Any way to apply a group to batch of pages?

Hi! I love this plugin. I’m using it to segment access for a site we are using for documentation handbooks where different user groups have different access to policy handbooks. But, it would be super helpful if there was a way that I could select a group of pages and assign a group to them […]

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Group forums and Divi conflict

Hi There, I was reading through the docs and I see that some themes do not display the forum topics properly. I have discovered that Divi theme is one of them, I can see the topic and comments but not the actual content of the forum post. I see that I need to create a […]

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Group hierarchy content access

So I understand group hierarchies work such that capabilities are inherited from a parent group to a child groups, but does that also apply to content control access? For example, if I have a Parent Group Called “Tier 1” and a Child Group called “Tier 2”, would content only visible (via shortcodes) to Tier 1 […]

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Fatal error with buddypress

Hi, I have an installation combining Groups and BuddyPress. Every time I create a group on a page, a fatal error occurs. The group is created anyway, and I can call it after. Even more, once it is created I can operate normally. It is in the moment of creation when the error happens. Regards […]

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Hide categories if no posts for that user

Hi, Thanks again for such a great plugin (+the categories one). I’m trying to stop the categories being displayed for users that don’t have any posts available to them in that category. e.g. when outputting a list of categories, we are shown the category name (with number of posts) but this doesn’t take into account […]

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Assign User to Group

My site shall support a type of virtual tournament. I have a site where I need: – users (staff/instructors) who are members of a specific staff-group – to be able to assign other users (participants in the tournament) to specific group (bases). How can I, with a Short Code or by PHP make a button […]

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Groups file access pdf’s not loading

Hi, We’ve been using the Groups File Access plugin on our site for a few years now to control access to PDF downloads. Many of our PDF’s have suddenly stopped working. The first page of the PDF will load, but the rest of the file never loads. This is causing serious issues for our users. […]

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Defaulting new posts (only) to use “Registered” group

Hi, Great plugin – thanks I’m trying to default to “registered” group on save of post. Adding the code you mentioned in a reply to someone else it saves for both posts and pages, I’m looking for posts only. This is my staring point in functions.php Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks // […]

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Group user log

Hi, i need to be able to see a log of when a user joined and left the groups on my website. Is this possible? Thanks for the help

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Is it possible to time out access to a group?

Hi, i want users to be able to add themselves to a group on my site, but for this to be periodically revoked so that they have to re-validate themselves. I am using the groups_join shortcode to allow them to self add. Is it possible? thanks

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Check whether page is restricted

Hello, I’m simply trying to show/hide something on my page based on whether there are any group restrictions assigned to it. I’m using this example code, but it is not working. The $post_is is returning correctly, but when I do a var_dump of $group_ids I get 0, regardless of whether groups are assigned to the […]

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