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Affiliates WooCommerce integration plugin is not downloadable

Hi, We are setting up the Affiliates Enterprise plugin we purchased on our website. We need WooCommerce integration. In the integration settings, it first asked me to install itthink​ plugin so I clicked install​ button and it installed the plugin successfully. After that it asked me to install Affiliate Woocommerce​ plugin so I clicked install​ […]

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Affiliates coupon use track and display data

Antonio, I have two questions. 1-I have purchased Affiliates Enterprise and Affiliates Coupons. I have set up the plugins with few issues. Is there a way to display in the affiliates management area the associated coupon with the respective referral transaction? I would like to track the performance of coupon use and display that data […]

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Woocommerce Integration Problems

Hello, We have installed Affiliates Enterprise and Itthinx Updates. However, when we tied to install Woocommerce Integration from Affiliates->Settings:Integrations, we got this error message: An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with WordPress.org or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums. WordPress version:4.1.1 Single Site PHP Version: […]

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affiliates_banner support the url parameter!

I don’t understand why it is not clearly stated in the documentation, but the shortcode supports the url parameter. if you need your banners to be directed to a different page on you website just use it: i was adding this functionality to the plugin myself before discovering it was already there. o_O please update […]

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WooCommerce Integration – Count number of items sold per affiliate

I’ve got Affiliates Enterprise & the WooCommerce integration plugin all installed and set up with no issues – in our testing environment we’ve successfully been able to track orders, referrals, hits, etc., per affiliate with no problem. The issue is, we’d like to be able to track the number of items sold per order, so […]

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Setting Up Different Commissions in Currency Units for Each Tier

I would like to set up referral commissions in dollar amounts, rather than percentages, that differ for each tier. For example, for every item purchased by a Tier 1 affiliate, I would like to credit the OR $0.75. For every purchase by that same OR’s Tier 2 affiliates, I would like to credit the OR […]

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404 Error – Page not found with pretty URLs

Hi there, I posted this yesterday and thought I had resolved it, but it keeps happening. Basically, my affiliate links with the “ugly” format (numbers) work no problem, but the “pretty links” created with Affiliates by Username keep failing, giving me a “404 – Page not found” error. For example, this affiliate link works: http://www.gematria.co.uk/wordpress?affiliates=8 […]

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Pretty URLs have stopped working

I had pretty URLs working perfectly fine earlier today with Affiliates Enterprise and Affiliates by Username, but I’ve customised my affiliates page and I must have done something that has stopped them working. My regular (“ugly”) affiliate links work: http://www.gematria.co.uk/wordpress?practitioner=9 but my “pretty” links don’t: http://www.gematria.co.uk/wordpress/practitioner/AnaConda Would you be so kind to have a look […]

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