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Permanent assignment is lost – affiliates permanent – woocommerce coupon exclusions

Dear Team! We have been using the “Affiliates Permanent” plugin for a long time. Now some customers have entered a second voucher code from another affiliate partner – but this should be prevented. We have also used the “WooCommerce Coupon Exclusions” plugin so that certain voucher combinations cannot be entered. Now it turns out that […]

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Affiliates Permanent not working with Subscriptions

When I create a manual referral Affiliates Permanent works flawlessly however when a recurring order is created by Woocommerce Subscriptions the referring affiliate is not receiving credit. Since all the settings are set appropriately for referrals created manually, it seems that Affiliates Permanent or the Woocommerce integration addon is not compatible the must recent versions […]

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Multi-tiered commission with Affiliate Product (Follow-Up)

Hi guys, This is a follow-up to the following thread : https://www.itthinx.com/topic/multi-tiered-commission-with-affiliate-product/ Is it possible that when tiers are processed through Affiliate Product the option “Level rates are relative” causes some issues? I just tested buying a product with the following affiliate structure… Direct commission : 10% Product commission : 15% Tier 1 commission : […]

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Differentiate different “Sale” referrals

Hi guys, We’re improving the Affiliate Stats shortcode and we would like to differentiate different type of “sale” referrals. To be more precise, we’d like to add something in the [data] key of the variable $IXAP15 (in “class-affiliates-affiliate-stats-renderer-wordpress.php”) when the referral was made through a permanent association. Currently, there are no information I can use […]

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Using 2 plugins

Hi, somehow I can’t reply to the other thread, but did this ever work with the person using Affiliates User and Affiliates Permanent? https://www.itthinx.com/topic/can-attach-buyer-and-affiliate-for-lifetime/ It seems like the devs suggested it would work. But my affiliates are not being assigned or getting credit for any referrals. Like today, my report says 1 Visitor, 1 Hit, […]

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