Groups Forums

Groups Forums


Purchase a license and download the plugin.

Groups Forums provides a powerful and yet light-weight forum system for WordPress sites.

Based on Groups, unlimited forums can be maintained, where every user or only members of a group are able to post and reply to topics in a forum, while forums are still visible to the public.


  • Front End and Back End topic submission
  • Topic Moderators
  • Sticky topics
  • Subscribe to topics with the option to leave a reply or not
  • Customizable comment notifications with Groups Notifications
  • Pending/published topic notifications for site admin, moderators and authors.
  • Support for theme templates with theme-neutral default templates provided for topics and forums
  • Widgets included : Forums, Topics, Topic Tags, Topic Search
  • Shortcodes included : list forums, let users submit and edit topics on the Front End, show user’s topics, topic tag clouds and topic search form
  • More information is available in the online Documentation


Give it a try! You can register a user account on the demo site to post topics and replies.


Detailed information about the plugin is available in the Documentation.


  • Lily Dagdag

    Is there a way to add additional fields to a registration form so when you have a forum, members can have more detailed profiles? For example adding social media links, address, business name, etc.

    • Hi Lily,

      The plugin doesn’t provide customization options for the registration form but there are several plugins our there that do allow to define additional fields. One of them is Profile Builder if you’d like to give it a try. In any case I’ll take the suggestion into account.


  • Pascal Bakhuis

    So this is not based on bbpress? And if isn’t why write a complete forum system (gargantuan task) instead of just piggybacking on bbpress?

    • Hi Pascal,

      Good question, have a look at the FAQ documentation section under How is it built? and another aspect is outlined on this post. There are requirements that are different from those that underly bbPress.


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