WooCommerce Product Generator

WooCommerce Product Generator is a sample product generator for WooCommerce.

It’s purpose is to provide an automated way of creating even very large sets of products, useful in providing a test environment for performance benchmarks and use case testing.

Click to download the current version : WooCommerce Product Generator

The generator provides two modes of operation:

  • Single Run where up to a certain number of products are generated in a single request.
  • Continuous AJAX Run which is used to produce large sets of sample products in a continuous fashion.

This tool produces demo products for testing purposes. It is not recommended to use this on a production site. The plugin will not clean up the data it has created. The plugin will create a product-generator user in the role of a Shop Manager.

The continuous generator runs at most once per second, creating up to the indicated number of products per run. The continuous generator will try to create new products until stopped, or the total number of products reaches the indicated limit.

The generated products have an individual featured image and price, sensible random titles and content selected from customizable pre-defined dummy content, related categories and tags.


3 Responses to WooCommerce Product Generator

  1. Kento August 21, 2022 at 12:15 pm #

    For those who have missed it, there’s been a recent major update to the WooCommerce Product Generator plugin – it now generates products taking into account the following characteristics:

    – Product Categories
    – Product Tags
    – Product Attributes
    – SKUs
    – Simple and Variable products with variations based on given attributes
    – Stock management and stock numbers (some products will have these set, others won’t)
    – Featured products (a minor subset will be marked as featured)
    – Product images can be obtained from Unsplash or abstract images generated

  2. Dave Hilditch July 17, 2019 at 8:54 am #

    Hi – do you have a plugin that generates random variable products too?

    I’m working on an optimisation for WooCommerce to speed up variable products, and I’d really like to have a massive million product+ store of variable products with which to test it.

    You can see my initial research here:


    • Kento July 18, 2019 at 11:18 pm #

      Hi Dave,

      That would be great to have but lacking time it’s not been added to this one. It should be fairly easy to do if you assume a set of attributes and terms (which could even be based on the existing sample data). It would be easy but of course it would take a few hours to implement – if you’d like to give it a shot, the repo is here https://github.com/itthinx/woocommerce-product-generator

      Interesting article by the way, we get usually very fast results on front end searches with stores of 100k+ products with our WooCommerce Product Search engine, although on the back end (and not really related to the search engine itself), we know that for some shop owners it takes quite long to edit products with many variations.


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