can see this extension in action on the Demo site – limited shop manager access to the administrative back-end is enabled on the site, log in as user coupons using the password coupons to get access. You will be able to create coupons and see the new options that this extension provides for coupons.

Two related extensions that provide additional options are also enabled on the site: WooCommerce Coupons Countdown and WooCommerce Group Coupons.


  • I’m trying to create the following scenario:

    1 x Product = $30
    2 x Product = $25
    3 x Product = $23

    I create a coupon with a min of 2 and a max of 2 which has a $5 per product discount, but this coupon gets applied regardless of how many products are in the cart. if i make the max = no limit then the coupon will apply if there is 2 or more.

    Is this bug if the min and max are the same value? how do i cater for the scenario i have?

    many thanks


    • Hi alex,

      You probably haven’t set any Products or Product Categories under the Volume Discount panel of the coupon. Let me give an example to help get the settings right, we’ll assume you have a product category Widgets where this applies. If you want this to happen for any product, you would need to indicate all categories or use a generic category applied to all products.

      You need to create two coupons with almost identical settings, the values for the second coupon are indicated within parenthesis after the values for the first coupon:

      For the standard coupon settings:

      Discount type: Product % Discount
      Coupon amount: 5 (7)

      Product categories: Widgets

      Under Volume Discount :

      Product Categories: Widgets
      Minimum: 2 (3)
      Maximum: 2 (no restriction)
      Apply automatically: [X]
      Sum categories: [ ]

      With these two coupons, you would grant 5$ on two units and 7$ when three or more are purchased.

      Please try it out and let me know if you need further help. I’d appreciate it if you could rate the plugin as well :)


  • Hi, I went ahead and purchased your plugin, without waiting for your reply on email, but it seems its not working.


    -Please see the attached screenshot of my settings and let me know if I missed anything, the products are now placed in One Root Category :

    All Services

    Then I added 5 items in the cart under these root category (1 quantity each product)

    When I clicked on the Update Cart Button nothing happens.

    P/S. I also purchased a Premium Extensions on WooCommerce:
    Product Add-ons http://www.woothemes.com/products/product-add-ons/

    Do you think that’s the problem why it’s not working?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Faith,

      It’s working fine as fas as I can see, here are two examples:

      – 5 of the same item in the cart, 10% discount is applied Screenshot 1
      – Different items in the cart, 5 total Screenshot 2

      Both have the 10% discount applied automatically and if the quantity is below, it’s not applied.

      Have you changed any settings since you posted (although the ones shown look ok)?


  • Matt

    Im interested in purchasing your plugin. I am trying to create a coupon that is a “buy one get one free of equal or lesser value”
    Is that possible with your plugin?

    • Hi Matt, ‘buy one get one free’ is possible but not with the added constraint ‘of equal or lesser value’.

      The effect of ‘Buy one get one free’ is achieved with this plugin by using a volume discount restricted to two units and granting a 50% discount. This can be extended to more units by using appropriate quantity limits and discounts. As the discounts affect the price in the cart and don’t actually add more units at the same price, it’s a bit different. If clients are used to buying products that way, it can be confusing for them. I’ve already considered adding the capability to modify item units as an option either to this plugin or in a separate solution, but haven’t had a chance to implement it yet.

  • jill


    Could this plugin be used for example.

    6 bottles of one wine
    6 bottles of another wine

    = minimum 12 bottles

    (12 bottles get 10%)

    Thanks for the clarification

    • Hi,

      If you want it to be generic for any wine, you can only restrict it to a minimum of 12 bottles by category, you would not be able to impose a restriction of minimum 6 bottles of two different wines. That’s assuming that customers can add individual bottles to the cart.

      If you sell cases of 6, then you could achieve it by using a minimum of 2, limiting to the product category and enabling the ‘Sum categories’ option. But note that it would not distinguish between the customer buying two cases of the same wine or two different cases.

      I think for what you need ideally, the whole ‘Volume Discount’ section would need to be allowed multiple times, well at least relating products/categories and quantities. As it is, it’s not a 100% match for what you require.

      Thanks for asking :)

  • Bonsoir,
    j’ai rencontré une erreur pendant l’installation du plugin :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function shortcode_exists() in .\wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons\lib\views\class-woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons-shortcodes.php on line 31

    merci pour vos aides.

    • Hi Ahmed,

      It looks like your WordPress version is not supported, that’s why you get the error. The plugin requires at least WordPress 3.6.0 (the function shortcode_exists() wasn’t available before). You can either update your WordPress or comment out (or remove) the lines 31 – 45 in wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons/lib/views/class-woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons-shortcodes.php – the shortcodes that are added there will be removed from the plugin anyhow because these are now provided by the WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes plugin.


  • Hi,

    I had posted regarding the plugin not getting activated. I managed to disable some plugins to show me the following error message rather than have the screen go blank):
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function shortcode_exists() in /home/lakdikik/public_html/test-server/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons/lib/views/class-woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons-shortcodes.php on line 32

    From that error message, i opened the class-woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons-shortcodes.php file and comment out the init function in the class. this seems to fix the issue, but I cannot use any of the options to display the coupons anywhere (which is ok for now).

    It might help that I also have your coupon countdown plugin installed, could it be the shortcodes are clashing with that?

    • Hi Rohan,

      Thanks for the info, don’t comment out the whole info, just the lines 31-45 – what happens is that the function doesn’t exist prior to WordPress 3.6.0 which is what the plugin requires. See also this response where the same thing happens.


  • Moonworks

    Is there a way to add a user to a group if they have filled in a specific Gravity Form?

    The form doesn’t have to have anything to do with Groups, it’s just that those who have sent it will get added to a specific group. There would be a number of groups, and the same user would have access to them all if they have filled in all the forms.

  • John

    Is there a way to create a one free product coupon which is limited to one use per customer? It is important that it only applies to one product in the cart, not the entire cart.


    • Hi John,

      If it is a specific product, you would create a coupon using the discount type ‘Product Discount’ or ‘Product % Discount’ and to limit it to the product choose it under ‘Products’ in the standard coupon settings. To make it a ‘one free’ I would suggest to discount the product amount and under Volume Discount set the minimum quantity to at least 2. Also choose the specific product under ‘Products’ in that section.

      If you want to limit the coupon to one per customer, you can use the WooCommerce Coupons Countdown plugin.

  • Hi, I need some help about this plugin. I need to create a unique coupon code. This is the coupon:

    1 product – 10% discount
    2 product – 15% discount
    3 product – 25% discount

    Is it posible whit this plugin? Remember. Only can aplied 1 code in the coupon field and only for the costumer whit the coupon.

    Thanks in advance.

    • antonio

      you could do it creating 3 coupons, for example:
      DISC_1 : Setting: 10%, minimum:1, maximum:1
      DISC_2 : Setting: 15%, minimum:2, maximum:2
      DISC_3 : Setting: 25%, minimum:3, maximum:3
      If you don’t want that users need to know these tree coupons, you can select “Apply this coupon automatically when valid based on these conditions.”

      But you can’t do it with only one coupon.


  • John

    I’ve just installed the plugin but get a fatal error when trying to activate:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function shortcode_exists() …/woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons/lib/views/class-woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons-shortcodes.php on line 31

    Please can you help me fix it.


  • SJ

    Hi there,

    I’ve been trying to get the plugin to work with minimum order for a while and so far it’s just not working as I want.

    The requirements are quite simple – a 10% discount is to be applied for any order of 2 items or over. However, the discount is being applied even when there is only 1 item in the cart.

    I’ve tried adding categories, adding products, removing them… but nothing seems to work.

    Here are the settings I have currently: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gqlm1cghfqr9jhl/edit-coupon.png

    The shop: http://tiny.cc/8c8f6w

    Am I very obviously doing something wrong?!

    Many thanks in advance,


    This is a

  • SJ

    Ignore my last comment!

    I can do all of this using native WC settings – doh!


  • Hi There

    I’m still having no success. I think I have coupon settings configured correctly but as soon as I reach 12 on any volume discounted product, discount is applying to all products over the 12.



    Thanks for help.

    • Hi Andrew,

      You must also specify to which products the discount applies, in the example it would require adding the ‘Smoked Mussels …’ category also to the ‘Product categories’ field above.

      As it is a Product Discount, unless restricted to specific products or categories, it will be applied to all items in the cart which is what you see.

      • Hmmm

        I have these settings in place. The discount on the first product applies but no other product discounts do. Seems the first discount is over riding the additional discounts.
        Is it not possible to have cumulative discounts?


        • Yes you can have multiple discounts applied, unless you have the ‘Individual use’ option checked or the coupons are restricted by quantity and don’t match.

  • Hi there,

    I would like the discount to apply to every product after the first one purchased. So if someone buys one it will be $44, but every one after that is $40. Is there a way to use this that does not apply the discount to the first item as well?

    • Hi Eric, a product discount with a minimum quantity of 2 should work. You have to specify the product and I assume you also want the auto-apply option enabled.

      • Hi Kento,

        Thanks for the response. When I tried that, the discount was applied to the first item as well. I am sure that I am missing something very simple.

        I ended up making multiple discounts that apply depending on the amount of category items.

  • Leo

    Hey Kento! I’ve just recently bought this plugin, after buying the Affiliate Pro and also after buying WPLab’s Bulk Pricing and Woothemes’ Dynamic Pricing.

    I found a fatal error somewhere. Here’s how it works
    1) I create a coupon for camera bags, valid for 10% off for product if the customer purchases 2 or more (should be camera bag, no?)
    2) On the product page for camera bags, it shows 10% off with the same conditions
    3) Add 2 camera bags, discounts pops up
    4) Add a camera strap, discount increases as the 10% of the camera strap is included.

    Please assist. Kindly email me and I can pass you the details for the staging site

    • antonio

      you can send us dashboard admin access to support at itthinx dot com and we’ll have a look.

    • What’s the exact error you get please?

    • Your coupon setting were not correct, the right way to configure the coupon in such a case is as follows:

      Assuming you want to give 10% discount on Camera Bags when two or more of that product category are in the cart:

      – Discount Type : Product % Discount
      – Coupon Amount : 10
      – Product Categories : Camera Bags (*)
      Volume Discount
      Product Categories : Camera Bags
      Minimum : 2
      Apply automatically [X]
      Sum categories [X] (*)

      The settings marked with (*) were missing in your coupon settings.

  • Hello,

    I recently purchased plugin to work on the website letuscook.co.uk but for some reason it is not calculating the discount? Could you please take a look and tell me what is wrong?


    • Hi Wesley,

      Please provide some details about how you’d like to set up the coupon/how you want it applied along with the current settings you are using (coupon type and all other settings for the coupon) and I’ll be happy to suggest the necessary corrections that you need.


  • Hi. I want to have a 10% off coupon if someone buys a case (6 boxes) of a product. There are 7 different products, and they should only get the discount if they buy 6 of one kind. But there are only two different categories for the 7 products. Also, the discount is on a case…6 boxes. So I need them to buy a minimum of 6. If they buy 7, then it is only 10% off the first 6. But I can’t figure out how to let them add another product to the cart with these rules.


    Lizy Bloom

    • Hi Lizy,

      One way to set this up is using a Cart Discount coupon per product, which applies when someone buys 6 or more units. For example, assuming 1 unit costs $10, create a coupon that discounts $6 off the cart total and requires a minimum of 6 in the cart:

      Discount type: Cart Discount
      Coupon amount: 6
      Volume Discount
      Products: (choose one product)*
      Minimum: 6
      Apply automatically: X

      * you would create one coupon per product

      Would that approach be feasible?

  • I still can’t get it to work. It works yes, if they only add 6. But once they add a seventh box, the discount goes away. They only get the discount on 6. So if they buy 6, they get 10% off. If they buy 7, they get 10% off the first 6 only. But I need them to be able to put more then 6 boxes in the cart but only get the discount on the first 6.

  • Joe

    I am trying to setup the following pricing structure:

    1st Product: $200
    Buy 2 products, get the 2nd product at $100
    Buy 3 products, get the 2nd and 3rd product at $100/ea

    So the 1st product will always be full price, additional products will be at a discounted price.

    Can your plugin be configured to do this?

    • For quantities 2 and 3, that can be set up like this (summarized) :

      Coupon 1 – minimum 2, maximum 2, discount type cart discount, discount amount 100
      Coupon 2 – minimum 3, maximum 3, discount type cart discount, discount amount 200

      If you want it more generic for any quantity above 1, then it can be more difficult depending on the pricing structure, because the plugin does not modify the prices, it applies discounts.

  • Elle

    Just a few presale questions.

    According to your description this will work with categories. So, to confirm, I can set it up so that a customer can get a set discount if they buy x number from within a set category? It doesn’t have to be multiples of the same product? Could the discount expand over more than one category? Buy x number from 2 categories or more and get a discount?

    Next, I have a site that I’ve partnered with and all buyers that come via that site have a coupon code they can use. When they do, they get a special price. For that I just use the standard Woo coupons. Will your plugin work nicely in conjunction with that? I guess there are two questions here. 1) Will your plugin override Woo’s coupons? 2) I haven’t decided if I want these customers to be able to take advantage of a volume discount on top of the special price they’re getting already. If I do, will it work? If someone uses their coupon code, would your plugin allow them to get the bulk discount as well?

    Sorry, I’m not sure that I’m making any sense, so if you need clarification, please let me know.

    • For categories, at least one product in the categories must be in the cart and there is an option to sum the number of units per category, i.e. if enabled, the quantity restrictions apply to the sum of units per category instead of per individual product.


      Categories : Banana, Cherry
      Products in the Banana category : Banana Shake, Banana Soda, Banana Hat
      Products in Cherry : Cherry Cake, Cherry Pudding

      Coupon, Volume Discount : Product Categories – Banana, Cherry, Minimum – 2, Sum categories checked

      If you have one Banana Shake and one Banana Soda in the cart, the coupon can be applied – because there are two products in the cart that belong to the Banana category.

      If you have one Banana Shake and one Cherry Cake in the cart, the coupon can not be applied – because the sums are per category and these two are in different categories; although both categories are chosen for the coupon, it must be summing up to the minimum per category.

      Regarding your other questions:

      #1 It does not override normal coupons, it extends their features.
      #2 As long as the requirements for a coupon are met, the coupon can be applied.

      I hope that helps to get a clearer understanding of how this would work for the case.

      • Elle

        Thank you. That helps.

        I was hoping that it would work cross category, so that if one where to – using your example above – buy a Banana Shake and a Cherry Cake, the coupon could apply since they are at the same price point. So to make it work I would need to add a 3rd category and call it $10 items. Then because both the cake and the shake are also in that category, they could apply the coupon. Would that be correct?

        • Yes that (a common category) would work. Having it distinguish between categories makes it more flexible for those who want to grant discounts for products within a category, while being able to specify more than one category with the same coupon. The approach to use a common category where the coupon should be valid across otherwise unrelated categories would be appropriate to handle this.

  • Ingrid

    I have a plant sale with many different types of plants. If a customer buys 100 or more of the same plant, they receive 10% off the subtotal of that plant.

    Right now, it takes 10% off the entire cart when 100+ of the same plant are purchased. Here are my settings:

    Discount Type: Product % Discount
    Coupon Amount: 10
    Products: (empty)
    Categories: (all plant categories)

    Is it possible to have the coupon look at each individual plant in the cart, and if it has more than 100 of that plant, apply a 10% discount to that plant?

    Also, is it possible to get every single plant in the sale to have its own coupon without doing it by hand?

    Thanks very much. It would be absolutely wonderful if you could help me solve this problem.

    • Ingrid

      I thought I’d include an example to clarify things. The first example is what I want to happen, and the second is what is happening.

      What I want to Happen:

      Flower A $1 each * 100 = $100 //this is the only product that would receive a discount because the customer ordered 100 or more of Flower A.
      Tree B $10 each * 1 = $10
      Shrub C $10 each * 2 = $20

      Subtotal: $130.
      Discount: 10% of $100 = -$10
      Total: $120

      What is currently happening:
      Flower A $1 each * 100 = $100
      Tree B $10 each * 1 = $10
      Shrub C $10 each * 2 = $20

      Subtotal: $130.
      Discount: 10% of $130 = -$13
      Total: $117

      Thank you very much for your assistance!

      • antonio

        you could create a coupon for each product, and select “Apply automatically”. For example:

        Coupon 100-FLOWER-A :Product % discount, limit to product “Flower A”, Volume Discount->Product:: Flower A, minimum 100
        Coupon 100-FLOWER-B :Product % discount, limit to product “Flower B”, Volume Discount->Product:: Flower B, minimum 100
        Coupon 100-FLOWER-C :Product % discount, limit to product “Flower C”, Volume Discount->Product:: Flower C, minimum 100

        I think this can work fine.

        • Ingrid

          Hi Antonio,
          Thank you for your reply. That was an idea I had as well, but is it scalable? There are thousands of plants. Do you know of a way to automate making a coupon for each plant?

          Thanks so much.

          • Hi Ingrid,

            The way product discount coupons work in WooCommerce is that you can restrict them to apply to certain products and/or product categories. The problem here is that it actually misses to include an option that allows to ‘apply the discount per product as long as it is within this category’ …

            So although you can use the plugin to further restrict the coupon based on a minimum quantity, it will still apply to all products in the cart that belong to the required category as long as one of them meets the quantity restriction. So this only leaves you with the option to create one coupon per product. That’s not practical for your case, I can understand that you would prefer to have an automated way for that. The solution is probably to use volume-based pricing instead of coupons, because that is what you’re really trying to achieve.

  • Ingrid

    Hi Kento,
    I would really appreciate your help with this problem. I have a ton of products and want to make a coupon for each product where if a customer buy 100 or more of the same product, they get 10% off the total amount they are spending on that specific product. Even if they have other items in their cart, it will only take 10% of the products they are buying 100 or more of.

    Is there any way to automate making the same coupon for every single plant?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    • I’m not sure if that plugin is a solution to your case, but I think it’s worth looking at: http://www.woothemes.com/products/dynamic-pricing/

      This actually modifies the product prices instead of working with coupons, with that it looks like a closer match to what you want to achieve. The documentation for it is here: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/woocommerce-dynamic-pricing/

      I hope that can help you, I’ve been asked more than once if price-modifications such as yours are possible with the WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons plugin, but it’s a different approach and as it is currently, it’s not a feasible solution where you have lots of products where the actual price of the individual product needs to be modified and where that should be specified by category.

  • aeli

    I get a fatal error when installing this plug in

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function shortcode_exists() in /home/content/g/g/l/gglunchbox/html/ggltest/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons/lib/views/class-woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons-shortcodes.php on line 31

  • bigship

    Hello, just installed the plugin but discount doesn’t work.
    I’m able to see coupon and volume description inside pages for specified products (but only in default language) but in the cart total i always see the full amount. thanks

    WP 3.7.1 woocommerce 2.0.20 and volume discount 1.1.1

  • Hello thanks for quick reply.
    The coupon name is 2lenti.
    Settings are for Cart Discount with at least two items.
    “Apply automatically” checked and “anywhere” checked for both coupon description and “volume discount info”

    • The “Lenti Hydrotac” get a discount for 2 or more applied. Is the discount code for that product only or how do you have the product or category restrictions set please? A screenshot of the settings would also do.

      • sorry but i have tried everything and still doesn’t work.
        I have no restriction at all.
        I have checked settings reported by Will Cherrington but seems already flagged.
        I could send admin area access to your email for you to check
        PLease let me know thanks

        • antonio

          please send us dashboard admin access to support at itthinx dot com (please indicate this comment in the email).

  • I am having the same issues as bigship. After purchasing and installing the plug-in and setting up two coupons , Value Discount 50-99 units and Value Discount 100< units. I have set up the coupons by going to dashboard WooCommerce/Coupons/Add Coupon/ Volume Discount section. I am able to see both coupons in the item page. But it will not show line item discount in the cart or the sub-totals or total.
    I have used both methods recommended in the documentation adding the items and the Product, Product Category, and both Product/Product Category. None of these combinations will show the discount in the cart.
    URL: HDDJetNozzle.com
    WP 3.8
    MyStyle : 1.2.17
    Woo Framework: 5.5.5

    Any assistance and recommendations are appreciated

    • Hi Will,

      I’d need to know what exact settings you are using for the coupon and how your products are structured, but let’s see if the following helps.

      If you want to have a volume discount applied automatically for a single Product A:

      – Discount Type : Product % Discount
      – Amount : 10 (we’ll assume you give a 10% discount when they buy 50-99 units)
      – Products : Product A
      Volume Discount
      – Products : Product A
      – Minimum : 50
      – Maximum : 99
      – Apply automatically : [x] checked

      This will result in a 10 % discount applied automatically when someone has 50 or more but below 100 units of Product A in the cart.

      Let’s assume that you want to grant a 20% discount when 100 or more of Product A are purchased, then you would need a second coupon with the same settings as above except:

      – Amount : 20
      – Minimum : 100
      – Maximum : (empty)

      (BTW your comments were in the queue for moderation)

  • Hello kento,
    Thanks for your response and I apologize if I seem impatient but you fear that my comments were merely being deleted with no indication they were in a holding pattern or queue.
    Your explanation seems fairly straightforward which we believe we have set everything up in accordance to your comments and recommendations, with the exception of Profit % Discount, we had originally selected Cart % Discount, all other settings where as you have outlined. Also for your information thinking that we could have a problem with the Product Page settings we have gone back in an established link to categories Jet Nozzle Assemblies which applies to the first two items on our homepage along with their variables, and Jet Nozzle Parts which applies to the other for products everything not defined as “Assembly”. We have checked and double checked every other product page setup alternate and feel that they are correct. I would like to note that each item has variables but I do not believe that this is preventing the volume discount from working as we are using categories “Assembly, Jet Nozzle Parts”.
    In regards to the Coupon Page Setup it is difficult to define every setting but I will do my best. Somewhere in this form I notice someone reference screenshot but I’m not seeing how to attach a screenshot. That said I will describe the settings in one of the two coupons we have set up:
    Coupon description: volume discount That 50 – 99 units
    Discount Type: Product % Discount
    Coupon Amount: 10
    Enable Free Shipping: no check

    We have set up a second coupon for “volume discount 100< units” using the same settings
    We would like to note and bring to your attention :
    1- we have not added products or categories in the first section only adding the information under Volume Discount section. We have however tried both ways adding it then deleting when it made no difference.
    2- We have under volume discount used added items in Products only (no line item discount in the cart), Added Categories (no line item discount in the cart), added both Products and categories at the same time (no line item discount in the cart).
    3- It is possible to send a screenshot please advise how.
    4- WordPress version: 3.8
    5- WOOCommererce Theme: Mystyle 1.1.17
    6- Woo framework : 5.5.5
    7- URL: hddjetnozzle.com

    Thank you for your assistance,

  • Dear Kento,
    Please disregard our request for help we have resolved the problem. For your information while reviewing all of the WooCommerace settings in particular WooCommerance/Settings? General Tab/ Cart, Checkout and Accounts/ Coupons: Enable the use of coupons was not checked. After checking this box the volume discount plug-in appears to work fine.

    If you have a troubleshooting section I might suggest you add a note to check the settings reference above.

    Thank you,

  • Hi,
    I’m trying to create a coupon that nobody could use, excepted selected people from a specific company
    1/Where can i set up the restriction
    2/Can i limit the coupons to a serial email company ? Ex: —-@ibm.fr
    3/How works the button “appliquer code promo” on the cart page ? The customer must use wich code ? the coupon’s name ?
    As you can see… i’m lost

  • Bob

    Well! I have purchased this plugin and I can say it’s wonderful. There is one scenario that I am not sure how I can implement.
    Here is my scenario:
    – apply coupon automatically
    – limit usage per user to 1 (I can implement this using plugin Coupon Count Down)
    – Apply $10 discount on a product for max 5 instances of the product on customer’s cart.

    I can set this up easily with Volume Discount plugin and it works untill the customer orders 1 to 5 instances of the product. This is excellent but if customer orders 6 of the same product, the coupon doesn’t apply because the qty is more than max. However, I still want the customer to receive discount for the first 5 items ordered (and the 6th item must be paid normal price). The coupon rule doesn’t this happen simply because custmer has ordered more than “discountable” range of the product.

    I tried to achieve this by creating a second coupon that applies to MIN 6 items of the product with $50 discount on the cart with Automatic Apply enabled. This works fine except for one thing: The usage limit per user. Indeed, since there are two coupons, the user can benefit both when orders in two separate transactions.

    I am thinking if there is a checkbox on this plugin reading this:

    [ ] Apply coupon on MAX number of the product if order items are over MAX

    my problem could be solved.

    Other suggestion I can have is to assign a “cap” discount so the coupon can be set to apply on unlimited MAX but to the extend of, say, $50. This way, I can set a coupon with min=1 and max=unlimited but set the cap to $50.

    • Hi Bob,

      Many thanks for your feedback and the suggestions. The maximum/cap would be great to have, although I’m quite certain that this would require some important changes and additions to WooCommerce itself (due to how discount amounts are handled internally).

      WooCommerce 2.1.x introduces a new “Limit usage to X items” option for product discounts which you will be able to use as you have suggested.

  • greg

    I try tho set up a coupon that apply a discount per unit with a condition of total volume in the cart.
    eg: get 0.20 discount per unit if there is a minimum of 24 units in the cart, all products or categories includes.
    If the plugin can manage this case, could you provide me the right settings? Thanks.


  • I bought it and tried to make it so that when you add 3 products to the cart you get 20% discount but it is not working at all!

  • Jeppe

    I’m having problems with my coupons not applying properly, after updating to WooCommerce 2.1.2. Have you been able to test with this version yet?

    I have two coupons configured:

    1. A 10% on total when 2+ of any product is in the cart.(can not be used in conjunction with other coupons)
    2. A 25% on products in specific categories when 6+ products is in the cart

    However, the system keeps applying the 10% coupon, even though the requirements for coupon 2 is met.


    • antonio

      the system uses coupon 1 because you have more that 2 products. When try to apply coupon 2 then the system can not apply this because coupon 1 is applied, and can not be used in conjuntion with other coupons.
      You could limit coupon 1 with Minimum=2 and Maximum=5.

  • David

    Hello, will the plugin offer quantity discounts for certain products only something like:-

    product 1 no discount
    product 2 1-5 no discount 6-10 10% 11+ 15%
    product 3 1 no discount 2-5 15% 6-10 20% 11+ 22.5%

    can it be applied by category if I choose?

    no discount off the freight


  • David

    Thanks for that; one last question is I am not that clever; how much support is available to help make it work?

    Many thanks

  • I got the plugin to work. I have the following discounts: 20% when u buy 3 or more prodcts and 10% when you buy 2 products. The only problem is, it is also applied when the person has a free product in their cart.
    So say I have a 10 dollar book and a free book, the 10% discount applies.

    I excluded the free products on the coupon settings, but then another problem happens. if I have, for example, 3 paid products and one free product in my cart, the coupon doesn’t apply at all. Shouldn’t the free product just be ignored instead of ruining the entire cart?

    • Hi Sarah,

      I see that in this case it would make sense to exclude the free product, as you can’t exclude these from being counted, I would suggest to base it on a category that does not include the free ones.

  • Soph

    I am trying to set up products with a product % discount – example: product £4.80, coupon description is buy 2 or more for £4.40. In the coupon settings I have added product %discount of 16.67% However when I go to my cart, it is giving a discount of £32.40 (75%)I have tested various other products, and am getting very odd figures – I can’t find any consistency with how the discount are being applied. I can send admin login details via email.
    Wordpress 3.8.1 Woocommerce 2.1.2
    Thank you

    • Hi Soph, can you please post a screenshot of the relevant coupon settings and provide a link to the site to try it? Admin access is also an option, you can send it to support at itthinx dot com please.

  • Soph

    Thanks for getting back, unfortunately have had to go for another option…

  • Johan

    I installed the plugin. I paid nothing, is this normal? It’s free?

    Apart from that, I can not find the new “Volume Discount section.” I looked everywhere, in all sections WooCommerce but no new panel.

    • Hi Johan,

      Which plugin exactly have you installed please? There are quite a few plugins that are provided freely to the community and others are premium plugins.

  • Jim


    Thanks for the plugin.

    The discount calculations in the cart are behaving differently than expected.

    0 to 4 Cards (cards category) 0% discount on category items
    5 50 10 Cards (cards category) 10% discount subtotal on all cards in cart


    Legend First Coupon ( Second Coupon )

    Discount type: Product % Discount
    Coupon amount: 0 (10)

    Product categories: Cards

    Under Volume Discount :

    Product Categories: Cards
    Minimum: 1 (5)
    Maximum: 4 (no restriction)
    Apply automatically: [X]
    Sum categories: [X]


    5 cards @ $4.50 = $22.50

    Cart Totals

    Cart Subtotal $22.50
    Coupon: 10% -$11.25 [Remove]
    Order Total $11.25

    Expected 10% discount for all cards category to be $2.50 NOT $11.25

    • Ok the first coupon with a 0 discount isn’t really needed, it’s not necessary to define a coupon when no discount should apply.

      The second coupon grants 10% on products of the Card category for 5 or more should result in a $2.25 discount if only these are in the cart. Is it possible that there is another additional coupon acting in your test?

  • Johan


    I installed “WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons”

    • Ok thanks, this plugin is distributed through CodeCanyon only. If you obtained it from somewhere else, then I’d suggest you get it from there. Anything you have obtained from somewhere else (i.e. not through itthinx, CodeCanyon or one of our authorized distributors) may pose a serious security risk to your site and is not supported by us.

  • Johan

    Ok, thanks a lot. Clicking on picture at top of this page, I find it.

  • Jim

    Hi kento,

    Thanks for your help.

    Your response was what I expected. The discount calculations are unchanged.

    1. Deleted coupon for 0 to 4 cards
    2. Deleted all other coupons, except for coupon for >= 5


    Only one coupon exists. This is the category cards discount for 5 or more cards.


    DISPLAYED RESULTS (copied from cart)
    Cart Totals
    Cart Subtotal $22.50
    Coupon: 10% -$11.25 [Remove]
    Order Total $11.25


    SETTINGS (from coupon backend)

    Discount type: Product%Discount
    Coupon amount: 10
    Allow free shipping: unchecked
    Apply before tax: unchecked
    Coupon expiry date: YYYY-MM-DD

    Volume Discount
    Product: Categories: Cards
    Minimum: 5
    Maximum: no restriction
    Apply automatically: checked
    Sum categories: checked

    I conducted a test with a new coupon. This may shed light on the behavior.

    NEW COUPON ( 1 to 4 cards 10% )

    SETTINGS (from coupon backend)

    Discount type: Product%Discount
    Coupon amount: 10
    Allow free shipping: unchecked
    Apply before tax: unchecked
    Coupon expiry date: YYYY-MM-DD

    Volume Discount
    Product: Categories: Cards
    Minimum: 1
    Maximum: 4
    Apply automatically: checked
    Sum categories: checked


    #Cards $Subtotal $Discount Comment
    1 4.50 0.45 OK
    2 9.00 1.80 Result is 2 expected
    3 13.50 4.05 Result is 3x expected
    4 18.00 7.20 Result is 4x expected

    It appears that the coupon for 1 to 4 card for 10% discount is performing the following calculation

    total-discount = cart-subtotal * discount% * number-of-cards


    total-discount = cart-subtotal * discount%


    Thanks for your help.


    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the details, I’ve replicated this on a test site with plain WooCommerce and no additional coupon plugins installed.

      It shows exactly the same thing, to me this is a bug – this is what I’ve found (WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons NOT activated) :

      I’ve defined a coupon of type Product % Discount, Coupon amount is 10, Product categories “Cards” with a product that has the same price. For one unit, it gives a 10% discount, for two units it grants 20%, … for ten units it grants a 100% discount. Obviously not the desired outcome.

      I’ll file a bug report on that.

  • Jim


    Thanks for your help and your plugin.

    I’ve updated ALL plugins.
    The calculations for the category item is now working as expected.

    However, there is still a behavior that’s not expected. When only the products in the discount product category are in the cart the calculation are good. If a product NOT in that category is added to the cart, the category discount is ALSO applied to that non-category item.

    Since the “Discount Type” is Product%Discount, then the discount should only be applied to the items that satisfy the coupon categories.

    Well,,,,,, at least that’s how I see it?


    • I think what’s missing in your coupon is to set the Product Category in the coupon standard settings as well. If that isn’t set, the coupon is applied to any in the cart.

  • Jim


    Thanks for a quick reply.

    Sorry to a pain, but just to be sure.

    By “coupon standard settings” indicated above you mean the the “Usage Restriction” tab?

  • Andrew Sidders


    How do I setup a coupon in the style of your screenshot.

    Buy 5 Asparagus and get 50% a 25% discount on potatoes?


    • Andrew

      Sorry all sorted now… but 1 more question… how do I modify the position of the pound symbol in the volume discount info?

      For example in your screenshot “Buy 50 to 100 carrots and get a 5£ cart discount”, how do I alter the text so it displays £5 rather than 5£?


      • Thanks for the update Andrew.

        For the currency symbol, this would be under WooCommerce > Settings > Catalog > Pricing Options > Currency Position.

        • Andrew

          That doesn’t seem to work for the coupon display when using [coupon_discount]. I already have the currency position set to the left.

          • I’ve found what’s causing this, you will see an updated version available for download that improves the way the currency display is handled, taking the correct format into account.

        • Andrew

          Thanks for the fix!

          There still seems to be a problem with the [coupon_discount] shortcode?

          • You’re welcome, thanks for pointing out the issue :)

            The code seems to work fine here, give this a try please:

            Showing all coupon discounts

            [coupon_enumerate code="*"]

            The currency display should be according to the WooCommerce settings.

          • Andrew

            Sorry, I wasn’t very clear before…
            Volume Discount coupons are displaying correctly but other coupons are still displaying in the format ’10£ Discount in Games’ using the shortcode.

            • Thanks Andrew, this is because the WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes plugin hasn’t been updated yet to use a recently introduced function in WooCommerce which WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons already uses with the latest update. I’m taking note of that and will update WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes as well.

            • Update: WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes 1.2.3 has just been released and now uses WooCommerce’s settings to display the amount and currency symbol.

          • Andrew

            Thanks! Will install now :o)

  • Chregan

    The additional options are not appearing under the add/edit coupons page.
    I can see the settings under Woocommerse->Settings, but I cant actually configure a discount/coupon.
    I am running WordPress 3.8.1 and Woocommerse 2.1.5.
    Please let me know what needs to be done to get this working.
    I purchased this via Code Canyon.

  • Vicnent

    is this plugin able to multiply the value of a coupon by Quantity?
    Ex: $10 coupon x 10 product Qty = $100 total discount
    thks guys

  • Vicnent

    you can see my issue at http://www.sanblastrip.com
    I want to multiply value of coupon according number of people booking the trip.

  • Lixation

    I have sent two emails but received no reply so posting here again.

    With the latest version of Woocommerce I get the following error:

    The coupon plugin shows in the WC menu. However, the “coupon” option is
    absent from the menu settings of WC.
    I have tried reinstalling both the plugin and woocommerce and disabling other plugins, but this has no effect.

    I sent a screenshot to your email.

    Can you tell me what might be causing this conflict?
    Thank you

    • antonio

      maybe you have not selected “Enable the use of coupons” in Woocommerce->Settings:Checkout ?

  • Hello,

    I hope you can help me. I have 3 different coupons. 5%, 10% and 15% Discount. They are all set to Product discount and when it’s displayed on my product page like the link above it shows in a weird order.
    It shows 10%, 15% and 5% — I need to the order to be the highest type of dsicount at the top and the lowest at the bottom.
    How do I achieve this?

    Thank you in advance.

    • antonio

      Not sure, but you can check if the last set is placed last. In that case, just create them in the desired order.

  • I am using Volume Discount Coupons and trying to setup the following. I read the documentation, but can’t seem to get it to work.

    QTY Cost Total
    1 $325 $325
    2 $300 $625
    3 $300 $925
    Etc etc

    • For 2 items at 300$ each your total is 625$ ? Looks like a premium to me, not a discount …

      If you just want to modify the product price for a specific product, you would limit the coupon to that product, set a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 2 and declare the coupon as a product discount with $25 as the amount. With the product at $325 normally, this would give you $300 after discount and limited to 2 units. You would also enable the auto-apply option.

  • warriors

    Thanks Kento. I didn’t explain it correctly so here it goes:

    1 item of the same product will always be $325
    The second item will receive a $25 discount, but the first item is still $325. So the total would be $625 for the 2 items of that product.

    The 3rd would also receive a $25 discount, along with the 2nd, so $325+$300+$300=$925.

    • warriors

      Is there a way to have a coupon applied to a product if not purchasing all in the same order?

      So in my example above, if the customer returns for a 3rd item of that product, I’d like to apply the same coupon rules as if they were purchasing all at once.


    • Ah ok :) That would be easy then:

      Coupon X for two units of Product A :

      Discount Type : Cart Discount
      Coupon Amount : 25

      General under Volume Discount:
      Products : Product A
      Minimum : 2
      Maximum : 2
      Apply automatically : checked

      Usage Restriction:
      Products: Product A

      Coupon Y for three units of Product A would be the same except for min/max values. Or if you want to grant it for three or more, simply don’t specify the maximum.

      Note that you have to set the product both in the Volume Discount settings as well as the Usage Restriction.

      • Warriors

        Thank you Kento. Using this exact same example:

        If user purchases a QTY of 2 for Product A during the same order, Coupon X gets applied correctly as noted above.


        If user purchases a QTY of 1 for Product A on Monday, no coupon was applied. So if user purchases an additional QTY of 1 for Product A again on Tuesday, the coupon was still not applied even though his total purchase is 2 for Product A.

        I need Coupon X to be applied regardless of when Product A is purchased.

        I purchased WooCommerce Coupons Countdown as you instructed, but it is not working for me as described in my example.

        • Let me provide an example which I’ve just tested – this is to illustrate how a discount would be granted automatically based on a minimum quantity in the cart and the previously ordered quantity. It’s important to note that the orders must have been processed or completed for previous product quantities to be taken into account. The coupon settings are:

          Discount type : Cart Discount
          Coupon amount : 5

          General / Expiration & validity based on products ordered
          Duration : (empty)
          Duration UOM : Days
          Products : Product A
          Minimum : 1
          Maximum : (empty)

          General / Volume Discount
          Products : Product A
          Product Categories : (empty)
          Minimum : 1
          Maximum : (empty)
          Apply automatically : checked
          Sum categories : unchecked

          Let’s assume this is the only coupon you have, to make it simpler to understand. Now if you first order the product, it won’t apply any discount because you haven’t ordered the product previously. After you have ordered the product and assuming the order has been completed or is processing, if you prepare a second order, the discount will be applied automatically.

          When you use this in combination with other discount codes, make sure that they are applied exclusively, otherwise you’ll end up granting double discounts.

          • Warriors

            If QTY 1 on the first purchase didn’t trigger a coupon, how will this work on the second purchase since a coupon was never triggered?

          • Kento, I did what you told me and it works exactly as planned when I return to purchase.

            The final problem that remains is this:
            -As the quantity goes up, I have existing coupons from your previous suggestion which does not get applied with this new coupon.

            Any way we can get on a chat session and I can show you?

          • Disregard my last message April 19, 2014 2:39 am. I’ve narrowed it down:

            Coupon X is based on qty of Product A. This works perfect when processing a single order. Coupon Y also works as planned. If you have already purchased Product A, then every single quantity thereafter for Product A will equal $300. Only 1 coupon, Y, needed for this.

            The problem is if you purchase Product A once, then you return, both Coupon X and Y are being applied.

            So I need a way to say that if Coupon Y is being applied, do not apply the other coupons. I clicked user restrictions to only allow Coupon Y, but that has 2 issues: (1) the warning message letting you know only Coupon Y can be applied will alarm customers. (2) If there are other items in the cart such as Product B which have their own coupon structure, Coupon Z, that will harm Product B.

            • Hm … what we’re looking at really is mutually exclusive coupons. Something that allows to say, Coupon X is valid unless Coupon Y is applied. Based on the current coupon features in WooCommerce, the only way to do that would be to use the woocommerce_coupon_is_valid filter and restrict a coupon’s validity based on other coupons already applied. I haven’t seen any other coupon extension that offers this functionality. It might be worth considering to build it.

          • Would you be interested in taking on that mini-project?

            If yes, email me.

          • “I’m considering to build that plugin already, let me look further into it and I’ll see if that’s feasible.”

            Have you thought about it?

            This would also solve Lixation’s problem because it sounds like he has more than one Coupon applied. If your new feature overrides one coupon with another, that could fix 2 problems.

          • Minimum Qty in the Cart no longer with WooCommerce 2.1.11

  • Lixation


    How can I stop the coupon description being shown before a user adds the product to the cart.

    Currently, when a user clicks into look at any product description they see the following two boxes:

    Coupon Code applied Successfully

    You’ve saved 50% on your total order

    These two boxes then follow the user around on any product page they click into. It’s really offputting considering they haven’t yet added anything to the cart.

    I have deselected every box so the discount is should not be showing in any pages.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, I’m currently talking to someone else experiencing the same thing. It doesn’t seem that it’s related to the plugin though, do you have any other plugins installed that can affect coupons or caching? See also this conversation http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons/5539403/comments#comment_6456638

      • Lixation


        I have also experienced the multiple instances of “coupon applied” as the user described in the other conversation you linked to. However, this happens intermittently and not all the time.

        I have no other coupon plugins installed.

        I have Woocommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife installed, but this has effect on coupons. I am ot using any caching plugins.

        Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks.

        • Thanks, I’ll further look into it.

          • Lixation

            Hi Kento, any joy on this? It’s really off putting for customers and losing me sales. Cheers

            • Hi, we haven’t been able to reproduce this yet and would appreciate detailed info on the coupon settings of coupons involved, WooCommerce settings and product settings. Admin access to have a look directly at the site would be welcome, too. If you can provide that, please create an account for support at itthinx dot com or send access details there.

        • BTW if several coupons are applied automatically, then it would be normal to have multiple instances of “Coupon code applied successfully.” appear, once for each coupon that has been applied. But this happens only once when the coupons are admitted to the cart.

  • Hi Kento…

    Is this a plugin that let you make a coupon for a buy 1 take 1?

    e.g. when user apply the coupon, he will get additional item of what he bought for free.

    also I tried to login in demo page using user/password: coupons but I cant login.

    need it asap. I want to see the demo and test it if this is what I was looking for.

    • Hi,

      The plugin does not modify the quantity but grant a discount. For the case of buy 1 and get 1 free, it can be used to apply the appropriate discount based on the minimum quantity – if you check some of the comments here on this page, you will see similar questions and answers that outline the limitations, for example this comment.

  • i know this is the wrong place for this question because it has nothing to do with coupons. it does, however, concern woo and Affiliates.

    clearly, i thought that i could setup an affiliate and that, when a referral from this affiliate purchases a product, the affiliate gets a commission based on a % of the sales price.

    i hope that is a correct assumption.

  • joe

    When a coupon is applied the coupon applied message shows up But never goes away and follows to other pages including cart and checkout Pretty soon there are 20 or so coupon applied messages on all the screens which customers must scroll through on every page How do I stop this – thx

  • Joe

    I setup coupon A to give a $1 discount on item A when you buy two, which works fine, but if you had another item from the same category, it discounts those also. I wish to have separate coupons for each item at different discount rates and not have them combine. Please advise

    • Hi Joe,

      If you don’t want to restrict items in the category, you should rather restrict it to the product and create a coupon for each product. This is especially true if you want to grant different discounts depending on the product.


  • Joe

    Also I might add, the coupon is discount anything in the cart – thx

    • Please make sure that you are using the correct discount type. If you get a % on the cart and want specific products discounted, you need to set it to Product % Discount and indicate the products that should be discounted. This is not related to the plugin itself but rather to the way discounts are applied in WooCommerce. You can read more about this in the Coupon Management section of the WooCommerce documentation. Also for details on this plugin, please see the documentation page.

  • we would like to have a different percentage go to customers who refer someone than resellers. we want 14% to the customers and 30% to resellers. how do we do that?

  • we also ave Affiliate enterprise and cannot install Affiliate pro because, when it asks for the license,we don’t know where to find it.

    • antonio

      sorry, I do not understand. If you have installed Affiliates Enterprise, you don’t need Affiliates Pro.

  • Andrew Sidders


    I’m using Volume Discount Coupons and displaying them on my product page using the code

    echo WooCommerce_Volume_Discount_Coupons_Product::render_info( $product );

    Volume discount style coupons are displayed as intended but regular coupons are not.

    How can I display regular coupons on the page?

    I also have a second problem… I have set expiry dates on the coupons, these have expired so I would expect the coupons to no longer display, but they are still shown. Is there a fix to stop them displaying if they have expired?


  • Irwin Nardo

    How do you set up a “buy 2 get 1 at 50% off” scenario? I purchased the plugin and couldn’t figure out how to handle this.

    • Hi,

      This would be done using a 25% product discount and limiting it to 2 units minimum and maximum. So you coupon settings would be:
      – General > Discount Type: Product % Discount
      – General > Amount : 25
      – General > Volume Discount > Products : (choose product to which the coupon should be limited)
      – General > Volume Discount > Minimum : 2
      – General > Volume Discount > Maximum : 2
      – General > Volume Discount > Apply automatically : (checked)
      – Usage Restriction > Products : (choose product to be discounted)

      The limitations for this would be that you need to define several coupons if you want to cover other quantity combinations.


      • Irwin Nardo

        I tried implementing this method however it’s not behaving how I want it to. With this method I am getting a 25% total discount on 2 of the same products that I add to the cart. I want it to be a discount if you place 3 items in your cart. The third item (or the least expensive item) is discounted at 50% off. Is this possible?

        • If you want to discount the least expensive item, that isn’t possible because there is no option to say “apply the discount to the least expensive product in the cart”.

          You can have the discount applied to a specific product if you indicate the product under Usage Restriction > Products – you can use other products as the conditional under General > Volume Discount > Products – so that you have the possibility of defining which products can trigger a discount based on what is in the cart.

      • Irwin Nardo

        I used this method however it doesn’t give me the third item 50% off. I need it to be where if you buy 2 products, the 3rd product is 50% off. Is there a way to do this?

        • I’m not sure what exact conditions you require to grant a discount. Let’s assume a customer has three different products in the cart, A, B and C. Which of those products should be discounted? If it’s the least expensive as you mentioned in your previous comment, then that’s not possible. If it’s one of those products, then you would need to set the product restrictions accordingly so that the coupon requires certain products or product categories in the cart provided a minimum quantity is met and have the discount applied by setting the appropriate usage restriction to the product that should be discounted. If you can shed some light on the A, B and C product example, I can tell you if it’s possible and if yes, how to do it.

          • Irwin Nardo

            I found an example in your documentation, and I believe I got it working. Thanks for your help. I do have another question that I will ask in another comment

  • Irwin Nardo

    Can I have a coupon code to allow BOGO. I would like to advertise the following…”Buy one get one free. Enter coupon code XXXX to get this offer.”

    • Something close is possible, although it’s not exactly the same. One option to do this is to create a coupon limited to 2 units and granting a 50% discount on the product. The limitation here is that it would only apply with two units in the cart. Another option is to only use the minimum restriction, but then you would effectively grant “50% off for any quantity of 2 or more” and that’s not exactly the same as BOGOF.

      • Irwin Nardo

        could you explain how I create this “Coupon Code” that a customer has to type in the cart in order to get the discount. thanks.

        • Assuming you use a category ‘BOGOF’ to which all eligible products are assigned so that customers can use the buy one get one free promotion:

          For the standard coupon settings:
          Discount type: Product % Discount
          Coupon amount: 50
          Product categories: BOGOF

          Under Volume Discount:
          Product Categories: BOGOF
          Minimum: 2
          Maximum: 2
          Apply automatically: [ ]
          Sum categories: [ ]

          If you want to extend the promotion to quantities above 2, you need to define additional coupons.

  • lilshaz

    I was hoping to have more than one coupon to apply % discounts to the cart based on qty purchased.
    – 10% cart disc when 6-11 products purchased
    – 15% cart disc when 12+ products purchased (or an extra 5% on the above 10% discount making 15% total).
    This would work perfectly if I could use ‘Apply Automatically’ but set it to ONLY when another specific coupon has already been applied. Any ideas how to get this to work? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi,

      You can make this work if you have all products assigned to a ‘General’ category and apply the restriction so that the sums apply to products in that category. Assuming you have all products assigned to a ‘General’ category, the coupon settings would be as follows (the values for the second coupon shown within parenthesis):

      Coupon Data > General :
      – Discount Type : Cart % Discount
      – Coupon Amount : 10 (15)
      Volume Discount :
      – Product Cagegories : General
      – Minimum : 6 (12)
      – Maximum : 11 (empty)
      – Apply automatically : [x]
      – Sum categories : [x]

      Note that as it is a Cart % Discount, no Product Categories need to be set to limit the discount. If you were to restrict the discount to products in a certain category and had a Product % Discount as the coupon type, then these would need to be indicated.

  • I have successfully installed the plugin and added a coupon, which works great! However, I have coded a drop down cart on my theme that is not showing the discounted cart total when someone has added the correct amount of pants (2 or more pairs of any pant or short). The Cart page and the checkout page are showing the right total. How can I show the discounted total price and/or the amount they are saving elsewhere on the site? I checked in the documentation, but couldn’t find anything about that.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Hey guys, i figured this out if anyone ever needs to know it.. you have to grab some more information to add discount information on other pages.

      $second_number = $woocommerce->cart->discount_total;
      $sum_total = $first_number - $second_number;
      setlocale(LC_MONETARY, 'en_US');
      $cart_total_after_discount = money_format('%(#10n', $sum_total);
      $discount_total = money_format('%(#10n', $second_number);
      $original_total = money_format('%(#10n', $first_number);
      0){ echo '' .$original_total. '';} ?>
      0){ echo '(You Save:'. $discount_total .')';} ?>

    • Hi Jessie,

      If your custom-coded widget is not showing the correct amount, I would suggest for you to review how this is done correctly in WooCommerce – see the https://github.com/woothemes/woocommerce/blob/master/templates/cart/cart-totals.php implementation for example which should be helpful for you in obtaining the correct results. I hope that helps, note that the totals themselves are not directly modified by this extension.


  • This plugin has SERIOUS problem. If I have a coupon set to give 20% off when the user has 2 or more items in their cart, and the user adds two items in their cart, the coupon is applied. This works fine. However, if the customer REMOVES one of the items in the cart, and they only have one thing in their cart now, they STILL get the discount!!! That sucks! Now they just get 20% off even though they are only buying one item.

  • Patrick

    Hi, I am trying to create this scenario:

    Buy any two perfumes and get the third one at 40% off!

    Buy any two skincare/makeup and get the third one at 10% off!

    *discounted product to be the lowest-valued product*
    not valid with any other on-going promotions or discount codes.

    However, when I tried to set-up your plugin. when conditions are met, the whole cart is discounted by 40% etc. Any solutions to how to set-up this plugin the way I wanted?

  • Jayden

    Hi Kento,

    I would like to customise some of the terms like that:

    Buy 2 products, and get the third product 50% off.


    Buy any 3 products, and get the fourth one free!

    Rule is that the discounted or free item are of the lowest value and within the Fragrance category. (Because I am selling skincare and cosmetics as well)

    Are the above terms achievable if I purchased the extension?

    Would definitely appreciate your honest opinion.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    • Hi Jayden,

      Based on these requirements, it wouldn’t be possible to achieve with the plugin because it does not allow you to create rules like ‘discount the cheapest one’.


  • Jayden

    Sorry for the spam, but can I hide the alerts below the product? Because I already have a popup banner on that page. Do let me know if its possible. Thanks! :-)

  • Hello,

    I’m almost ready to buy this plugin.
    Just to be sure.

    I have a category with 25 products.
    All the products costs $4.95
    If a customer buy 1 to 9, it’s the normal price
    If he buy 10 to 14, the price become $4,65 each
    If he buy from 15 to 24, it will be $4,33 each
    If he buy more than 25 it will be $3,95 each

    Is the plugin the good choice for this ?

    And if I want to offer free shipping from 5 items of this category, could this plugin help me too ?


    • Hi,

      Regarding the prices, please note that the plugin is used to enhance the coupon discounts based on the quantities in the cart. It does not modify the prices based on quantities. That said, you can use it to apply discounts automatically that would reflect your desired prices, based on the quantities indicated.

      To grant free shipping you would use a normal coupon that grants free shipping and use the additional quantity restrictions to limit it based on a minimum quantity of 5. You can also use the option to apply it automatically.


  • Mark


    on our site the coupon description does not appear on the product if we only wan the coupon to be applied to a certain attribute i.e we want 20% discount on blue not on Red for example. The coupon is applied in checkout but no descrption

    On products where there are no attributes then its working ok.

    is there a work around for this?



    • Hi Mark,

      How do you restrict the coupon to attributes? Are you using another plugin for that? I don’t see where this is related to the volume discounts … can you provide a link to the test site please?

  • Hi there,

    Is there a way to apply this scenario?

    Buy 3 products in category x and get a product discount of £x. But when the fourth product is added, it shouldn’t apply the discount until the sixth product. So three for £x but in batches of threes?

    I hope that makes sense.

    • Hi,

      Yes that is possible, that’s where you would use the Maximum restriction on the volume. Note that if you want to grant discounts for multiples of three, then you would have to create a coupon for each group. That is, one coupon for quantities 1-3, another one for 4-6, etc.


  • Is it possible to have the coupons auto-apply in the (WooCommerce basic) cart widget? Currently they are only applied when cart is viewed in full page (with shipping options, etc.). It would be nice if customers could see their coupons accruing as they shop

    • Hi John, yes there is an option that you can enable individually: Apply automatically – see http://www.itthinx.com/documentation/woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons/ please for details.

      • John

        Thanks for getting back to me. The ‘apply automatically’ successfully applies the coupon automatically when the cart is viewed as a full page, but it doesn’t automatically update the cart as it appears in Woocommerce’s free default ‘Woocommerce Cart’ widget.

        Is there any way to make the coupons auto-apply to the cart widget?

        • The cart widget should reflect the changes just as the full-page cart does. Do you have any caching enabled that could affect the widget? If yes, that could be an issue (not with the coupon extension but in general).

          • John

            No, no caching, or at least, not as far as I’m aware, and I’ve turned it off everywhere whilst putting the site together. Items purchased appear in the cart widget automatically, just not coupons.

            Is it perhaps because the cart widget only shows cart subtotal, whilst in the full cart page the coupons show as applied with shipping below cart subtotal and above the order total? In other words, are the coupons being applied immediately but just not showing in the cart widget?

            (I’ve looked in the widget options, and there are none to show/hide shipping and order totals.)

            It isn’t a big deal if it doesn’t work, it would just be nice.

            • It could be related to the coupons setup then. Do you have them applied before or after tax? If it’s after tax and they don’t show up in the cart widget it could be the reason.

              • John

                I’ve tried with the apply before tax box both ticked and unticked, but neither helps.

              • Thanks John, I’ve checked it on a test installation. What happens is that the cart widget only shows the subtotal, it doesn’t show the total with discounts applied. This isn’t related to the extension, it’s the way the widget works :)

  • Maurice


    I want to automatically create a Buy One Get One Free coupon and send it with Woocommerce Follow Up mails, after a certain period of time to customers. Is this possible with WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons?


  • Hello. I have this add on successfully running on one of my websites, however I have one issue. I have a BOGO set up for certain products, but I only want it to be applied if the customer has a coupon code. Is there a setting I can change to apply the discount only with a correct code?


    • Hi Mike,

      There is an option Apply automatically which you can use to have the coupon applied without the customer having to input the coupon code. If the correct settings are used (e.g. using the quantity restrictions) then the coupon code will only be applied if these restrictions are met. If you haven’t reviewed the docs on it yet, please make sure to have a look at the documentation.


  • Hi! Thanks for the great plugin. I am having an issue where the coupon is applying the discount to the shipping as well. We need the coupon to apply ONLY to the products and charge full price for the shipping. Is this possible?

    • Hi Jessie, many thanks :)

      How the coupon is applied depends on the type of coupon and the standard coupon settings. If you have a coupon which applies to the cart, it would affect the total but it shouldn’t affect the shipping.

  • HI

    May i know, this volume discount can be restricted to selected group only?I Just purchase this plug in , but it seem i cant find where to apply for group only. im new biz in this web, really need your advice .Thxs

  • JP

    Hi Kento,

    We are trying to get the most recent version of the Volume Discount Coupons (1.1.4) plugin working with WooCommerce 2.1.9 and WPML 3.1.5. We use 2 domains, and it appears that the volume based coupons are only working for the primary domain but not the one running the the translated version of the site. Specifically we have created a discount coupon and tested that it works on both domains – when we afterwards add a volume minimum restriction, we get a message saying the the coupon is not valid on the translated site, but it works as intended on the primary site.

    We have tried setting different products and categories, but regardless of the combinations we set for the coupon or put in the basket, the coupons seems to become invalid as soon as we put a value in the “Minimum” field.


    • Hi Jakob,

      How have you set up the sites, multisite or two independent ones? Can we have a look at the admin side? If yes, please send access details to support at itthinx dot com with a link to this comment please.


  • Hi Kento,

    Can I use this plugin to set up a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” coupon? I’d like for the coupon to be entered at checkout and have 1 bottle automatically added to the order if they are buying 2. If they try to enter the coupon without having 2 products in the cart then I’d like there to be a message that says, “the coupon is only valid if purchasing 2 products” or something along those lines. Does this plugin have such a functionality?

    Kind Regards,


  • i just purchased your plugin and am trying to set up a volume discount of, spend $100 and get a free zulugrass bracelet spend $200 and get a free sohza tee shirt? can this be done?

    • Hi Debbie,

      This should do it using coupon settings:

      – General > Discount Type: Product % Discount; Amount : 100; Volume Discount > [X] Apply automatically
      – Usage Restriction > Minimum Spend : 100; Products > Bracelet

      Note that you’re only using the ‘apply automatically’ option from this plugin, the rest is standard settings limiting to a product. It doesn’t add the product to the cart automatically though, the customer would still need to do that by herself.


  • I purchased this plugin for mixed case purchases, because the WooCommerce coupon a) does not compute this and b) does not automatically do the deduction.

    I set up the coupon as a 15% on a purchase of 12 items or more.
    First I entered all the products, but found that this only calculated a discount if 12 of a single product was purchased. So I deleted those.
    Then I added the category ‘Wines’ to each and every wine in the shop and set it so any wines to a total of 12. And it doesn’t calculate. I also put a value (least price wine x 12) in the Minimum field. Still doesn’t work.

    Is there something I’m not checking/entering?

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